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Call Me Crazy

And many likely will, but I decided to quit acting like a sniveling coward and proceed as if I really am nearing the event horizon that I hope is out there and that I could rapidly be closing on with this fundraising blog.

I contacted Freedom Motors and arranged for one of their representatives to stop by tomorrow with one of their demonstrators, a Honda Element that’s had the X-WAV conversion I need for my own Element. This will be doubly helpful, first because I can make myself 100% sure I’ll be able to use it with my Quantum wheelchair rather than 99% sure as I am now, and second, so I can get some photos or perhaps some video of me in the chair interacting with the vehicle.

Despite my writing, both here and for the American Daily Herald, and despite my Krip Kam videos, I get the sense somehow that some people out there, particularly those who I’ve requested some assistance from in publicizing my cause, aren’t convinced that I’m in the shape I am, or that I really am trying to get my own Honda converted. Some pics or video demonstrating that I am as real a deal as I’ve maintained might do that.

There are interesting things happening. None of the people I’ve contacted since Dr. Woods’ publicity boost in January have agreed to help…or indeed even acknowledged my contact letters…until yesterday, when Chris Duane, author of the marvelous 50-video series The Greatest Truth Never Told, did reply to me, not with an endorsement video, but a letter offering me author status on his expansive Dont-Tread-On-Me blog, the better to get the word out about this project, while contributing work of my own that might be helpful to others. That’s a very generous gesture, kind of like handing me the keys to his castle!

I’m also awaiting word on another publicity help request I’ve made, one that if granted could help raise the remaining funds needed to modify my own vehicle in short order.

There’s always a downside, naturally. Seeing and touching, maybe even driving the very machine that I need to get my life back will make it pretty rough when the Freedom Motors rep has to take it away, particularly if my latest request for assistance is refused.

Such is life, and those are the chances I have to take if I’m serious about actually living again, rather than just existing…which is pretty much what I’m doing now and have been for the past several years.

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