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Wow, A Year Goes By FAST!

Yep, I missed it, the blog’s first anniversary…it came and went two weeks ago without any fanfare on my part and barely registered in my mind!

There are definitely some mixed feelings here; my first thought when I realized I’d spaced the one year anniversary of Get Glenn Mobile! was that it’s no big deal, the date to celebrate is still in the future, on the day when the fundraiser to modify my Honda and retrieve my life from limbo is finally complete.

That’s just not accurate, though. Modifying my Honda for wheelchair access is certainly crucial, but it’s just one of many goals I’ve set myself. It’ll take however long it takes to accomplish it, and sitting back and assessing the situation from an all-or-nothing standpoint’s awfully counterproductive. This project’s come a long way since I wrote that first blog post, and that’s not something to dismiss. We’re getting close to the halfway mark in funds raised, for one thing…a pretty impressive figure given that my appeal for help to the world was the first writing I did for publication, remember, and the fact that it’s made so much progress in that time is nothing to sneeze at.

The writing, I reminded myself, is the real reward, something I truly enjoy as well as turning into an entirely new purpose in my life. It has without a doubt been a huge boost for me; as I’ve noted before I’d thought my useful days were behind me, eliminated by the disability that’s crippled my body. That’s simply not true. I’ve gotten enough encouraging feedback to let me know I’m on the right track with the blog and with my opinion column for the American Daily Herald. Given the perilous times we live in, if I can communicate to people I’ve never met before the hazards that face all of us, that’s a significant thing and tells me I’m doing OK.

Let’s not forget the hundreds of good people who’ve contributed to get the funds at the level they are now, either. You folks, along with my friends who’ve taken the time and trouble to make all of those wonderful endorsement videos on my behalf, have done a stellar job…thank you ALL! You’ve demonstrated the most important truth that private voluntary action to support a cause like mine is the best and most efficient way for people to help one another, infinitely preferable to the coerced government action that’s promoted as the ‘acceptable’ solution in cases like this.

Nope, all things considered, this project is a resounding success, and the new beginning for me as a writer that’s resulted from it has been a magnificent and unexpected gift. These make for a happy anniversary indeed and makes me realize I’m eager to see what the future brings when the second, third and further anniversary arrive!

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Shifting Gears?

There’s just about 2.5 days left for the current Indiegogo campaign, and while I’m encouraged and gratified that many have pledged a donation to it, the fact is that we’re still at just under a quarter of the goal of $21,000. Barring the sudden completion of the goal by someone wanting to secure my house and all my property for their grandkids by becoming the named heir in my will and bequeathing them to that person or the organization of their choice, we’re not likely to see the deadline met.

Fair enough, I set the campaign up with a deadline to make it clear that past this I really won’t have the time to get my Honda modified, returned to me, and get myself to Tampa in time for the RNC and the events surrounding it in August. Making Tampa is a dream of mine…but it’s only one dream of many.

If the deadline passes unmet, I won’t be moping around, I’ll begin another Indiegogo campaign, this time without that short term deadline. If I don’t succeed in the marketplace of ideas with my wish to speed things up to make the deadline for Tampa, them’s the breaks. Still, donations have been pledged, and the $3700+ accrued so far tells me that there are enough interested donors to make this happen, just not as fast as I’d have liked.

The biggest negative in starting a subsequent Indiegogo campaign is that all of those current donations will be refunded and I’ll have to ask anyone who’s still interested in seeing me succeed to re-donate once the new campaign’s running. My apologies for the hassle; I thought the deadline was a worthy try. The surprising but happy late additions of Tom Woods’ and Adam Kokesh’ videos aren’t going anywhere, so with theirs along with the other great endorsement videos I’ve seen from my allies such as Tatiana Moroz and many others, I’ve got all the tools a person could ask for to help back me up and reinforce the validity of my Get Glenn Mobile! project for new visitors and potential donors.

I hope all of you will be of good cheer here, it’s clearer than ever that we will succeed, if not in the next couple of days then at some point soon. Don’t forget, until the goal’s met I’m still a housebound prisoner, still run the risk of injurious or fatal fall when I have to drive to a doctor’s appointment thanks to my near-inability to transfer, and of course I still want to get out in public to help educate, promote and write on the benefits of liberty for us all. Over $9000 from the project’s early phase is in hand, only the current pledges will be refunded.

I’m not going anywhere until I can drive myself out of this!

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Here We Go Again!

Yep, tonight I’ll be speaking with Sean Raspatello on WKOAlive from Tampa, talking with him about the Get Glenn Mobile! project, where it’s been, and where it’s going.  ‘The First 52’ show begins tonight starting at 9pm EDT, and I should be coming on at 9:30 PM EDT, or 8:30 PM CDT. Click on the WKOAlive logo above and just hit the ‘Listen’ button to tap into the live stream.

I hope to see loads of you there…and remember, there’s less than two weeks left to meet the current campaign’s all-or-nothing goal on Indiegogo, so I hope you’ll follow the link and drop a few bucks in the kitty. EVERY SINGLE DONATION counts, and now’s the time for action if I’m to get my Honda modified so I can get to Tampa, camera at the ready, to be there for the events surrounding the RNC.

See ya there!

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A New Experiment!

As I posted in my ‘Welcome’ sticky post up top, today I’ve inaugurated an Indigogo campaign to finish off this fundraiser in time to get my Element modified to accommodate my power chair so I can board and drive it safely in order to resume my life and get down to Tampa for the RNC events. It’s pretty much a reaffirmation of my matching offer that Tom Woods inspired, so if the goal’s met, whoever’s responsible for the most views and donations resulting from them (Indiegogo and this blog definitely track stats) or for the largest single donation to complete the goal will become the inheritor of my house, property and valuable possessions like my firearm collection and others after my demise, or after my mom’s demise, whichever occurs last.

I upped the target goal by $4000 to $30,000 from the original $26,000 to account for the $1500 cost of Freedom Motors picking up my Honda, getting it to their Michigan facility for modification, then returning it for delivery at my home…all fast and well insured, plus any expenses incurred to attend the Tampa events. Those are items I could either pay for or finance myself, but I figured by throwing in all of those extra goodies to sweeten the deal it makes the extra target worthwhile.

Remember, if someone donates $21,000 or thereabouts, their kids or grandkids will inherit a house and land valued at $148,000 in 2001, not a bad long term investment.

Now, if the Indiegogo campaign fails to meet the $21,000 goal by 7/11, any pledged donations will be returned to the donors. I sure hope that doesn’t happen, but if so I’m in no worse shape than I am today with the just under $9000 that’s already been raised. After that, I’ll continue the Get Glenn Mobile! project from there.

A nice thing about Indiegogo is the ability to add perks, incentives for donors to give at different levels. Right now I only have one to offer, thanks to my friend, the wonderfully talented Dan Hagen; anyone who donates at least $25 will receive a downloadable high quality MP3 of his terrific cover of the classic ‘What’s Going On’ as interpreted by my bud in his inimitable jazz style!

Hopefully over the next couple of days more perks at higher levels will be added as well, so please do check the Indiegogo campaign often for news. You’ll also be able to monitor the tally of its progress, something folks have asked for with this blog but couldn’t be done due to WordPress’ inability to use widgets like counters…That’s why I’ve been updating the total raised myself, in the red font area of my ‘Welcome’ page.

Tell your friends and family…now’s the time!

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