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Oh, My…

I just found out less than two hours ago that Dr. Tom Woods has come through yet again on my behalf, posting an endorsement video of his own on his TomWoodsTV YouTube channel. I’m betting this Indiegogo campaign not only succeeds, but that Dr. Woods will end up being the heir to my home and possessions by meeting the challenge of pulling in the most donations.

I suspect at this point the only remaining question is will he get my house, land, and personal items or will they be going to the Mises Institute?

Let’s just hope no one from some dreadful outfit like the Southern Poverty Law Center (boo, hiss!) coughs up a ridiculously high donation to make the goal. That hadn’t occurred to me when setting this up as a possibility, and I really doubt they’ll notice what’s going on and make that huge donation out of sheer spite…because that would suck. Shhh! Damn this imagination, now I’m worried…

Please keep lots of those smaller donations coming…even a dollar is gratefully welcomed! You folks are doing great, and this way way everybody wins, hopefully without my being a burden on any one person. Though I suspect Dr. Woods is a bit burnt out hearing my name!

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