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Wow, A Year Goes By FAST!

Yep, I missed it, the blog’s first anniversary…it came and went two weeks ago without any fanfare on my part and barely registered in my mind!

There are definitely some mixed feelings here; my first thought when I realized I’d spaced the one year anniversary of Get Glenn Mobile! was that it’s no big deal, the date to celebrate is still in the future, on the day when the fundraiser to modify my Honda and retrieve my life from limbo is finally complete.

That’s just not accurate, though. Modifying my Honda for wheelchair access is certainly crucial, but it’s just one of many goals I’ve set myself. It’ll take however long it takes to accomplish it, and sitting back and assessing the situation from an all-or-nothing standpoint’s awfully counterproductive. This project’s come a long way since I wrote that first blog post, and that’s not something to dismiss. We’re getting close to the halfway mark in funds raised, for one thing…a pretty impressive figure given that my appeal for help to the world was the first writing I did for publication, remember, and the fact that it’s made so much progress in that time is nothing to sneeze at.

The writing, I reminded myself, is the real reward, something I truly enjoy as well as turning into an entirely new purpose in my life. It has without a doubt been a huge boost for me; as I’ve noted before I’d thought my useful days were behind me, eliminated by the disability that’s crippled my body. That’s simply not true. I’ve gotten enough encouraging feedback to let me know I’m on the right track with the blog and with my opinion column for the American Daily Herald. Given the perilous times we live in, if I can communicate to people I’ve never met before the hazards that face all of us, that’s a significant thing and tells me I’m doing OK.

Let’s not forget the hundreds of good people who’ve contributed to get the funds at the level they are now, either. You folks, along with my friends who’ve taken the time and trouble to make all of those wonderful endorsement videos on my behalf, have done a stellar job…thank you ALL! You’ve demonstrated the most important truth that private voluntary action to support a cause like mine is the best and most efficient way for people to help one another, infinitely preferable to the coerced government action that’s promoted as the ‘acceptable’ solution in cases like this.

Nope, all things considered, this project is a resounding success, and the new beginning for me as a writer that’s resulted from it has been a magnificent and unexpected gift. These make for a happy anniversary indeed and makes me realize I’m eager to see what the future brings when the second, third and further anniversary arrive!

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It’s The Disability, Stupid

Another hectic week here…well, what passes for hectic for me these days.

I’m still racking my brain for ways to increase the blog’s visibility, contacting those people in the liberty community who run a YouTube channel with a large audience to get those donations rolling again. I’ve sure got a great foundation built already thanks to Tatiana Moroz, Nick Allison and Adam House with the endorsement videos they were kind enough to produce for me. Now all that’s wanted is some catalyzing act to propel it into the next stage of awareness where the donations are consistent enough to finish this project. What it’ll be I can’t say, but it will be a welcome development from the fits and starts that characterize any fundraising venture like this one.

In line with that, I was delighted on Thursday evening when Adam House invited me to co-host the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul ‘Language of Liberty’ broadcast for a time, always a fun exercise but doubly so in this case because their featured guest was Dr. Walter Block, a well known economist, writer and professor of economics at Loyola University in New Orleans. I’ve enjoyed his work for a long time and it was a real pleasure to speak with him, however briefly. Another guest who appeared on the show, William Coley, was a new name for me, but I found his talk inspiring. Mr. Coley is a student, a convert to the Muslim faith and an activist in that community to support it along with freedom oriented candidates like Ron Paul and others. Have a listen here if you’re inclined. I had a lot of fun, even though I’m still new at this sort of thing…George Noory won’t have to worry about any competition from me any time soon!

I’ve got another new article for the American Daily Herald ready for publication and expect to see it in the next day or two, plus the warm weather activities I’ve mentioned before like airsoft target shooting and small radio control aircraft flying I enjoy.

I hate to admit it, but all of these are really pushing my limits, between the fatigue, insomnia and nuttiness of my ongoing imprisonment here, I’m about tapped out. Once this blog’s fundraising mission succeeds, it’ll take a lot of that pressure off; it does take up far too much of my attention and energy at this point…but it’s heartening to know that I’ll be able to do the other things I’ve mentioned more effectively at that point. Still, I’m reminded daily of my limits when I just hit the wall and can’t do one more thing, maddening since none are particularly taxing for a healthy person but with these afflictions that produce fatigue and other cognitive effects like my multiple sclerosis you’re going to see those limits that just can’t be ignored. If that’s a difficult concept to understand for healthy people, you might want to have a look at my earlier entry discussing Christine Miserandino and her ‘Spoon Theory’ that’s still the best explanation of the energy limitations we face.

As always, I hope you’ll take a moment to leave a donation if you’ve enjoyed your visit…don’t forget, we’re under some time pressure to complete the goal here to turn me loose in time to join my friends in the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul in their march on the RNC in August!

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Nietzsche Schmietzsche

Woof…my brain’s hurting a bit.

I just got done watching the film Nietzsche and the Nazis , made in 2006 by Dr. Stephen Hicks. This sucker’s almost three hours long, which is why my poor RAM-deprived brain was vibrating by its end. It’s pretty good if you like long and thorough explorations of philosophy, and spends much of its length discussing arguments both for and against the proposition that the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche was used by the National Socialists of the Third Reich in formulating and justifying its unique brand of murderous, psychotic policies.

I won’t get into that argument; both viewpoints have merit and I enjoyed the way they were batted back and forth as Dr. Hicks demonstrated how he ended up viewing the question. As usual, my favorite aspect of the film was actually a side issue, the breakdown at its end of what constitutes pro- and anti-Nazi principles. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I fret a lot that modern America is acting in ways that unpleasantly parallel various totalitarian governments, including the National Socialists, and we’re given a nice side-by-side graphical comparison that’s kind of handy for sussing out an opinion of one’s own on that subject.

About my only critique of this aid are the last entries, socialism vs. capitalism.

Both are limited, outdated and in fact rather misleading. ‘Socialism’ is better described as statism allowed to grow in power until it’s got its fingers in everything; if you want an ‘ism’ you’re better off using ‘fascism,’ which isn’t dependent upon the specious left/right paradigm, and simply means a corporatocracy of big government and big business in a cozy ‘partnership’ and is, I regret a pretty accurate statement of what we’re dealing with today in America.

‘Capitalism,’ on the other hand is an even worse description. It has negative connotations for many and was in actuality Karl Marx’ term for the free market he so despised. ‘Free market’ is a better term for the system that was our aim at this country’s founding, even though it never quite got there and is certainly almost the opposite of the crony capitalism/fascism/corporatocracy that’s our reality today. See why my head hurts?

Words are so damnably malleable today. When the supposedly preferable and anti-Nazi principle of ‘capitalism’ is actually perceived by so many to be the obnoxious ‘fascism’ the Nazis were so fond of, it’s time to hang up the Gone Flyin’ sign.

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