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Upping the Ante

So, today we see multiple bombs going off at the Boston Marathon.

Also, earlier this week one of my fellow hosts at WeROAR was found dead. Details are sketchy, but he was 50ish and from what little I’ve gathered had no significant health issues. It may not mean a thing, may be pure coincidence, but from a totalitarian control freak’s perspective, it’s mighty damn convenient.

Folks, I’m still stuck here like a fly on flypaper. I’m not posting this stuff as a gimmick, but because I’m seriously creeped out. If there is a false flag op going on and a possible purge of loudmouths like me to take pressure off the goons, I’m easy meat.

PLEASE, can we get this fundraiser finished so I can at least reposition with my mom if necessary? I’m fully aware that no one owes me anything. I know a dietary change might well help me to some degree. But until I have the liberty that comes from the freedom of mobility, there isn’t a single thing I can do about any of it at the moment.

I’d like to keep pointing out the facts for the American people in an effort to better this country for everyone’s benefit…but right now I feel like I’m stuck on the railroad tracks with a train coming. I won’t be very effective at that task if it squashes me, and just at the moment I’m feeling mighty squashable. If you’ve considered donating even a small amount, and/or telling your friends about this project, NOW would be a really opportune time.

Thanks to all of you who’ve contributed in one way or another to Get Glenn Mobile! for your part in raising the over $10,000 in hand; now we just need to finish the job.

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Lucky Number


A happy New Year, all!

2012’s come and gone, and we’ve seen some pretty impressive progress over the year made with this fundraiser…over $9000 raised is not a bit shabby!

A year ago I was still trying to establish this blog and project in its legitimacy, credibility and visibility. It’s certainly come a long way since then, and I’ve been delighted by peoples’ response, both those who contributed so generously to the fundraiser as well as my friends who went to the trouble of making all the great endorsement videos to help raise awareness of my cause with the public.

Besides this, I’ve been writing my opinion column  for the American Daily Herald, though lately my output’s been dismally low with so many factors working to siphon my limited energy off. Besides the physical limitations my MS has bestowed on me, the exceedingly low energy resulting from my central nervous system running so inefficiently is one of the most infuriating aspects of the disorder.

I’m still doing online broadcasts with my partner Donald Rutledge in our Freedom Finders show, though we’ve had to move to another network owing to the Truth Finders Network owner allowing the site to decline. We can now be found at WeROAR, an excellent site operated by the very competent April Reigne. Thanks for the opportunity, April (hopefully we’ll get the broadcasting software issues resolved quickly), we’re really pleased to join the WeROAR family!

Assuming we solve those annoying software glitches, you can catch the show live at WeROAR on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 9 PM Central time to 11PM Central.

As I’ve detailed before, these days I’m learning to work in the Android system since my mom thoughtfully provided me with an Asus TF700 Transformer Infinity tablet PC as an early Christmas present. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that by the holiday’s arrival the tablet was living up to its Transformer name with the addition of an Asus  docking keyboard. It’s a great complement to the Infinity, turning it into something like a tiny netbook.

This unit surprised me since I’ve found that while the Android OS is still developing and can be a bit clunky sometimes, it really can do most of the things a desktop PC can do. I’m composing this entry using it, and can do so from anywhere in my home or even outside in the driveway using the WiFi connection from my wireless router. That’s mighty liberating, believe me, and I’m excited to know that once my mobility’s been restored, I’ll be able to publish on the road using any open WiFi connection!

With the dismal winter weather and the holidays behind us, this is the deadest part of the year. I’ll be ready for spring, though, and I’ll be doing everything I can to increase this blog’s visibility so we can make 2013 a lucky number indeed, the year that sees the completion of the goal to Get Glenn Mobile!

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The Music City Liberty Fest: Don’t Miss This One!

liberty fest

My friend Dan Hagen had some thoughts earlier this summer while we discussed the headway the liberty movement was making and how infectious the desire for freedom clearly was for so many Americans, as evidenced how thoroughly and speedily an event like Paul Fest had overshadowed the RNC in Tampa. It isn’t much of a leap from that to wanting to see more events like it all across the country (as lots of people have) celebrating and promoting liberty as vigorously as Ron Paul has so ably demonstrated is so good so but since Dan has the soul of a producer along with his musical talent (entirely a good thing, I think), he wasted no time in delving into the nuts and bolts of what it would take to make one happen right here in Nashville.

I don’t have the time to detail all of the wonderful and talented people who jumped on board the project without having to think twice, not to mention I’d end up kicking myself for every single person I neglected to list.

Yep, a total cop-out on my part, but when you see the impressive number of people involved with the development of the Music City Liberty Fest just on their Facebook page I think you’ll understand why I’m not going to tackle the subject. In the couple of months since I heard the first rumblings about it, the Music City Liberty Fest has developed into a solid venture. I’ve been privileged to assist in this by writing some copy for the Facebook page and helping with the editing and composition of the official press release to alert the public of the approaching event and I can tell you that this promises to be a real spectacle.

The Music City Liberty Fest was shaping up to be just the sort of happening that’s been a bittersweet thing for me in recent years, one that I’ve been delighted to support while simultaneously lamenting my inability to attend because of my small radius of movement…the issue that led to my beginning this blog and my Get Glenn Mobile fundraiser. I’d never hesitate to do all I could to let people know about great events…it’s just the right thing to do…but I confess it’s been a bit painful watching each come and go while stuck in my home here.

Not this time.

Imagine my happy surprise when Dan phoned me the other day to let me know that the Liberty Fest team had arranged for a disabled-capable taxi to bring me to and from the event, something I really can’t budget for on my own (and of course would not spend any of my donated funds for; they’re sacrosanct and will only go for the intended purpose of modifying my Honda) and had expected I’d have to miss. This is perfect on several levels, besides attending something I’m really interested in for the first time in years myself, it will break me out of the rut I’ve been in and hopefully also be an opportunity for me to raise some awareness of my situation and accelerate the fundraiser to secure my release from this long confinement.

Take a look at the latest flyer…with this lineup of musical artists and speakers, the Music City Liberty Fest is truly a can’t-miss celebration of liberty! While you’re at it, won’t you please drop a donation of any amount you can comfortably part with in my Indiegogo campaign to help restore my own liberty?

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I should account for my lack of posting lately…I’m trying to stay active but the last few weeks I’ve been working a new regime in for my pain drugs. I have more flexibility in the amount I use thanks to my pain management specialist and that means it’s up to me to determine the best balance of dosage. Too little and the constant moderate pain makes it mighty difficult to get anything productive done, while too much puts me a bit out of it, again making it tough to get anything done. I’m getting close, though, and appreciate the doc’s faith in my ability to judge what works best for me.

I’ve also been somewhat baffled at the public awareness level of the project since my first Indiegogo campaign expired. I’m not going anywhere and have NOT abandoned this personal liberty project…its success is my only escape from the limbo my life’s been in for so long. I’m perfectly aware that no one owes me a thing, but experience shows that when that awareness level is high, a percentage of new readers are inclined to donate.

Between the drug regime integration and the current lull in forward progress with the fundraising, I confess I’ve fallen into a funk. I don’t expect it’ll last long. It’s annoying and counterproductive, and I just have too much to do to allow myself to get bogged down. I’m more anxious than ever to escape; election season is fast approaching and I’m sure it would be good for me to get out, to better gauge the mood of the public in these crazy times and follow up topics I’ve examined in my writing. The extended confinement’s messing with me as well and interfering with progress, I sleep too much and experience some most unwelcome lethargy that has nothing to do with the prescription drugs I use to manage pain.

Screw that.

I’ve seen slumps before and I’m sure I will again. Apologies for the current one, but I’m working on it, you’d best believe!

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One Down, One To Go

Sword of Damocles

As I wrote in my last post, I had to go to one of my mandatory appointments at the doctor’s office a couple of days ago to refill the prescriptions for the meds and pain management drugs I need to function well. Despite hearing stories of the terribly expensive medical taxis I’d heard, I was at the point where I was sick of worrying about falling on my head while trying to transfer from my Honda Element. I also decided that pressing my mom into service to push me around in a manual wheelchair on these outings was putting her at risk…between her bad foot and other health issues she is after all about 75 years of age and I don’t want her blowing a gasket on my behalf.

Well, here’s another reminder that if you’re concerned about something, check it yourself!

The disabled taxi here in Nashville is a great and very affordable service. Operated by Music City Taxi, they have one vehicle capable of carrying me in my power wheelchair and their disabled services are managed by the gent who drives it. Joe is a really pleasant fellow, treated me great, and best of all, presented me with a bill at the end for only about $70…and that figure includes almost two hours of wait time!

That’s an amount I can afford. I have only myself to blame for being silly enough to listen to people telling me it would be hundreds of bucks for the past couple of years.

I can’t properly explain how good it feels to have that particular Sword of Damocles removed from my life. It was marvelous getting out even though I had to depend on the disabled cab to get me there and knowing I’ll only be out that $70 or so every couple-three months is a happy surprise.

That’s one hazard down, but there’s still a big one left: finishing this fundraiser to modify my Honda for wheelchair accessibility so I can do all of the errands I need to under my own power. As reasonable as Music City Taxi’s rates are, I can’t afford to drop that kind of money for regular outings, trips to the optometrist, a dinner out at a restaurant or any of the hundreds of things most people can do without having to think about it. Until I can regain that mobility, I’m still a captive of this affliction and my life never stops draining away a day at a time.

One other thing: I haven’t discussed it much before, but something else on my mind more and more is the fact that I’m stuck right here without even the ability to reposition in the event of some large scale emergency. I’m not worried about so-called ‘terrorism.’ There isn’t any…and the handful of people out there deranged enough to want to attack large numbers of Americans are so few in number as to be statistically insignificant.

No, what I am concerned about is the increasing possibility of both incidents of civil unrest and government savagery we’d be likely to see in the event of a collapse of the dollar, or even a short term failure of communications or internet problems that would affect transportation of food and supplies we all need. If things get dicey, I really hope I’ll be able to go places, reposition or even bug out in the short term, because right now I’m as glued in place as a fly trapped in amber is. Besides the helplessness I feel as the days of my life passing while I’m so confined, every time I see another reminder that these things can definitely happen, I feel dread more often than ever before.

Here’s a good example: on his show this morning Josh Tolley spoke with the mother of a man who was spirited away by the F.B.I and company for making allegedly ‘terroristic’ statements on his Facebook page. At the moment, he’s been stuck into a mental hospital, and the whole episode is chillingly reminiscent of events that regularly occurred under Josef Stalin’s regime in the U.S.S.R with midnight knocks on the door by the N.K.V.D, with dissidents arrested and stuffed into mental hospitals to be drugged, tortured or even killed for their ‘crime’ against the State. And why not? From the point of view of power mad psychopaths, a Mundane like me who thinks our government has become a murderous institution and hazard to average people must be crazy, right?

Remember, I not only post comments on Facebook and this blog, I write a column for the American Daily Herald in which I’ve never been shy about criticizing the government for its excesses and incompetence as well as its declaration of war against Americans with the USA-PATRIOT Act, the N.D.A.A,. H.R.347 and the recent ‘strip search for any reason’ decision by the Supreme Court. Yeah, I’m  a bit worried.

I need your help to get out of this mess , get on with my life and writing and at least have a fighting chance if SHTF. Please take a minute or two and donate to my Indiegogo campaign..with a combined total of over 1/3 of the needed funds raised, with enough people willing to donate even small amounts, we can finish the job and free me quickly, before any of these unpleasant events come along.

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Check, Please!

I’ve talked about my dread of doctors’ appointments for a while now…not because of the doctors, but because every time I transfer to or from my wheelchair to my Element I risk a fall if my unsteady legs buckle. Well, after a few years of worrying, I’m over it.

With this fundraiser proceeding so well, I’m not going to risk a cracked skull at this point, that’s just nuts. Last week I found myself fretting for the umpteenth time about this, especially with yet another appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning…so I reserved a wheelchair accessible taxi to cart me and my power chair to the doc’s in the morning. It’s an expense that will likely eat my disposable income for the month, but I’d rather live like a monk than risk injury or death, with the bonus that I can finally quit worrying constantly about this threat that’s been hanging over me.

This makes me that much more committed to see this project through and at last be able to flip the bird to the welfare/warfare State that insists I appear at a physician’s office regularly yet refuses to provide any sort of preventative help to let me do so safely. That’s fine, the Nanny State relies on money taken from productive people at gunpoint anyway and has no moral credibility, especially after ruining the American economy and distorting our economic landscape to ensure that many if not most people don’t have the resources to cover genuine comprehensive private disability insurance that would have obviated all of this nonsense.

I’ve said it before…a disabled and wheelchair bound guy like me can make a strong visual statement to the public once I’m mobile about the benefits of private voluntary action over the coercive government ‘safety net’ that in reality is a snare and death trap. The sooner we get away from this terrible system, the better, and that’s why I continue to support Ron Paul and his message of liberty. If we replace the parasitic corporate state with a truly free market, learn to respect private property and quit stealing the fruits of peoples’ labor, we’ll all be better off, even disabled folks like myself.

I’ll be watching the events in Tampa later this month closely. The liberty movement has an opportunity to make it a watershed moment in American history to help move us away from the current system of death and debt we’ve allowed to gather so much power to itself. As Mat Larsen says: Peace…and GO RON PAUL 2012!

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MY Matching Challenge As Inspired by Dr. Thomas E. Woods..and Yes, I’m Serious.

It took about a week for me to write an appropriate thank-you note to Dr. Thomas  E. Woods for his amazing matching challenge he issued on his Facebook page and on his web site’s blog on May 26th. If you missed it, at 10:20am Central Time on that day he challenged his readers to donate $1000 within the hour to Get Glenn Mobile!, and if they would, he’d match it.

Guess what. One of his Facebook readers did donate that thousand bucks not only within the hour but in under 15 minutes from the time the challenge was issued, I might add…and Tom Woods matched it.

Among all of the other donations that have resulted from the awareness-raising efforts of my friends and allies, especially the incomparable Tatiana Moroz, Nick Allison and Adam House of the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul, Jordan Page, and Jason Rink with their endorsement videos they appeared in with Tatiana, as well as others who’ve helped spread the word like Dennis Behreandt of the American Daily Herald and many more, the $2000 from these two gentlemen is the record setting highest.

While trying to find the right words for my note to Dr. Woods, I also found myself wondering just how in the heck could one top that matching offer…incredibly generous as it was, we’re still at about 1/3 of the needed funds to modify my Honda for wheelchair access, and not only is this prolonged confinement doing me real harm, but the clock is ticking if I’m to have even a hope of joining my brothers and friends at the RNC in Tampa in August.

An idea finally percolated through the olive loaf that passes for my brain. I think it’s a pretty good one, too, a challenge of my own that might just result in finishing my goal here in time.

I wrote that thank-you note to Dr. Woods a couple of days ago and included this idea with it. I haven’t heard back from him; either he’s as incredibly busy as usual (likeliest) or he’s burned out from seeing my name (very possible…I hope not but I’ve had to make an awful gadfly of myself to get some public attention for this project) and has me on some perma-ignore list, but I just don’t have the luxury of time at this point.

Here’s my challenge:

If someone with a high enough profile will make a YouTube video or come up with an even better promotion that results in my meeting my goal of $26,000 by the end of this month of June 2012, I will pledge to donate my home, my house here in Nashville, Tennessee after my death in my will to them or the charitable institution of their choice. There’s only one condition, if I should predecease my mom, who’s the executor of my will, she will manage and reside in it until she in turn passes. She’s pushing 75 and not likely to outlive me, unless I’m, say, murdered by goons at the RNC or in Roswell, GA when I go there to follow up on the story of torture and harassment that drove Andrew Wordes to his death...but I won’t leave her unprotected.

I was in such a state I didn’t think of the cost of getting my vehicle to and from Freedom Motors’ facility in Michigan to actually perform the modification, and of course at that time I had no inkling I’d be doing the writing I am. In a pinch I can finance those myself, but perhaps we can forestall this. SO…as a bonus, I’ll throw in my personal possessions, like my firearms, original art work and vintage and reproduction classic tinplate toy collection, stuff I’d planned to will to my few remaining friends, if the amount reaches $30,000 by the end of June 2012. If more than one person launches a publicity drive, incidentally, the winner will be whoever’s responsible for the most total views the blog receives…Wordpress stats will show this and I’ll post a screenshot of them.

It’s a nice house, of brick construction; it along with its detached 2 1/2 car garage are visible in my Krip Kam #2 video, and when I purchased it in 2001 it had just been appraised at approximately $148,000. Doubtless that amount has fallen somewhat since then as a result of the bursting of the housing bubble, but not only did I acquire it for substantially less than that, I’m sure it would still command a respectable price, since it’s in good shape, built on a 1/2 acre corner lot on a hill with (in my opinion) the best view in the neighborhood, and of course has that large and well-constructed garage. Let’s not forget that it’s also disabled-friendly, with the 3 stout ramps that the local Civitan Club built for me several years ago, plus I plan to have the side deck (which was rotten when I got the place, but at the price I paid I didn’t care) ripped out and a switchback wheelchair ramp built so I can get to my basement again.

My mortgage company, Chase, certainly knows it’s a plum given how many times they’ve tried to scam me out of it, including when I tried refinancing it to pay for my vehicle modification months before I began Get Glenn Mobile! out of desperation…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Let’s be clear…if my challenge is met, you or your institution of choice are not gonna get the house right away; I plan to live for a goodly number of years yet, and I have no plans to spend that time homeless. Besides, I’ll be paying the mortgage, insurance and taxes on it for several years more until the home loan’s paid off. This is not an offer for impatient people with a high time preference.

I’m completely serious about this. I have no spouse or dependents to leave this house to (and never will, given that MS has made such a train wreck of me, inside and out), nor any close relatives save my mom. When I eventually go, the house will go to someone, and I certainly don’t want the government getting their grubby mitts on it. Heck, if you’re inclined, you could donate the entire amount yourself and think of it as a long term investment; you or a deserving institution will eventually get a good house worth at least a hundred grand or thereabouts for just over $16K now ($21K to get my guns and other goodies), though if you elect to do that, I’d much rather you get the money to Freedom Motors in my name, PayPal would take a pretty big chunk of a fee out of the gross! My requirement doesn’t even include a guarantee of my being able to make the Tampa event, just the deadline of the end of June.

Incidentally, in my letter to Dr. Woods, I said I’d leave the house to the Mises Institute if he met the challenge. That offer still stands, of course, but as I said, I just don’t have the time to wait. Three years’ imprisonment is about all I can take, and I just canNOT face another winter cooped up inside. I’m not self destructive, but like HAL 9000, my mind is going and I can feel it. The signs of damage are subtle but very real, and I don’t want to end up in some creepy fugue state, sleeping most of the time, a useless lump like too many disabled people allow themselves to become .

As always, any questions, comments or constructive criticism are welcome. Other than that…game on!

As the late Maurice Sendak wrote: let the wild rumpus start!

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The American Daily Herald Launches a New Promotion!

Lately I’ve been talking with Dennis and Denise Behreandt a fair bit about this freedom quest of mine. They’re the publishers and editors of the American Daily Herald, a class act and a journal in which I’ve been proud to publish my essays and who in fact were among the very first along with Becky Akers to see some potential in my writing when they offered me the opportunity to join their other terrific columnists at the end of last summer.

They’d mentioned they were enthusiastic about helping me promote this blog and my efforts to get my liberty back, so I thought I’d be seeing something shortly, but today when I dropped by and saw what they’d done it simply knocked my socks off! Not only are they visibly supporting my project, they’ve put their money where their mouths are, offering discounted advertising space to donors. That’s so far above and beyond what I imagined, I’m speechless…which, seeing my normal wordy tendencies, shows how impressed I am with this magnificent gesture.

Have a look at the new promo for Get Glenn Mobile! at the site:

American Daily Herald

Dennis and Denise: You two are the best. I’m mighty proud to work with you and the Herald, one of the finest online resources around, and one that’s clearly going places! I look forward to many good times to come, especially once I can get freed from my confinement to better advance the cause of liberty out in the community!

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Spoiled Rotten

My new friends Caleb and Jes dropped by last evening to do a bit of strategizing, socializing and spoiling me again with Jes’ cooking, this time some homemade chili and cornbread (one of my favorite cold weather indulgences). Thanks, guys, it was a mighty nice time!

It’s gratifying to have folks over who can really see how tedious the housebound lifestyle is for someone like me that’s always been a dynamic person…I know that’ll help when they’re out in the world talking to people and groups to help promote my cause. It’s one thing to communicate a concept with only an academic appraisal to rely on, but immersing oneself in a situation, even for a short time, makes it 100% real, and that makes describing it for others in person come naturally as a result. With all of the irons in the fire I’m putting out, especially with able advocates like these great folks adding their voices to my own, it gives me more confidence all the time that I’ll be freed sooner rather than later. When things start pulling together I can only imagine how much potential will be unleashed!

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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

I confess I’ve been feeling a bit antsy as I wait for help with the blog that should be underway from a couple of fairly big guns that recently offered to aid the cause. I know intellectually that these things don’t happen overnight, but the reality that my life is bleeding out as time goes by is always on my mind, that every day that passes while I remain a prisoner is gone forever. There are no do-overs. What keeps me reasonably sane?

Happily, I can think of a few reasons without even straining:

It seems that the value of the internet as a vital communication tool is growing exponentially. I’ve maintained for years that the internet is several magnitudes of importance more significant to humankind than the invention of movable type was and that view is being reaffirmed more and more all the time. There are an awful lot of potentially dangerous situations evolving in the world, but for the first time in history they haven’t simply overrun humanity like a juggernaut, with nothing to impede them. It’s clear, at least to me, that while they continue to threaten, they are being thwarted more and more by peoples’ ability to forestall many of them by assuring they’re kept visible and monitored with little opportunity for behind the scenes manipulation by individuals or groups that in the past could have concealed their doings with ease. That’s a validation of the aphorism ‘sunlight is the best disinfectant,’ and one of my biggest hopes is that the internet remains unmolested.

In that line, I get a strong feeling that even an ordinary schmoe like me can make a difference in the world by writing, discussing and helping educate people on a lot of issues that were simply swept under the rug before the internet came into prominence. It’s a truism that truths mesh seamlessly in every aspect while falsehoods and irrationality clash all the time…the internet is no different, but it has the bonus of speed. Since things happen faster, people can see this truism proven over and over much more easily than in the past, and can see the patterns that emerge more efficiently. We may be witnessing the beginning of a genuinely new paradigm in human affairs, and that’s mighty encouraging!

So, yeah, I have my days when frustration and pain threaten to overtake me, but these negatives can never be overshadowed by the positives…all the factors that sustain me and give me very real hope for the future. Hope not just for me, but for humanity in general that things are quietly improving in a steady way…and it’s accelerating.