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Music City Liberty Fest!

I was one happy camper lastSaturday.

I spent the best ten hours or so I’ve experienced in ages, and I can’t say I’m surprised. As I wrote earlier I’ve been watching this project from its inception, through its planning and finally as it came into being,  and there are few things I have such an affinity for as a gathering of hundreds of people who are lovers of liberty, from those with a straightforward interest to the entrepreneurs, academics and artists whose lives revolve around the pursuit of freedom.

I started this entry a couple of days ago but only now find myself with enough energy to finish it.  Yep,  that’s the consequence of being deluged with the mountain of new data to process I encountered along with the physical exertion required to get through the event… but I don’t regret a moment of it!

Now,  I’ve only begun but you can expect to hear a bunch more about this as I find the resources.  I took many photos and videos on Saturday and discovered the weak point in my plan; the camera in my new tablet doesn’t much like low-light situations like  shooting a stage in  a darkened auditorium and many shots just weren’t up to par. Doesn’t really matter since lots of people with suitable equipment were shooting along with me at every turn and anything I might need to reference has probably been covered by someone else.

For now, here’s just a taste of the amazing talent presented for our delectation at the Music City Liberty Fest…there will be lots more to come and much to talk about!

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The Music City Liberty Fest: Don’t Miss This One!

liberty fest

My friend Dan Hagen had some thoughts earlier this summer while we discussed the headway the liberty movement was making and how infectious the desire for freedom clearly was for so many Americans, as evidenced how thoroughly and speedily an event like Paul Fest had overshadowed the RNC in Tampa. It isn’t much of a leap from that to wanting to see more events like it all across the country (as lots of people have) celebrating and promoting liberty as vigorously as Ron Paul has so ably demonstrated is so good so but since Dan has the soul of a producer along with his musical talent (entirely a good thing, I think), he wasted no time in delving into the nuts and bolts of what it would take to make one happen right here in Nashville.

I don’t have the time to detail all of the wonderful and talented people who jumped on board the project without having to think twice, not to mention I’d end up kicking myself for every single person I neglected to list.

Yep, a total cop-out on my part, but when you see the impressive number of people involved with the development of the Music City Liberty Fest just on their Facebook page I think you’ll understand why I’m not going to tackle the subject. In the couple of months since I heard the first rumblings about it, the Music City Liberty Fest has developed into a solid venture. I’ve been privileged to assist in this by writing some copy for the Facebook page and helping with the editing and composition of the official press release to alert the public of the approaching event and I can tell you that this promises to be a real spectacle.

The Music City Liberty Fest was shaping up to be just the sort of happening that’s been a bittersweet thing for me in recent years, one that I’ve been delighted to support while simultaneously lamenting my inability to attend because of my small radius of movement…the issue that led to my beginning this blog and my Get Glenn Mobile fundraiser. I’d never hesitate to do all I could to let people know about great events…it’s just the right thing to do…but I confess it’s been a bit painful watching each come and go while stuck in my home here.

Not this time.

Imagine my happy surprise when Dan phoned me the other day to let me know that the Liberty Fest team had arranged for a disabled-capable taxi to bring me to and from the event, something I really can’t budget for on my own (and of course would not spend any of my donated funds for; they’re sacrosanct and will only go for the intended purpose of modifying my Honda) and had expected I’d have to miss. This is perfect on several levels, besides attending something I’m really interested in for the first time in years myself, it will break me out of the rut I’ve been in and hopefully also be an opportunity for me to raise some awareness of my situation and accelerate the fundraiser to secure my release from this long confinement.

Take a look at the latest flyer…with this lineup of musical artists and speakers, the Music City Liberty Fest is truly a can’t-miss celebration of liberty! While you’re at it, won’t you please drop a donation of any amount you can comfortably part with in my Indiegogo campaign to help restore my own liberty?

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