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Here We Go Again!

Yep, tonight I’ll be speaking with Sean Raspatello on WKOAlive from Tampa, talking with him about the Get Glenn Mobile! project, where it’s been, and where it’s going.  ‘The First 52’ show begins tonight starting at 9pm EDT, and I should be coming on at 9:30 PM EDT, or 8:30 PM CDT. Click on the WKOAlive logo above and just hit the ‘Listen’ button to tap into the live stream.

I hope to see loads of you there…and remember, there’s less than two weeks left to meet the current campaign’s all-or-nothing goal on Indiegogo, so I hope you’ll follow the link and drop a few bucks in the kitty. EVERY SINGLE DONATION counts, and now’s the time for action if I’m to get my Honda modified so I can get to Tampa, camera at the ready, to be there for the events surrounding the RNC.

See ya there!

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