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Horse Tradin!’

I’ve got the guilts for not updating in several days, but it’s been a busy week.

I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in last week’s internet radio program with Adam House and Nick Allison of the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul. My only regret was not being able to talk with Jordan Page and Alexander Mosley, the first two guests on the CVRP show. Beyond his obvious artistic skill as a musician, Jordan just strikes me as such a regular guy I’d enjoy conversing with, and given Alexander Mosley’s experience with foreign affairs that jibes with many of the issues that intrigue me, I bet a talk with him would be a memorable one. I hope I can be involved again with a future show and perhaps all that will happen!

In addition to that, I was recently disappointed when I discovered that my bad left hand’s function has deteriorated over the last few years to the point where I can’t work the slide on a full size semiauto pistol, so after some horse trading on several sites and a bunch of emails, I traded the SIG Sauer P239 that’s been my carry sidearm for years for a like-new Ruger SP101 .357 magnum revolver. I miss the SIG, but the Ruger’s a wonderfully built little beast and is just one more reason to get mobile. I’m years overdue for a trip to the range to practice and spend a couple of hours plinking with my .22 target pistol!

Even my mom got caught up in the firearm frenzy and announced she too was ready for a defensive gun of her own. More ads and emails followed, and yesterday she found herself the owner of a great little Smith & Wesson Model 642 .38 Special +P! She had to cough up the scratch for it, though I negotiated a good deal for her…as with my own trade that didn’t incur any financial outlay, I’m trying to raise funds here, not spend them, not even hers (any more than necessary)!

EDIT- That last line could be misread, it occurs to me. I consider funds raised for my mobility project absolutely sacrosanct, period. When I purchase the occasional item on eBay, for instance, I keep track of how much is coming out of the PayPal account, then transfer increments of $50 or so as needed back to that account from what’s in my checking account. I only have the one PayPal account, and I’m careful about bookkeeping!

I’m glad that’s done, I need to chill a bit and get back to writing. All this gun stuff’s given me a few ideas, not just for the blog, but for a new Herald article. I’d better get some rest and let my eyes uncross…

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