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Is Obama Never Satisfied?

If renewing the PATRIOT Act, contributing to and passing the disturbing and vile NDAA, and signing the First Amendment-killing H.R.347 were not sufficient, on Friday without fanfare Obama issued a new executive order, which as far as I can gather, declares that he and the government now control absolutely everything, no matter if it’s peacetime or during a ‘national emergency,’ whatever that is…I thought America had been in a permanent state of emergency for lots of years anyway…and now seems to have granted himself or one of his minions the power to impress Americans into labor or military service during a crisis. Of course, the wording for what constitutes this condition is flexible enough to cover just about anything from Lindsay Graham developing a hangnail on up, so I bet it won’t be long before the edicts begin issuing from Mordor-On-The-Potomac to try out this fun new legislative toy at the expense of us Mundanes.

Since I already wrote about this on the Don’t-Tread-On-Me site, I’ll just link to it. Say…I seem to recall writing recently here about ‘interesting times’ I saw forthcoming. Sheesh!

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