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A Nice Surprise, Courtesy of the CVRP

I’m a fan of Adam House’ ‘Language of Liberty’ internet radio show, just one of the fine endeavors by the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m an admirer of this group for a lot of good reasons, not least this broadcast. Adam even allowed me to spend a bit of time co-hosting one last week, and it was indeed a blast.

Tonight’s show had an impressive lineup of guests discussing the liberty…or the lack of it…in health care in America, specifically focusing on veterans and disabled veterans. Though a lifelong civilian, I had a thing or two to say on the subject, so although weekday shows are usually on too constrained a schedule to accept callers for them, on a hunch I phoned in and put myself in the queue.

Unexpectedly, Adam accepted the call, and I spent a short time discussing what was on my mind with him and tonight’s co-host, Eric Field. This was a real pleasure, as I hadn’t met Eric before, and in addition to his involvement with CVRP, it turns out he’s a columnist for the Examiner online from Richmond, VA.  It’s always fun to jaw with someone doing similar things as yourself, and while I don’t expect to make a pest of myself calling in too frequently on those busy weekday shows, tonight I have to thank Adam for the privilege as well as meeting a new friend and colleague in the liberty movement. Thank you both, Adam and Eric, for allowing me to participate in a really worthy endeavor tonight!

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