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Wonder of Wonders

Lately I’ve found that I’m writing more…and more frequently…primarily Facebook discussions and blog posts here, but my resolve’s been firming and I’m finally composing a new essay for the opinion column maintained at the American Daily Herald as well, one long overdue by any standard.

That’s a very good bit of news; I’ve succumbed too frequently to the lethargy and lack of ambition I feared woud arise from my prolonged confinement here. When the days are as grim, gray and cold as they have been recently compounding the problem, my output’s been woefully low. It’s really gratifying to want to write, and to have fun doing so, when that good feeling’s felt as if it were ebbing away from me as the months passed.

Perhaps I’m finally reaching an equilibrium in my life that balances my regular personality and habits against the limitations brought on by multiple sclerosis and the subtle but very real effects of the prolonged confinement I mentioned. I hope so, even though much is still missing from my life owing to my inability to get out and about, I mean to live my life with as much satisfaction as I can attain. Complementing that is my yearning to be as productive as I’m capable of being; I’ve remarked many a time that one of the most frustrating and annoying aspects of my affliction is how drastically it’s reduced my reserves of resources that let me be productive. I firmly believe being able to make useful contributions to the world in one’s own unique way is one of the very best paths to happiness for anyone, and it’s especially critical after radical life altering experiences, including the onset of disability as in my case. Besides, I’ve recognized all along that disability is almost devilishly clever in sowing unhappiness and despair in peoples’ lives and my native mile-wide stubborn streak balks loudly in rebellion to that sort of negativity.

Look for a new piece soon in the Herald, with another in my to-do list to follow it. My publishers at the journal, Dennis and Denise Behreandt, have seemed to enjoy my book reviews there, but this time I believe I’ll tackle a music review for a change. When liberty activist and friend Dan Hagen suggested I review his recently released album The Journey I resisted at first, reminding Dan that apart from having  just about zero musical talent myself, that subject is not one in my area of expertise and I don’t have the knowledge base to discuss musical details competently, he replied that my lack of expertise could actually be an asset here. Since everything I have to say in a review will be by default in layman’s terms, I might be able to communicate my thoughts to a wider range of readers. We shall see soon enough!

Also, my thanks to good friend Jason L. whose thoughtful response to my last post about my reawakened interest in food and my getting some needed implements to accommodate my disability was to send me a duplicate of the cool Vic Firth pushbutton grinding mill I talked about along with a pound of coarse pink Hawaiian sea salt to stoke it with. This is some seriously tasty stuff, and I really appreciate your generous act!

Since spring’s still a ways off, I won’t wait for it to celebrate life as well and usefully as I can to defeat those winter blahs. I’m grateful for the thoughts and support from my friends and hope to meet even more new ones with time, hopefully including readers of and contributors to this blog. This is the beginning of my fourth year of housebound confinement, and I ask that you take a moment to donate whatever amount you can comfortably spare to my fund to help make it the last!

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What A Way to Start the Week!

As regular visitors to this blog may have noticed, I changed its look over the weekend to reflect my promotion of the ‘In It To Win It’ money bomb event for Ron Paul. I hope everyone who’s a Ron Paul supporter took a few minutes to visit the site I’d linked to and left the good doctor a donation!

As an anarcho capitalist at heart, I really don’t have much faith in political action for improving peoples’ lot, but I do admire Dr. Paul’s principled and consistent stance in promoting freedom for everyone, not just whatever group happens to agree with every one of his opinions. As such, I’ll continue to support him as I can, not as the least evil but as a positive agent for change and individual liberty.

This evening I discovered that my friend Nick Allison from the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul had been busy; he was kind enough to make a YouTube endorsement video of his own to help raise awareness of my situation and cause!

I’ll be proud to add it to Tatiana Moroz’ video in the sticky ‘Welcome’ post up at the top of my home page. Thank you, Nick, I’m sure with all of you terrific allies joining to help, my goal will be realized in good time! Nicely done, my man, nicely done. That’s what I’d call a great way to start the week off…and as you know, in a few days we may see another friend add his voice to yours…keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned!

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Spoiled Rotten

My new friends Caleb and Jes dropped by last evening to do a bit of strategizing, socializing and spoiling me again with Jes’ cooking, this time some homemade chili and cornbread (one of my favorite cold weather indulgences). Thanks, guys, it was a mighty nice time!

It’s gratifying to have folks over who can really see how tedious the housebound lifestyle is for someone like me that’s always been a dynamic person…I know that’ll help when they’re out in the world talking to people and groups to help promote my cause. It’s one thing to communicate a concept with only an academic appraisal to rely on, but immersing oneself in a situation, even for a short time, makes it 100% real, and that makes describing it for others in person come naturally as a result. With all of the irons in the fire I’m putting out, especially with able advocates like these great folks adding their voices to my own, it gives me more confidence all the time that I’ll be freed sooner rather than later. When things start pulling together I can only imagine how much potential will be unleashed!

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