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Holy Big Damn Endorsement Video, Batman!

I was delighted today to see that Adam Kokesh of ‘Adam Vs. The Man’ went to the trouble of producing a five minute endorsement video for me today.

How cool is that? My list of endorsement vids is looking like the Who’s Who? of the liberty movement, from Adam to Dr. Tom Woods, Tatiana Moroz, Nick Allison, Adam House, Jordan Page, Jason Rink…whew!

This time limited Indiegogo campaign just got a serious shot in the arm, and if people keep pitching those small donations in large enough numbers, it WILL succeed.

Thank you, Adam…can’t wait to hit the road to Tampa!

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Pucker Factor

I used that term this evening regarding my gamble in making this Indiegogo campaign time limited with fixed funding.

If anyone’s unclear as to what this means, if the deadline’s reached with the goal even a dollar short of the amount specified, every single donation made through it is refunded to the individual donors, I go back to having just over 1/3 raised, or a bit more than $9000 in hand and get to do it all over until success is met. My life will stay in limbo, and I’ll still be facing the possibility of a fatal fall if my legs give out while transferring to and from my Honda on the rare occasions when I have to go out to renew my prescriptions.

This does cause some consternation when I think about it, but I think it’s a worthwhile gamble, especially with the profoundly helpful endorsement video Dr. Tom Woods created on his YouTube channel continuing to draw new viewers and potential donors. Yes, the deadline does up the pressure, but I went that route in hopes of communicating how seriously I take this, as well as cutting it as close as I can while theoretically still having enough time to get the Element up to and back from the Freedom Motors facility in Michigan that performs the X-WAV modification then make my way to Tampa for all those events surrounding the RNC.

I ask potential donors to please consider this…if you’re at all inclined to throw a few bucks my way, NOW’s a perfect time, and you’ll get your dough back if the campaign doesn’t work. This isn’t some scheme I have a strong but detached feeling about; this is indeed about restoring my LIFE.

It’s looking good, and I’m really stoked for its success…except for those odd moments when I consider the alternatives. Those are just a wee bit creepy, I have to confess if I’m to live up to my commitment to honesty. They don’t last long, and I’m always snatched out of any funk directly when I think of all the marvelous things I’ve seen and the wonderful friends I’ve made during this ordeal.

That’s no maudlin sentiment either; people like Dr. Woods, Tatiana Moroz, Nick and Adam from CVRP and many others are the most solid, stalwart and genuinely caring humans a guy could be privileged to know, so at the very worst, even if there are further delays and hazards, I’m one of the most fortunate men on the face of the planet.

Say…there’s a thought, like Ron Paul, I’ve already won!

If you’d like to pitch in…and you’d better believe that every single donation is greatly appreciated…please drop by my Indiegogo campaign here:

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A New Experiment!

As I posted in my ‘Welcome’ sticky post up top, today I’ve inaugurated an Indigogo campaign to finish off this fundraiser in time to get my Element modified to accommodate my power chair so I can board and drive it safely in order to resume my life and get down to Tampa for the RNC events. It’s pretty much a reaffirmation of my matching offer that Tom Woods inspired, so if the goal’s met, whoever’s responsible for the most views and donations resulting from them (Indiegogo and this blog definitely track stats) or for the largest single donation to complete the goal will become the inheritor of my house, property and valuable possessions like my firearm collection and others after my demise, or after my mom’s demise, whichever occurs last.

I upped the target goal by $4000 to $30,000 from the original $26,000 to account for the $1500 cost of Freedom Motors picking up my Honda, getting it to their Michigan facility for modification, then returning it for delivery at my home…all fast and well insured, plus any expenses incurred to attend the Tampa events. Those are items I could either pay for or finance myself, but I figured by throwing in all of those extra goodies to sweeten the deal it makes the extra target worthwhile.

Remember, if someone donates $21,000 or thereabouts, their kids or grandkids will inherit a house and land valued at $148,000 in 2001, not a bad long term investment.

Now, if the Indiegogo campaign fails to meet the $21,000 goal by 7/11, any pledged donations will be returned to the donors. I sure hope that doesn’t happen, but if so I’m in no worse shape than I am today with the just under $9000 that’s already been raised. After that, I’ll continue the Get Glenn Mobile! project from there.

A nice thing about Indiegogo is the ability to add perks, incentives for donors to give at different levels. Right now I only have one to offer, thanks to my friend, the wonderfully talented Dan Hagen; anyone who donates at least $25 will receive a downloadable high quality MP3 of his terrific cover of the classic ‘What’s Going On’ as interpreted by my bud in his inimitable jazz style!

Hopefully over the next couple of days more perks at higher levels will be added as well, so please do check the Indiegogo campaign often for news. You’ll also be able to monitor the tally of its progress, something folks have asked for with this blog but couldn’t be done due to WordPress’ inability to use widgets like counters…That’s why I’ve been updating the total raised myself, in the red font area of my ‘Welcome’ page.

Tell your friends and family…now’s the time!

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MY Matching Challenge As Inspired by Dr. Thomas E. Woods..and Yes, I’m Serious.

It took about a week for me to write an appropriate thank-you note to Dr. Thomas  E. Woods for his amazing matching challenge he issued on his Facebook page and on his web site’s blog on May 26th. If you missed it, at 10:20am Central Time on that day he challenged his readers to donate $1000 within the hour to Get Glenn Mobile!, and if they would, he’d match it.

Guess what. One of his Facebook readers did donate that thousand bucks not only within the hour but in under 15 minutes from the time the challenge was issued, I might add…and Tom Woods matched it.

Among all of the other donations that have resulted from the awareness-raising efforts of my friends and allies, especially the incomparable Tatiana Moroz, Nick Allison and Adam House of the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul, Jordan Page, and Jason Rink with their endorsement videos they appeared in with Tatiana, as well as others who’ve helped spread the word like Dennis Behreandt of the American Daily Herald and many more, the $2000 from these two gentlemen is the record setting highest.

While trying to find the right words for my note to Dr. Woods, I also found myself wondering just how in the heck could one top that matching offer…incredibly generous as it was, we’re still at about 1/3 of the needed funds to modify my Honda for wheelchair access, and not only is this prolonged confinement doing me real harm, but the clock is ticking if I’m to have even a hope of joining my brothers and friends at the RNC in Tampa in August.

An idea finally percolated through the olive loaf that passes for my brain. I think it’s a pretty good one, too, a challenge of my own that might just result in finishing my goal here in time.

I wrote that thank-you note to Dr. Woods a couple of days ago and included this idea with it. I haven’t heard back from him; either he’s as incredibly busy as usual (likeliest) or he’s burned out from seeing my name (very possible…I hope not but I’ve had to make an awful gadfly of myself to get some public attention for this project) and has me on some perma-ignore list, but I just don’t have the luxury of time at this point.

Here’s my challenge:

If someone with a high enough profile will make a YouTube video or come up with an even better promotion that results in my meeting my goal of $26,000 by the end of this month of June 2012, I will pledge to donate my home, my house here in Nashville, Tennessee after my death in my will to them or the charitable institution of their choice. There’s only one condition, if I should predecease my mom, who’s the executor of my will, she will manage and reside in it until she in turn passes. She’s pushing 75 and not likely to outlive me, unless I’m, say, murdered by goons at the RNC or in Roswell, GA when I go there to follow up on the story of torture and harassment that drove Andrew Wordes to his death...but I won’t leave her unprotected.

I was in such a state I didn’t think of the cost of getting my vehicle to and from Freedom Motors’ facility in Michigan to actually perform the modification, and of course at that time I had no inkling I’d be doing the writing I am. In a pinch I can finance those myself, but perhaps we can forestall this. SO…as a bonus, I’ll throw in my personal possessions, like my firearms, original art work and vintage and reproduction classic tinplate toy collection, stuff I’d planned to will to my few remaining friends, if the amount reaches $30,000 by the end of June 2012. If more than one person launches a publicity drive, incidentally, the winner will be whoever’s responsible for the most total views the blog receives…Wordpress stats will show this and I’ll post a screenshot of them.

It’s a nice house, of brick construction; it along with its detached 2 1/2 car garage are visible in my Krip Kam #2 video, and when I purchased it in 2001 it had just been appraised at approximately $148,000. Doubtless that amount has fallen somewhat since then as a result of the bursting of the housing bubble, but not only did I acquire it for substantially less than that, I’m sure it would still command a respectable price, since it’s in good shape, built on a 1/2 acre corner lot on a hill with (in my opinion) the best view in the neighborhood, and of course has that large and well-constructed garage. Let’s not forget that it’s also disabled-friendly, with the 3 stout ramps that the local Civitan Club built for me several years ago, plus I plan to have the side deck (which was rotten when I got the place, but at the price I paid I didn’t care) ripped out and a switchback wheelchair ramp built so I can get to my basement again.

My mortgage company, Chase, certainly knows it’s a plum given how many times they’ve tried to scam me out of it, including when I tried refinancing it to pay for my vehicle modification months before I began Get Glenn Mobile! out of desperation…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Let’s be clear…if my challenge is met, you or your institution of choice are not gonna get the house right away; I plan to live for a goodly number of years yet, and I have no plans to spend that time homeless. Besides, I’ll be paying the mortgage, insurance and taxes on it for several years more until the home loan’s paid off. This is not an offer for impatient people with a high time preference.

I’m completely serious about this. I have no spouse or dependents to leave this house to (and never will, given that MS has made such a train wreck of me, inside and out), nor any close relatives save my mom. When I eventually go, the house will go to someone, and I certainly don’t want the government getting their grubby mitts on it. Heck, if you’re inclined, you could donate the entire amount yourself and think of it as a long term investment; you or a deserving institution will eventually get a good house worth at least a hundred grand or thereabouts for just over $16K now ($21K to get my guns and other goodies), though if you elect to do that, I’d much rather you get the money to Freedom Motors in my name, PayPal would take a pretty big chunk of a fee out of the gross! My requirement doesn’t even include a guarantee of my being able to make the Tampa event, just the deadline of the end of June.

Incidentally, in my letter to Dr. Woods, I said I’d leave the house to the Mises Institute if he met the challenge. That offer still stands, of course, but as I said, I just don’t have the time to wait. Three years’ imprisonment is about all I can take, and I just canNOT face another winter cooped up inside. I’m not self destructive, but like HAL 9000, my mind is going and I can feel it. The signs of damage are subtle but very real, and I don’t want to end up in some creepy fugue state, sleeping most of the time, a useless lump like too many disabled people allow themselves to become .

As always, any questions, comments or constructive criticism are welcome. Other than that…game on!

As the late Maurice Sendak wrote: let the wild rumpus start!

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Maybe I Succeeded TOO Well!

My mom announced she wants to get me an early birthday present, and had a couple of specific ideas.

She was certainly excited about being able to provide for her own security after years of living in the victim disarmament zone that is District of Criminals, and it’s pretty clear that my mission to get her interested in firearms ownership has succeeded. Maybe a little too well; after seeing me covetously looking at some of these, her idea was a new airsoft gun for a birthday gift for me. This time in keeping with both our latest acquisitions she gave me the go-ahead to order a revolver, one of the new breed of CO2-powered ones that hits hard enough even with the 6mm plastic BBs it fires to be disallowed in close quarters battles by those nutty sorts who go out in the woods for wargames and shoot at each other.

It’s quite the coincidence that she’ll be able to use it too to get used to the routines of her new S&W 642, huh? I’m sure not complaining. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of a birthday present like this myself…while the muzzle flip is more in line with that of a .22 rather than the kick of a .38 +P or stout .357 magnum, it does foster good trigger control and with the small muzzle displacement it does exhibit forces you to reacquire the target after each shot.

Her timing, too, is excellent…happy Mother’s Day, Mom, thank you!

What else would I like?

That’s a no-brainer; to recover my mobility in time to get to Tampa to write about, photograph and video the Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC for my column, of course! My birthday’s in June…there’s enough time if more people can just spare a few bucks to make this happen. I’ll keep doing my part to make this project as visible as possible to as many new viewers as we can get.

Please do your part as you can, and if you’ve already contributed, won’t you help get the message out by spreading the word to your friends and family? We already know the mainstream media will pointedly ignore the voices of the veterans…and that’s a true injustice. My column in the American Daily Herald isn’t as big or widely read as those in other venues, but there’ll be plenty of content in one place to point readers to, and sooner or later we’ll reach a point where we supporters of Dr. Paul, along with his message of sane fiscal policy, sound money and non-interventionist international relations  just can’t be ignored any longer!

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