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Building Confidence

Spring is close…it’s gorgeous outside this Sunday morning and while it’s still on the chilly side, you can practically feel the first wisps of warmer weather.

I sure don’t want to watch another pretty spring go by from the porch, so I’m racking my brain a bit. The good news is that this blog’s goal and my liberty will be attained. As I’ve noted before, thanks to Dr. Tom Woods’ endorsement of January 11 on his web site, it’s been proven that if folks are made aware of the Get Glenn Mobile! project, they will get involved. 1200+ views and the corresponding percentage of those that ended up donating on that one day are no fluke…and that’s perhaps the biggest load off my mind.

Unless some factor changes drastically, the blog’s success will be entirely dependent upon the internet, and the surest way to generate the maximum new viewers will be an endorsement/dedication video made by some helpful soul who has both a YouTube channel and a large following. Web site or blog posts are always welcome by anyone interested, but as we’ve seen, they don’t last…as soon as the author adds a newer post, the one featuring this blog will be displaced and the new views will fall off to their normal, relatively low numbers. This makes perfect sense, and I’m frankly grateful to have regular readers at all, considering I started publishing just six months ago and it takes time to build up a sizable number of regulars and new readers…and that’s assuming folks find my writing worth reading in the first place.

Time is one thing I don’t assume I have the luxury of an abundance of. MS is after all a progressive disorder, and while that progression has been slow over the last few years, one never knows how much useful time one has. Also, the presidential election is coming up fast, and I meant what I said about wanting to help advance Ron Paul’s campaign as I can.

Having a simple game plan is a help, and that’s why lately I’ve been sending requests for those elusive endorsement videos out as often as I can, working around the time I spend writing articles for the American Daily Herald. I really do enjoy writing these essays, and that too is a strong incentive to get out of the house; I honestly believe I can be an effective journalist in the New Media.

The only negative here is that no one save Tom Woods has even responded to any of my requests as of yet, and I believe that comes down to credibility…or the lack of it. If I were in the position of the people I’m approaching, I know I’d be reluctant to direct people who like my work to a cause like this unless I was absolutely certain that it was legitimate. Maybe there isn’t enough data readily available yet so they wouldn’t have to hunt very hard to be sure.

With that in mind, I’m also working on reaching out to local people who can drop by to confirm that my situation is all I’ve said it is. With enough of these good folks sharing with others their observations, it won’t take long to build confidence in my cause.

That leaves one loose end…who will be the person who’ll be willing to make that first YouTube video? I don’t think I’m asking for the moon here; a short spoken word video with no soundtrack, effects or extras shouldn’t take more than a few minutes’ time to put together. It’s going to happen…I just have to get to the point where my cause and need aren’t even slightly in doubt. I have to be close, after all, Dr. Woods seemed content to give me his endorsement, and he’s no fool, not by a long ways.

Who will it be, I wonder?

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