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Help…Abducted By Somalian Pirates!

I haven’t done much constructive lately since I’ve been kind of busy the past several days. Truth to tell, I’ve been learning to use my early Christmas present my mom insisted I have as a tool for helping both my writing and promoting my cause at the upcoming Music City Liberty Fest, a spiffy Asus Infinity tablet.

It should come in awfully handy to play all the endorsement videos on YouTube my friends have made for me, along with taking good quality photos and video. I can do all the stuff I’ll need to reflexively now, without fumbling around. Never can tell when a great photo or video opportunity will come up, right?

Apart from that, I’ve been thinking about the reactions I’ve seen from some readers. I suspect that much of the time they just can’t get why I need this vehicle modification to get my life moving again. Often they’ll advise me to get some inexpensive beatermobile I can’t use since getting into the drivers’ seat from the rear would be impossible with my utterly unreliable balance. Others offer the good advice of dietary change…which isn’t going to happen until I get out myself; the nice woman who does my light housekeeping and marketing is only familiar with big name stores and wouldn’t have the time for an extra shopping trip every week.

No foul here, it’s difficult for healthy people to even imagine, much less understand how screwed up my body is thanks to MS. But how to convey the message in a simple and effective analogy?

After some thought, the obvious hit me: if folks can’t grasp the nuances of disability, an alternative model is to think of me as being abducted and held for ransom. By Somalian pirates. There’s no reasoning or arguing with them and the only way to secure my escape from the 3.5+ years of confinement is to raise that ransom and pay off these scoundrels.

Somalian pirates are desperate characters, justly notorious for their rapacious ways, and I’m afraid there’s just no other way to get out of their clutches than to pay them off.

So if the whole disability thing is too alien a concept for comfort, just think of it as a situation where I’m being held captive until the Somalian pirates get their due. We’re close to the halfway mark, won’t you good people get me out of this bind? Would you want to be at the mercy of a rogue like this?


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R.I.P. Andrew ‘AKfortyseven’ Wordes

Andrew Wordes

I often get a bit more emotionally involved than I ought to with many of the subjects I tackle, but with this one that was published in the American Daily Herald this morning, I was in a seething fury as I researched and wrote it. The subject, Andrew ‘AKfortyseven’ Wordes was someone a lot closer to my own life than those I usually discuss, and his story that ended on March 26 when he apparently took his own life rather than be evicted from his home had too many parallels with mine. The City of Roswell, Georgia had for years engaged in what I can only call an ongoing criminal conspiracy to ruin Andrew and take his property, and at the end Andrew took the only remaining action he evidently felt was available to him.

The story really resonates with me for another reason…in 2008, after pretending there was nothing wrong with me for almost a year and a half, when the disability determination people at the Social Security Administration finally acknowledged my disability I was within two weeks of losing my own home, as I’ve talked about here and summarized on one of my earliest Herald articles.

What would I have done if the foreclosure and eviction had proceeded…if the government hadn’t quit its pretending that I was healthy and able to work, instead of conceding the reality of my situation: barely able to walk, even then hobbling around with a four wheeled walker, penniless from more than two years without income, even unemployment insurance income, and sick with worry and fatigue?

What would I have done if that last knock had come on my door?

I honestly can’t say.

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The American Daily Herald Launches a New Promotion!

Lately I’ve been talking with Dennis and Denise Behreandt a fair bit about this freedom quest of mine. They’re the publishers and editors of the American Daily Herald, a class act and a journal in which I’ve been proud to publish my essays and who in fact were among the very first along with Becky Akers to see some potential in my writing when they offered me the opportunity to join their other terrific columnists at the end of last summer.

They’d mentioned they were enthusiastic about helping me promote this blog and my efforts to get my liberty back, so I thought I’d be seeing something shortly, but today when I dropped by and saw what they’d done it simply knocked my socks off! Not only are they visibly supporting my project, they’ve put their money where their mouths are, offering discounted advertising space to donors. That’s so far above and beyond what I imagined, I’m speechless…which, seeing my normal wordy tendencies, shows how impressed I am with this magnificent gesture.

Have a look at the new promo for Get Glenn Mobile! at the site:

American Daily Herald

Dennis and Denise: You two are the best. I’m mighty proud to work with you and the Herald, one of the finest online resources around, and one that’s clearly going places! I look forward to many good times to come, especially once I can get freed from my confinement to better advance the cause of liberty out in the community!

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Success Is One Step Closer!

I’m delighted to report that the Editor in Chief of the American Daily Herald, Dennis Behreandt, has offered to not only endorse but actively promote this blog and my cause. This begins with a link to Get Glenn Mobile! in the ‘Friends and Partners’ section of the Herald’s home page, which now appears with an entirely new look after a major site upgrade over this past weekend. Dennis tells me that he has more planned as well, and it’s beyond gratifying to see such enthusiasm!

This is a significant step forward for the blog and its goal. The Herald’s endorsement marks the entry of another impressive ally in the cause, along with Dr. Thomas Woods’ own endorsement of January 11 that evoked such an encouraging response on that day, both in the number of new viewers and donations accepted. I’ve been trying to convince others either directly or peripherally involved in the liberty movement to add their endorsement, and it’s been an uphill battle. Not only is my reputation as a legitimate essayist only beginning to emerge, but since I’m engaged in fundraising here I’ve met with a great deal of skepticism from many I’ve contacted…frankly, most treat my letters contacting them as they would spam from any other unknown origin, probably suspecting that I’m attempting to defraud the public in the name of a frivolous or illegitimate cause. Most have not even deigned to return my letters with a note of refusal, in fact.

This is neither wholly unexpected nor unwarranted, after all, everyone is all too aware that fakers, frauds and ne’er-do-wells infest the internet just as they do the 3-D world. I cannot place any blame on people for being unwilling to promote any cause in which they don’t have full confidence; they have a responsibility to avoid directing their fans, followers and admirers toward anything even slightly questionable. This is actually a welcome attitude, and will certainly be an advantage at some point…those of you who know me are aware that I’ve described my situation with complete accuracy, my need is as pressing and critical as has been detailed, and that I value honesty, integrity and consistency above all else as necessary attributes.

Once a potential ally recognizes these as solid truth, I’m confident that their support will be as strong as is their resolve to look out for their followers’ interests, and that kind of support is priceless…and well worth the efforts to win them over.

I have and will continue to compose my requests for aid in publicizing the blog as politely and in as nonthreatening a manner as possible, of course, and with the backing of those whose faith in me that I’ve earned like Dr. Woods and now the American Daily Herald I’m sure that before long I will see success in securing more vitally needed publicity to raise awareness about my cause and ensure its success.

I’ll tell you what, when the tipping point is reached, the results will be nothing short of spectacular…I can’t wait to see that day!

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Christmas Eve

I used to really enjoy writing Christmas cards in my healthier days, along with a few Hanukkah and general holiday cards for my Jewish or non-religious friends and family. It was a familiar and comfortable ritual to mark the season and I always took care to pick a fun time and place to get my cards out..including while I was at work; many of you have gotten cards in the past that were written in the middle of the night from the cockpit of my Mitsubishi at 13,000 feet while cruising between Nashville and Atlanta, humming along at 300mph.

After the multiple sclerosis got its hooks into me, I got awfully busy trying to cope with its onset, facing the end of my working days and the ordeal of qualifying as a disabled person. Later, after surviving that scary interlude in my life, I lost the ability to do any hand writing when my dominant left hand failed so it looked like my holiday ritual was gone for good.

This is my first Christmas since beginning this blog, and while it’s a far cry from being able to sit down and write cards, with its stories, photos, and videos it’s a versatile tool that in some ways is even better than any card. The surroundings are amenable, I’ve got a nice fire going and a favorite old movie, “A Christmas Story,” playing in the background.

It’ll do.

It’s been a busy year, to be sure. I’ve been busy with my writing, both here and in my new found avocation as a columnist for the American Daily Herald…a pleasant surprise to me, who never pictured himself as anyone’s idea of a journalist. Writing essays on a semi-regular basis takes it out of me, but I’m planning to try my hand at submitting pieces to other online journals as a challenge to myself to find out if I have what it takes.

I had a lot of fun during the warm weather with my adventures in aeromodelling, and the coming spring will see new chapters unfold with my existing and winter projects. Not too shabby for a fellow conducting operations from a power wheelchair, and I’m looking forward to how far I can take it.

Therein lies the rub, though, which brings me as always back to business…the ongoing mission to get me mobile, the primary aim of this blog. The wonderful people who have responded so generously with their donations have gotten this project off to an impressive start in its short lifetime, but there’s still a long way to go. I need to recalculate the numbers, but I’m estimating we’re at about 5% of the funds needed to get my Honda modified for wheelchair access. That’s beyond encouraging, and this is no time to coast.

To those of you who are visiting for the first time…by all means, pull up a chair and enjoy your stay, but won’t you consider making a donation at some point while you’re here? Even a small amount will help me to remove the risk of a potentially fatal fall when I have to go out in my Honda, but more, to regain my liberty from this housebound prison. To restore so much of my life that this rotten disorder has taken from me, to let me do so many of the things that healthy people have the luxury of being able to do without thinking.

To you great folks who have already shown their caring by giving, welcome back and thank you so much! You’ve helped me keep my enthusiasm up and have been a huge comfort to me.

To everyone: this project is starting to gather some good momentum, and what it needs is views, lots of them. I know that in the grand scheme of things I’m no great shakes…as the late great Harry Browne wrote to his daughter on a long-ago Christmas, I know that no one owes me anything. I’m no beggar, just a guy who found himself in a bind asking for help from the world, expecting nothing but hoping to accomplish an ambitious goal in the face of a daunting adversary. Please…if you like this blog and think my goal’s a worthy one, will you tell a couple of friends about it? It WILL help!

Hope’s a powerful force, and that along with my faith in good people keeps me going.

I wish every one of you a the merriest of Christmases, the happiest of Hanukkahs and the most blessed Yuletide anyone could want. You folks are magnificent!