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Craigslist People ROCK!

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post about the chaos that the Plumber From Hell caused on Friday, and it’s a good one!

I’ve had some terrific experiences with craigslist here in Nashville, so yesterday on a hunch I posted an ad detailing the very basics of what happened and asking if any readers were plumbers or knew of plumbers that could repair the pipe the guy broke on Friday without charging a king’s ransom.

Lo and behold, a lady responded today asking for my phone number. I just finished speaking with her and it seems her husband employs a plumber to service his rental properties and they’re willing to let him take care of our pipe repair here, and they’ll compensate him.

Again, we see that there are many people who when alerted to someone in trouble pitch right in to help. I’ve been a bit on edge trying to work this out, but this one person’s actions have made my week!

For whatever mysterious reason I seem to be surrounded by good karma, not only with my quest to regain my mobility, but in general, and am feeling particularly blessed today. While there are certainly plenty of rotten eggs in this world, people like my Good Samaritan are ready to counteract their evil!

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