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I confess, I’m still dizzy from the gi-normous response Tom Woods’ posting evoked on the 11th…the feeling reminds me of my healthy days just after exiting a roller coaster. It’s a reaction to the power of all that goodwill and empathy from all of the people responding that day, no doubt. The almost electric feeling of all that power unleashed at once was exhilarating…almost frightening.

Obviously, my suspicion that soliciting this kind of support from a well regarded person like Tom Woods would be a significant boost for the cause was short of the mark when compared with the reality. As Ron Paul has his money bombs, the events of the 11th were a ‘publicity bomb,’ if you like. I’m still in shock, but I feel great. Not only did the project experience a major move forward, eradicating any doubts I might still have had whether this nutty idea was something that would work, but I thoroughly enjoyed the adrenaline rush that came from being in the middle of it.

A few things are obvious to me at this point:

The question of whether this venture will work and end up getting me mobile again has been answered.

People are every bit as generous and caring as I’d suspected, when given the chance.

The only remaining question in my mind is no longer if I’ll get my mobility back, but when. I’m feeling better today than I have for years, and you good folks out there are the direct cause.

Thank you all!

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