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Pucker Factor

I used that term this evening regarding my gamble in making this Indiegogo campaign time limited with fixed funding.

If anyone’s unclear as to what this means, if the deadline’s reached with the goal even a dollar short of the amount specified, every single donation made through it is refunded to the individual donors, I go back to having just over 1/3 raised, or a bit more than $9000 in hand and get to do it all over until success is met. My life will stay in limbo, and I’ll still be facing the possibility of a fatal fall if my legs give out while transferring to and from my Honda on the rare occasions when I have to go out to renew my prescriptions.

This does cause some consternation when I think about it, but I think it’s a worthwhile gamble, especially with the profoundly helpful endorsement video Dr. Tom Woods created on his YouTube channel continuing to draw new viewers and potential donors. Yes, the deadline does up the pressure, but I went that route in hopes of communicating how seriously I take this, as well as cutting it as close as I can while theoretically still having enough time to get the Element up to and back from the Freedom Motors facility in Michigan that performs the X-WAV modification then make my way to Tampa for all those events surrounding the RNC.

I ask potential donors to please consider this…if you’re at all inclined to throw a few bucks my way, NOW’s a perfect time, and you’ll get your dough back if the campaign doesn’t work. This isn’t some scheme I have a strong but detached feeling about; this is indeed about restoring my LIFE.

It’s looking good, and I’m really stoked for its success…except for those odd moments when I consider the alternatives. Those are just a wee bit creepy, I have to confess if I’m to live up to my commitment to honesty. They don’t last long, and I’m always snatched out of any funk directly when I think of all the marvelous things I’ve seen and the wonderful friends I’ve made during this ordeal.

That’s no maudlin sentiment either; people like Dr. Woods, Tatiana Moroz, Nick and Adam from CVRP and many others are the most solid, stalwart and genuinely caring humans a guy could be privileged to know, so at the very worst, even if there are further delays and hazards, I’m one of the most fortunate men on the face of the planet.

Say…there’s a thought, like Ron Paul, I’ve already won!

If you’d like to pitch in…and you’d better believe that every single donation is greatly appreciated…please drop by my Indiegogo campaign here:

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Oh, My…

I just found out less than two hours ago that Dr. Tom Woods has come through yet again on my behalf, posting an endorsement video of his own on his TomWoodsTV YouTube channel. I’m betting this Indiegogo campaign not only succeeds, but that Dr. Woods will end up being the heir to my home and possessions by meeting the challenge of pulling in the most donations.

I suspect at this point the only remaining question is will he get my house, land, and personal items or will they be going to the Mises Institute?

Let’s just hope no one from some dreadful outfit like the Southern Poverty Law Center (boo, hiss!) coughs up a ridiculously high donation to make the goal. That hadn’t occurred to me when setting this up as a possibility, and I really doubt they’ll notice what’s going on and make that huge donation out of sheer spite…because that would suck. Shhh! Damn this imagination, now I’m worried…

Please keep lots of those smaller donations coming…even a dollar is gratefully welcomed! You folks are doing great, and this way way everybody wins, hopefully without my being a burden on any one person. Though I suspect Dr. Woods is a bit burnt out hearing my name!

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Today marks the tipping point, I do believe, Tatiana Moroz leads the cavalry coming over the hill!

Yep, I’m pretty sure this project’s crossed that indeterminate event horizon and is beginning a sustained dash to the finish of its goal of restoring my liberty and releasing me from housebound confinement.

I woke this morning to find that my indomitable friend and ally, Tatiana Moroz, had posted even more videos featuring her with high profile people in the liberty community endorsing my cause.

I had a foretaste of good things when she published the video a few days ago with the amazingly talented Jordan Page, and today’s videos complimented that beautifully. The first with liberty activist and documentary producer Jason Rink got my day off with a great upbeat buzz, and when I saw the second, with Tatiana and Dr. Tom Woods adding his endorsement, I was just blown away.

As with Dr. Woods’ blog entry of January 11, I got too experience firsthand the power of all that goodwill and generosity focused on liberating me to recover my life and get out in public to pursue my new avocation as a liberty activist and New Media journalist…only better, since Dr. Woods’ admirers were joined by many new faces familiar with Jordan Page and Jason Rink’s liberty activism. If y’all followed this adventure on Facebook today, you’d have seen that Dr. Woods proposed a challenge for donors, offering to match funds with a donor who contributed $1000 within the hour…and it was answered by a gentleman who stepped up with that donation!

Not only did Tom Woods’ gesture go so far beyond any reasonable idea of aiding this cause as to be out of sight, he added yet another blog entry on his site directing his followers my way. That is the mark of a true gentleman…thank you, Dr. Woods!

I’m pretty frazzled from the exciting events of the day and don’t have an exact figure to update the total with, but by my reckoning we’ve jumped from yesterday’s 19%+ to about 29% or just about $7500…that’s almost one third of the way there!

I’m confident that I’ll be out of this limbo even sooner than expected, and I’m beyond thrilled at today’s huge gain. I’m also truly grateful to Lady Liberty, Tatiana Moroz, for putting all the effort into setting up, producing and publishing these videos, and to Dr. Woods, for coming through again on my behalf. It looks like we’ll be headed down the home stretch soon, and I can’t wait.

I detest saccharine platitudes and hokey, empty cliches, but today I can say with all honesty and sincerity: I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and allies. Thank you all.

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