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Public Education Is Prison Indoctrination

I sent Karen DeCoster a thank-you email last night for finding and posting a fabulous recent video titled Public Schools: The War on Kids, an excellent and utterly terrifying film that’s a must-see for everyone that has even a shred of a soul in my view.

If you’ve read my own work, you know I’m an absolute fanatic on the subject, having written critically about this destructive system both here and in the American Daily Herald. If my words haven’t yet convinced you that our system is a dreadful form of institutionalized, systematic abuse of children, this film almost certainly will. It includes new data describing the terrible side effects of the drugs foisted on kids to make them conveniently docile and controllable, interviews with kids, teachers and psychologists, and loads of video evidence showing some of the terrible scenes that have become common in our schools.

Particularly striking for me are some scenes of crying, terrified children dragged off in shackles for minor infractions, or being screamed at, manhandled or beaten by their keepers. Contrast these snippets of stark horror with the bland platitudes mouthed by school administrators, police and other functionaries trying to justify their abusive behavior with obfuscatory, disingenuous babble, and I’m sure you’ll be just as furious as I was when you’ve finished the film.

We are savaging the children in America by throwing them into this meat grinder of a system, one that begins teaching them that they are criminals right away, when they’ve barely outgrown infancy. I don’t often get this fired up, but I suggest you watch this NOW.

Even I hadn’t realized how bad the situation had gotten.

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