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Lucky Number


A happy New Year, all!

2012’s come and gone, and we’ve seen some pretty impressive progress over the year made with this fundraiser…over $9000 raised is not a bit shabby!

A year ago I was still trying to establish this blog and project in its legitimacy, credibility and visibility. It’s certainly come a long way since then, and I’ve been delighted by peoples’ response, both those who contributed so generously to the fundraiser as well as my friends who went to the trouble of making all the great endorsement videos to help raise awareness of my cause with the public.

Besides this, I’ve been writing my opinion column  for the American Daily Herald, though lately my output’s been dismally low with so many factors working to siphon my limited energy off. Besides the physical limitations my MS has bestowed on me, the exceedingly low energy resulting from my central nervous system running so inefficiently is one of the most infuriating aspects of the disorder.

I’m still doing online broadcasts with my partner Donald Rutledge in our Freedom Finders show, though we’ve had to move to another network owing to the Truth Finders Network owner allowing the site to decline. We can now be found at WeROAR, an excellent site operated by the very competent April Reigne. Thanks for the opportunity, April (hopefully we’ll get the broadcasting software issues resolved quickly), we’re really pleased to join the WeROAR family!

Assuming we solve those annoying software glitches, you can catch the show live at WeROAR on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 9 PM Central time to 11PM Central.

As I’ve detailed before, these days I’m learning to work in the Android system since my mom thoughtfully provided me with an Asus TF700 Transformer Infinity tablet PC as an early Christmas present. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that by the holiday’s arrival the tablet was living up to its Transformer name with the addition of an Asus  docking keyboard. It’s a great complement to the Infinity, turning it into something like a tiny netbook.

This unit surprised me since I’ve found that while the Android OS is still developing and can be a bit clunky sometimes, it really can do most of the things a desktop PC can do. I’m composing this entry using it, and can do so from anywhere in my home or even outside in the driveway using the WiFi connection from my wireless router. That’s mighty liberating, believe me, and I’m excited to know that once my mobility’s been restored, I’ll be able to publish on the road using any open WiFi connection!

With the dismal winter weather and the holidays behind us, this is the deadest part of the year. I’ll be ready for spring, though, and I’ll be doing everything I can to increase this blog’s visibility so we can make 2013 a lucky number indeed, the year that sees the completion of the goal to Get Glenn Mobile!

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Stay Tuned!

Wow, the first blog entry of the New Year and I’m already pretty excited…Great Things appear to be afoot.

Plans that were set in motion months ago are in motion and I believe we’re poised on the brink of seeing the blog really take off. I’ll be adding more information as soon as I can, y’all will know of any developments almost as soon as I do.

Thanks, folks!

Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s Eve, right on the cusp of 2012, and I wish everyone a very happy New Year!

It’s certainly been a hectic year, inaugurating this blog along with my foray into online journalism…my thanks again to the American Daily Herald for this opportunity.

As I’ve written previously, 2012 promises to be a most interesting time. Let’s hope the positives overcome any negatives as our country goes through all of the changes that are poised to happen.

I’m beyond pleased with the great start this Get Glenn Mobile! project has gotten, the moral and financial support you folks have responded with is nothing short of amazing to me given the short time the blog’s existed, and I have full confidence that as I learn what it takes to distinguish it from any number of others out there, we’ll see its visibility increase drastically. Thanks to everyone again for your caring, your generosity and your encouragement!