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I should account for my lack of posting lately…I’m trying to stay active but the last few weeks I’ve been working a new regime in for my pain drugs. I have more flexibility in the amount I use thanks to my pain management specialist and that means it’s up to me to determine the best balance of dosage. Too little and the constant moderate pain makes it mighty difficult to get anything productive done, while too much puts me a bit out of it, again making it tough to get anything done. I’m getting close, though, and appreciate the doc’s faith in my ability to judge what works best for me.

I’ve also been somewhat baffled at the public awareness level of the project since my first Indiegogo campaign expired. I’m not going anywhere and have NOT abandoned this personal liberty project…its success is my only escape from the limbo my life’s been in for so long. I’m perfectly aware that no one owes me a thing, but experience shows that when that awareness level is high, a percentage of new readers are inclined to donate.

Between the drug regime integration and the current lull in forward progress with the fundraising, I confess I’ve fallen into a funk. I don’t expect it’ll last long. It’s annoying and counterproductive, and I just have too much to do to allow myself to get bogged down. I’m more anxious than ever to escape; election season is fast approaching and I’m sure it would be good for me to get out, to better gauge the mood of the public in these crazy times and follow up topics I’ve examined in my writing. The extended confinement’s messing with me as well and interfering with progress, I sleep too much and experience some most unwelcome lethargy that has nothing to do with the prescription drugs I use to manage pain.

Screw that.

I’ve seen slumps before and I’m sure I will again. Apologies for the current one, but I’m working on it, you’d best believe!

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Wow, A Year Goes By FAST!

Yep, I missed it, the blog’s first anniversary…it came and went two weeks ago without any fanfare on my part and barely registered in my mind!

There are definitely some mixed feelings here; my first thought when I realized I’d spaced the one year anniversary of Get Glenn Mobile! was that it’s no big deal, the date to celebrate is still in the future, on the day when the fundraiser to modify my Honda and retrieve my life from limbo is finally complete.

That’s just not accurate, though. Modifying my Honda for wheelchair access is certainly crucial, but it’s just one of many goals I’ve set myself. It’ll take however long it takes to accomplish it, and sitting back and assessing the situation from an all-or-nothing standpoint’s awfully counterproductive. This project’s come a long way since I wrote that first blog post, and that’s not something to dismiss. We’re getting close to the halfway mark in funds raised, for one thing…a pretty impressive figure given that my appeal for help to the world was the first writing I did for publication, remember, and the fact that it’s made so much progress in that time is nothing to sneeze at.

The writing, I reminded myself, is the real reward, something I truly enjoy as well as turning into an entirely new purpose in my life. It has without a doubt been a huge boost for me; as I’ve noted before I’d thought my useful days were behind me, eliminated by the disability that’s crippled my body. That’s simply not true. I’ve gotten enough encouraging feedback to let me know I’m on the right track with the blog and with my opinion column for the American Daily Herald. Given the perilous times we live in, if I can communicate to people I’ve never met before the hazards that face all of us, that’s a significant thing and tells me I’m doing OK.

Let’s not forget the hundreds of good people who’ve contributed to get the funds at the level they are now, either. You folks, along with my friends who’ve taken the time and trouble to make all of those wonderful endorsement videos on my behalf, have done a stellar job…thank you ALL! You’ve demonstrated the most important truth that private voluntary action to support a cause like mine is the best and most efficient way for people to help one another, infinitely preferable to the coerced government action that’s promoted as the ‘acceptable’ solution in cases like this.

Nope, all things considered, this project is a resounding success, and the new beginning for me as a writer that’s resulted from it has been a magnificent and unexpected gift. These make for a happy anniversary indeed and makes me realize I’m eager to see what the future brings when the second, third and further anniversary arrive!

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Gee, What a Shock.

Man alive, I do wish I’d been able to get to Tampa last week!

Apart from meeting all the wonderful people I’ve only encountered online, I wanted to feel the vibe particular to Paulfest and its participants from activists to the artists making their musical contributions. I’ll be writing on the topic to be sure, but I’m reliant on others’ reports for intel in composing a narrative, and nothing beats being someplace yourself to get a handle on something as subtle and complex as the aggregate spirit of the events.

On the political side, I’m not a bit surprised at the establishment GOP’s treatment of Ron Paul and his supporters in the liberty movement. They’ve made no secret of their detestation of everything they claim to represent from economic freedom to personal liberty. For months we’ve seen them act like cheap hustlers, blatant in their efforts to marginalize or ignore real liberty. They’ve got their prints all over the clear voter manipulation and fraud we’ve seen all along, using tacky procedural gimmicks, fudging numbers and ignoring their own rules to keep shoving their warhawk foreign policies and fascist corporate state economics down peoples’ throats, and the pièce de résistance was the last minute rule changes obviously intended to stack the deck in favor of the establishment.

Really? You’re so confident in your philosophy and course of action that you feel the need to make last minute changes in your own ground rules to eliminate competing ideas in the marketplace even after you’ve bent and broken those same rules to get your way? Well, I’ve said all along that I have little faith in political action and much as I admire Dr. Paul, assenting to political support for his presidential campaign was difficult for me. Political action is based on force, after all, and it takes an exceptional man like Ron Paul to avoid the hazards of a system like that.

I suspect that one of the reasons for his campaign was to demonstrate just how badly the American system is rigged, a result of that fundamental issue of a system based on violence. The GOP was only to happy to oblige, showing its ungloved tyrannical fist as at gave the knife it had already plunged into peoples’ backs a savage twist with this latest bit of skulduggery. Its hubris knows no bounds since it doesn’t seem to care a bit that it alienated millions of well intentioned people trying to effect change from within with this lesson in realpolitik. And alienated (not to mention hopping mad in many cases) they are:

Read the comments here and elsewhere: people are fed up with this dismal business and are withdrawing their consent in larger numbers all the time. Lots of those are seeing that we Americans need an entirely new paradigm in the methods we employ to conduct our affairs, not continually trying to shore up an inherently bad system. I don’t know the specifics of how such a new system would be implemented, but I’m convinced that it will have to be one that incorporates the nonaggression principle, respects property rights (including the most fundamental of these, self ownership), and acknowledges the potential of human beings to innovate and create when they’re free and unfettered by the violent distortions of conventional political action.

Thank you for showing this so clearly to Americans, GOP establishment! Rather than hurting the liberty movement, you’ve reinvigorated it, and I think you’ll see most people turning to peaceful voluntary action of their own, leaving you dinosaurs to flounder in the tar pit while they get on with living. My take, as usual, is that we as liberty activists need to communicate these ideas to the most people we can, mentoring and otherwise leading by example as we go to inspire people into similar actions rather than trying to scare them into actions running counter to their own best interests that serve only the fearmongers.

Also as usual, I’ll add my plea for your help in this project to free me so I too can get out in the world to assist the spread of the message of liberty too. Besides being frustrating by limiting my effectiveness, this prolonged confinement is damaging me at this point, and that’s not pleasant. The fundraiser is alive and well but seems stalled, so along with my writing I’ll be keeping the effort up to raise awareness for my need to escape that confinement…and I’ll be counting on my friends in the movement to help. With close to half of the needed funds in hand, I think it’s clear the mission will succeed, and you folks are the ones who can help speedily conclude it. Please donate any amount you can spare and spread the word by telling your friends and family how you’re helping Get Glenn Mobile!

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I Want Peaceful Streets, Too

Yesterday saw the publication of my latest article for the American Daily Herald, Antonio Buehler Wants Peaceful Streets For Everyone. I’ve been drawn to this story from the first moment I encountered it, since I’ve never seen such a perfect example of arbitrary and capricious use of State power to indimidate anyone who questions it with whatever threat they deem necessary to crush that inquisitive spirit. From maintaining an aggressive demeanor to assault, kidnapping, and even murder, Americans have over time accepted this behavior as a legitimate expression of the State’s presumed monopoly on force, not only from a traditionally moral standpoint of defense to the historically immoral practice of initiating force against individuals for any reason that takes its fancy.
This piece took a deal of effort to write accurately, watching relative videos many times in order to get the timeline as precisely correct as possible. It was well worth it, and because this is such a superb cautionary example of what’s become a systemic practice in America, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake, I hope we can develop techniques to effectively counter this awful habit of casually destroying peoples’ lives.

Antonio Buehler’s facing the possibility of years in prison for having the audacity to question the actions of a couple of official Praetorians he came across at play, but at this point I can’t see any jury actually convicting him of the clearly bogus charge of felony harassment he was tagged with. The evidence refutes the official story, their actions to indimidate witnesses after the fact are obvious, and the subsequent internal affairs investigation was such a baldly transparent whitewash to cover the police officers’ unlawful behavior that I’m sure Antonio won’t see a day of jail. That he’ll be free to continue his life and keep building and promoting his Peaceful Streets Project is wonderful, and I hope it succeeds even beyond his wildest dreams.

At the risk of repeating myself, I’m still in prison here at home, for committing no crime other than becoming more disabled than anyone else has felt worthy or been capable of helping me escape. Like Antonio, I too have plans and aspirations, but they remain on hold and my life in limbo so long as that imprisonment goes on. Once I do get out, I’m hopeful that projects like Antonio’s will help remove the threat of arbitrary targeting by officials as I go about my business…but first I actually need to get out.

The Get Glenn Mobile! project has come a long way in the almost one year it’s been in existence, with over $9000 raised during its first phase, and close to $600 pledged to the current Indiegogo campaign. I obviously erred in using the fixed funding option in the first one, since the near $5000 pledged in donations were returned to donors when the goal wasn’t met, and far worse, many people seem to have gotten the impression that I’d simply give up at that point and have not re-donated their first pledges.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I am very much alive, aware, and frantic to see the restoration of my freedom. Again, I’m sorry if anyone got a different impression…there will be no more deadlines, and this, what I fervently hope will be the last phase of the fundraiser, will run until it’s done.

One last note: though the passing of the July 11 deadline means I won’t be able to get to Tampa independently, in no way am I giving up on the goal of getting there somehow. I have friends seeking solutions like donated or severely discounted rental of a wheelchair accessible vehicle, but that’s why I left some wiggle room financially with the current campaign.

I really want to go, and I desperately need my freedom back. Please take a moment to make even a small donation to my Indiegogo campaign to make these happen!

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The American Daily Herald Launches a New Promotion!

Lately I’ve been talking with Dennis and Denise Behreandt a fair bit about this freedom quest of mine. They’re the publishers and editors of the American Daily Herald, a class act and a journal in which I’ve been proud to publish my essays and who in fact were among the very first along with Becky Akers to see some potential in my writing when they offered me the opportunity to join their other terrific columnists at the end of last summer.

They’d mentioned they were enthusiastic about helping me promote this blog and my efforts to get my liberty back, so I thought I’d be seeing something shortly, but today when I dropped by and saw what they’d done it simply knocked my socks off! Not only are they visibly supporting my project, they’ve put their money where their mouths are, offering discounted advertising space to donors. That’s so far above and beyond what I imagined, I’m speechless…which, seeing my normal wordy tendencies, shows how impressed I am with this magnificent gesture.

Have a look at the new promo for Get Glenn Mobile! at the site:

American Daily Herald

Dennis and Denise: You two are the best. I’m mighty proud to work with you and the Herald, one of the finest online resources around, and one that’s clearly going places! I look forward to many good times to come, especially once I can get freed from my confinement to better advance the cause of liberty out in the community!

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Happy Anniversary?

Wow, it slipped my mind, but just over 6 years ago on March 16 2006, I was diagnosed with MS.

I guess I can’t be all that surprised, I was already well on my way in my headlong plunge down the rabbit hole at that time.

Tell ya what…the sooner I can get mobile again, the sooner I can escape that particular dark place. Still working on some promotional help, it’s slow going but I know it’ll pay off in the end once my liberty is restored!

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Line In the Sand

While conversing with my friend Jason this evening…the same Jason whose daughter is doing just fine after her surgical procedure on Monday, by the way- YAY!…the two of us were batting some ideas for advancing this blog’s goals around, and it became obvious to me after a while that I need make myself clear on a few things.

I’ve avoided directly commenting on some issues not from any reluctance to take a stand, but because I thought it best to stay focused on the goal of getting me mobile and my thoughts about that. The topics I’ve chosen honestly reflect those, but at this point in time there are some pretty urgent issues concerning not just myself, but all ordinary Americans. I’ve addressed a few of them here; our country’s dreadful forced education system and its suppression of creativity and independence comes to mind, the discussion of rational philosophy, and topics of freedom and liberty…real freedom and liberty, not hackneyed platitudes endlessly spouted to promote some feel-good scheme or another…are all topics I’m deeply interested in.

I can do something about them…if I can get out of this box that MS and circumstances have stuffed me into. I’ve found I really enjoy participating in journalism as part of the New Media, in my writing here as well as my contributions to the American Daily Herald. I’ve had good feedback and my work seems to be well received, but imagine how much more effective I can be away from my desk!

But if you haven’t inferred it at this point, there shouldn’t be any doubt about my top priority once I’m mobile: because I believe that individual human liberty as one of the most vital issues in our lives, I want to get out and talk to people in the community about why I support Ron Paul, and why his issues are my issues. It’s not a matter of payback to the liberty movement…it’s been good to me, without question…no, it’s about doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

American people have been taking a flogging for far too long from those who would use them as human resources for their own ends. Our productivity, resources, and spirit have been drained away ostensibly for our ‘own good’ for a great many years, and I not only want to put a stop to that, I know I can help. Even if Dr. Paul isn’t elected president in 2012, the ideas he’s promoting need to be discussed, and to keep them uppermost in the public’s mind will be the true victory…as he’s said himself, he’s just a messenger, it’s the ideas he’s gotten so many talking about that are the most important, but if we can get him elected we’ll be able to implement them that much more effectively. I can help do that.

If releasing a fellow human being from confinement isn’t enough reason to help in getting me mobile, think about the fact that you’ll be turning a very motivated liberty activist loose who’s been itching to get to work for years. For instance, want to start phasing out the entitlement programs that not only waste boatloads of money but sucker people into lifelong dependency on them? I’d say a disabled guy in a wheelchair talking about the very real reasons why these programs are bad will be mighty effective in conveying the idea. I can write about why the Social Security system is inefficient, dehumanizing and potentially deadly all day long, but I can be a lot more effective in person. Guaranteed.

Beyond that, there are plenty of things I can tackle as a journalist once I’m capable of going right to the source:

I want to interview functionaries of the TSA…look them in the eye as they explain how treating ordinary people as if they were maximum security prison inmates makes us all ‘safer.’ Hey, I’m a ways past the fear of consequences; I’ve already been wrecked by MS and there just isn’t much that scares me these days. Uniformed goons definitely don’t.

I want to hear school administrators try to justify how drugging children with powerful psychotropic chemicals or assaulting, arresting and confining them just for behaving like kids will help them learn how to be productive, resourceful citizens.

I want to talk to regular people about how and why they’ve allowed themselves to be afraid of everything at the behest of the very criminals who actually threaten them. I love talking with people, and I’ve made it my business to research the facts so know what I’m talking about. They have been hoodwinked and I bet it wouldn’t be all that tough to help them realize this.

I can do these things.

Our country’s on thin ice these days, and every day I spend stuck in this house is not only a day of my life gone but a day when I could have been promoting liberty, the Constitution, and Ron Paul.

Let’s finish this project so I can get to work, please. And while we’re at it…go Ron Paul 2012!

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Can’t Take Me Anywhere!

Well, my new piece is up at the American Daily Herald, so far so good…except I noticed a couple of tiny errors and only after I’d corrected them did I recall that if a contributor changes anything it messes up any embedded videos, so until Dennis or Denise can get to it, the unsettling YouTube video I embedded, ‘Lunch Scholars,’ is missing. Here it is, worth a watch as yet another indictment of our forced education/indoctrination system:

Sorry ’bout that…I don’t like touching anything I’ve published once it’s up anyway, it smacks of being unethical. Next time I see something that needs correction, I’ll pester one of the bosses!

For now if you haven’t seen it, check out Have You Seen the Fnords Yet? if you’d like.

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Fighting Back in the War on Kids

I just finished proofing my latest article for the American Daily Herald and got it submitted, it should come as no surprise that again it involves the War on Kids, the excellent film by Cevin Soling from 2009. The article’s just more evidence of how strongly I feel about the devastation wreaked on young people by our coerced public education system, a bit surprising to me since I’ve never wanted kids of my own. It’s not that surprising though, the people responsible for the escalation of indoctrination into a full-blown prisoner training program, committing violence against these kids and their futures, just appall me. Since the young are indeed our future, those supporting the war against them are villains poisoning our well, so to speak, and need to be stopped post haste. Besides, I hate bullies, especially when they act under color of law.

Re-watching Stefan Molyneux’ interview with Soling, I found myself taking notes, both for future writings upon the subject as well as for questions I’d like to ask Cevin Soling and Professor Henry Giroux, who also contributed to the making of the film.

Sometimes I feel like Don Quixote tilting at windmills with some of the causes that have become so significant for me, but if I can help raise public awareness of just how bad the situation is even a little, I’ll count the effort as a success. At this point as far as I’m concerned this is a violent crime being perpetrated on the young, and needs to be addressed…for me the time for debate is over. Reminds me of another situation in which the strong are beating up on the weak:

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I confess, I’m still dizzy from the gi-normous response Tom Woods’ posting evoked on the 11th…the feeling reminds me of my healthy days just after exiting a roller coaster. It’s a reaction to the power of all that goodwill and empathy from all of the people responding that day, no doubt. The almost electric feeling of all that power unleashed at once was exhilarating…almost frightening.

Obviously, my suspicion that soliciting this kind of support from a well regarded person like Tom Woods would be a significant boost for the cause was short of the mark when compared with the reality. As Ron Paul has his money bombs, the events of the 11th were a ‘publicity bomb,’ if you like. I’m still in shock, but I feel great. Not only did the project experience a major move forward, eradicating any doubts I might still have had whether this nutty idea was something that would work, but I thoroughly enjoyed the adrenaline rush that came from being in the middle of it.

A few things are obvious to me at this point:

The question of whether this venture will work and end up getting me mobile again has been answered.

People are every bit as generous and caring as I’d suspected, when given the chance.

The only remaining question in my mind is no longer if I’ll get my mobility back, but when. I’m feeling better today than I have for years, and you good folks out there are the direct cause.

Thank you all!

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