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Murphy’s Brother?

I swear, it never fails, there are some days when the stars aren’t right or the planetary alignment is a hair from its optimum level of confustication.

Or something.

It’s a gorgeous day out and the air is pleasant, despite a wild looking November sky that’s pretty enough to suit an Impressionist painting. I don’t think I could ask for more perfect conditions for a little outdoor photography.

That last piece of my camera mount that I ordered a few days ago is out for delivery, according to the tracking number the seller provided me. One hitch: it’s going on 3:30 in the afternoon, definitely past my bedtime.

What are the odds that the mail would be unusually late today, I ask? No, there’s something fishy going on.

It’s not quite an example of Murphy’s Law, since technically nothing has actually gone wrong, it’s just that the critical factor, that camera mount, is late enough that taking photos isn’t going to happen today. It must be Murphy’s idiot brother at work…or maybe a cousin from the bad side of the family, running some corollary of the Law in my neighborhood like he’d run a crooked game of three-card Monte.

A pox on you and your family, Murphy me lad.