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New Challenge…and a Threat.

The July challenge ended last night, a disappointingly low number of donors but they’ll all be getting the thank you package, a zip file with the four original songs listed in my original post on the Challenge plus a small thank you note I put together. We held the drawing for the winner of the Constitution cases and materials book live on WeROAR, congratulations to the generous donor and winner Franklin!

We’ll be running another challenge, I’m not yet sure of how long precisely yet, but all details will be provided here and you can be assured all of the donors will be kept on record. I gotta tell you, this time I really hope we complete the goal, since there’s been a new development. One that can threaten my life along with my 75 year old mom’s.

You see, for the past several years I’ve been dependent on the Greater Nashville Regional Council Area Agency on Aging & Disability to provide a helper every week to do light housekeeping and more importantly, grocery shopping and pharmacy pickups. Now the word through the grapevine is that they’re planning to wipe me off their rolls soon, precisely why I’m not sure.

But the fact is that not only is my life in limbo, I can’t get out to do all of those thousands of things healthy people do, and of course can’t interact with the public to promote liberty in public, not to mention doing what I can to out unconstitutional acts and corruption on the part of politicians…but now my one link to food and medecine is being threatened. My mom at 75 has never fully recovered from the fall she took at her last job that took her out of the workforce and left her in constant leg, hip and foot pain, so since she isn’t driving either, the loss of the home help threatens her as directly as it does me. It’s ironic, while I subsist on permanent disability income, I’m still very much a taxpayer, from property taxes to all the other sales taxes and fees that all of you are stuck with. It looks like while the City of Nashville will still be happy to take those monies from me, the benefit will be going to someone else.

I didn’t like it in my healthy days, so you can imagine how I feel now that I’ve become dependent on the help I’ve paid for for years, and am still paying for…help that may be whisked away at some faceless bureaucrat’s whim.

Now, please, is the most critical time to finish this fundraising project. Along with all those things I haven’t been able to do, now if the home help is withdrawn I’ll have no way to put food on the table. Details will follow as I learn more.

Bitcoin Donation Address: 1N9FWbFhTQrmTTQwMYYMBoc4ymdXBKSg5L

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Planning And TCB

I haven’t written for a few days, not so much because I’m a lazy slacker, but composing the first couple of articles for the American Daily Herald plus a longish blog piece really took it out of me. For me, TCB…taking care of business…is a lot more involved than it used to be!

It’s annoying and at times I feel rather pathetic, but my energy level is so low that when I occasionally overdo it, my body just pulls the plug when I’d normally be awake…my eyes droop and wobble no matter what I do to try to keep alert, and I just have to go with it.

I’m up in the evenings, but when I’m depleted I can only make it a few hours before I hit the wall. The past few days I’ve napped up to six hours at a time reclined in my power chair…that’s on top of six to nine hours of ‘normal’ sleep in my bed. Jeez, I used to be almost hyper, but the foul MS is an energy vampire (among its many nasty activities) and it’s been years since I had that kind of energy. Not much can overcome it, when I tried prescription amphetamines a couple of years ago I might as well have taken some sugar pills for all the good they did.

I’ve been busy elsewhere too. While writing will always be my preferred way to communicate, I’ve suspected for a while that folks have a hard time really understanding and internalizing the sort of limitations multiple sclerosis has foisted on me. Description alone, no matter how comprehensive,  just can’t convey how difficult many tasks are for me. Then there’s the credibility issue…more than one person has suggested that this blog and its fundraising goal are some kind of devious scam. Too, sometimes I get the feeling that a number of folks who don’t know me well consider this blog to be something of a whinefest, a place for me to simply complain about my affliction in hopes of garnering sympathy so I can raise enough dough for a desired luxury…not a truly needed addition.

Well, I can fix that misapprehension.

I got my photographic gear together…camera, tripods, and such…in preparation, and dug out the software I’ve had lying around for video editing. Currently I’m reviewing the tutorials for the program so I can put together movies suitable for uploading to YouTube using video clips, stills, text and music. With music especially I’m trying to make sure that any tunes used are public domain so viewers won’t find it blocked by the IT nannies at YouTube; I want my message visible to all.

I’ve done video work before so I’m sure that with a bit of practice it’ll come back to me. This way, I can create a playlist of movies dedicated to demonstrating my situation that while not exactly fun to watch, won’t be utterly dry and dismal. They’ll be handy not only for demonstrating my physical limitations but for adding a new dimension in my ability to document my life a little bit better here.

That’s just the start, I’m devising a camera mount for my wheelchair much as Marc, the Wheelchair Kamikaze, uses to record media for his blog. I’m using my trusty old Olympus C770 for now, but hopefully in the future I can acquire one of the spiffy small GoPro action cameras to better do the job. A very cool plus to having a GoPro camera available is that once my Element’s modified I can take it with me everywhere…and once I’m able to fly my models again, the camera’s small enough to fit on or even in a plane so I can record some aerial videos. I’m psyched.

Madames et monsieurs, it gives me great pleasure to announce the introduction of my all new KripKam® series of videos, coming soon exclusively for this blog!

I know, I know, it’s a silly name for a serious project, but you gotta have a sense of humor sometimes. Speaking of humor, here’s a scene from Clerks 2, a movie I finally got around to seeing and now I’m wish I’d watched years earlier. I love how Kevin Smith uses Randall to demonstrate a decidedly unpleasant attitude toward the disabled that some people actually do adopt sometimes…happily a minority of the population, I like to believe.

Beyond that though, it’s so over-the-top that I don’t think it could be mistaken for anything but biting black humor. Be advised, this isn’t the sort of dialogue you’re likely to hear in a conventional screwball comedy!