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Agorism? Shiny!

From Wikipedia:

Agorism is a revolutionary libertarian social philosophy that advocates the goal of the bringing about of a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, thus engaging in a manner with aspects of peaceful revolution. It was first proposed by libertarian philosopher Samuel Edward Konkin III in 1975.

I was pleased when I noticed an unexpected message in the inbox last evening and saw that a fresh donation had been made to Get Glenn Mobile!  A generous one, it turned out to be from friend, liberty activist, and fellow Firefly aficionado (a proven Browncoat for those who are familiar with the series) David Kirk West. More significantly, he’s also one of the more talented of the new generation of liberty filmmakers and had mentioned some time ago that he was planning to donate a portion of the proceeds from his DVD sales to the cause. I hadn’t thought about this or seen him in a while, but that wasn’t surprising; he’s a busy rascal.

This was a timely gesture since I’ve been devoting much thought to moving the project along lately and it was great seeing once again the proof of agorism’s effectiveness. People like David will bring this project to fruition sooner rather than later, since anyone interested can fact check me for the genuine article I am, then decide right then and there if my goal’s a worthwhile donation subject for them to act on. No involved decision making, no stiff procedure, just the freedom to make the choice to help in this exercise in practical voluntary action. I have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that although no one owes me so much as a dime, and are under no obligation to help…they have still been willing to aid my quest for liberty and continue to do so. Peoples’ instinct to help where they can flourishes when there’s no coercion involved…as with our oh-so-benevolent government that never misses the chance to distribute largesse they’ve obtained by threat of violence…and they can see the goal moving closer for themselves. I couldn’t operate any other way then with complete transparency and always accountable to the good folks who’ve chosen to pitch in, using their own resources.

As to David, if you aren’t yet familiar with his fine work, my advice is to head over to YouTube to see his channel, and keep abreast of his plans and doings at his Buck The System site. I think you’ll want to after viewing his excellent short film One Man’s Terrorist, dystopian fiction with a cautionary message that’s heavily influenced by his experience in the US military while serving overseas. Start with his flagship work and I’ll bet you want to see more, as I do.

We’re fortunate to be able to watch this young, motivated and very talented artist’s career as he explores his skills with the moving picture…I know I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Thanks again and my wishes for unbounded success in your art, my brother.

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The Meat of the Matter

While mobility is my primary goal at this point, I’m always happy to find ways to recover other things in my life taken from me by MS. I’ve mentioned how liberating the acquisition of my Asus tablet PC’s been (I haven’t even begun talking about the restoration of my ability to play FPS combat games again using the Android paradigm!), but occasionally I’ll find something that will add another piece to the puzzle.

This week saw one of those somethings. Among other cognitive issues the flavor of multiple sclerosis I have brings, a particularly annoying one was the loss of almost all hunger signals telling me I’m hungry for the past several years. Yep, that means never having an appetite, a sore blow to my normally sensualist/hedonist appreciation of life; I’ve had to recognize I needed to eat by the logy, vague thinking and gloomy attitude that accompanies it.

Well, for whatever reason I’ve been hungry again for the past few weeks, actually enjoying eating foods I like and experiencing those missing hunger signals again. When my mom got a wild hair recently and ordered some steaks from Omaha Steaks, I decided I’d like one…it’s been years since I’ve indulged. Part of the reason for this is the lack of hunger signals I’ve mentioned but there was another reason, a dealbreaker until it was addressed: I’m left handed and my left hand’s lost about 90% of its function. Cutting up a piece of food is an exercise in futility. Try it sometime and you’ll see…there’s no reliable way to do this using one hand (especially with your non dominant, or weak hand!)…it was obvious I’d need a new adaptive aid to be able to do it.

A quick search introduced me to rocker knives, and it was soon clear that one of the better ones is available from good old Amazon inexpensively: the Alaskan Ulu Knife. It’s made in Alaska, looks attractive with its laminated wood handle and base and appeared likely to fill my need, so I jumped on it at just twelve bucks.


This thing’s a marvel of low tech! I found I could almost effortlessly cut a piece of steak with precision. The mass of the blade pins the meat down and won’t allow it to move, while the curved blade doeas the cutting as you rock it forward or back.

While shopping, I looked at pepper mills I could use one handed. While Peugeot makes a lovely electric mill, the cost at above $90 wasn’t suitable. I soon found that for table use, I could do a lot worse than the Vic Firth stainless steel mill:

I’m pretty sure it’s American made, and solves the problem. I must have caught a sale, it only cost me $11.75, but as you see that’s more than doubled since I ordered it. If the price comes down again I’ll probably grab another for grinding sea salt, I like it so well. If you have a relative or friend who’s been limited by age, affliction or injury,
I highly recommend both of these items to make a real difference in their ability to enjoy life.

Now, I’ve read any number of accounts of disabled people like myself who simply resigned themselves to eating food they could manage with conventional utensils. I can’t understand why that should happen in this day and age when a few minutes’ researching will solve their problem as it did for me. Yet again we see how the market is always there to fill a niche created by consumers’ need or desire…a postulate the Keynesians never have understood and probably never will!

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Help…Abducted By Somalian Pirates!

I haven’t done much constructive lately since I’ve been kind of busy the past several days. Truth to tell, I’ve been learning to use my early Christmas present my mom insisted I have as a tool for helping both my writing and promoting my cause at the upcoming Music City Liberty Fest, a spiffy Asus Infinity tablet.

It should come in awfully handy to play all the endorsement videos on YouTube my friends have made for me, along with taking good quality photos and video. I can do all the stuff I’ll need to reflexively now, without fumbling around. Never can tell when a great photo or video opportunity will come up, right?

Apart from that, I’ve been thinking about the reactions I’ve seen from some readers. I suspect that much of the time they just can’t get why I need this vehicle modification to get my life moving again. Often they’ll advise me to get some inexpensive beatermobile I can’t use since getting into the drivers’ seat from the rear would be impossible with my utterly unreliable balance. Others offer the good advice of dietary change…which isn’t going to happen until I get out myself; the nice woman who does my light housekeeping and marketing is only familiar with big name stores and wouldn’t have the time for an extra shopping trip every week.

No foul here, it’s difficult for healthy people to even imagine, much less understand how screwed up my body is thanks to MS. But how to convey the message in a simple and effective analogy?

After some thought, the obvious hit me: if folks can’t grasp the nuances of disability, an alternative model is to think of me as being abducted and held for ransom. By Somalian pirates. There’s no reasoning or arguing with them and the only way to secure my escape from the 3.5+ years of confinement is to raise that ransom and pay off these scoundrels.

Somalian pirates are desperate characters, justly notorious for their rapacious ways, and I’m afraid there’s just no other way to get out of their clutches than to pay them off.

So if the whole disability thing is too alien a concept for comfort, just think of it as a situation where I’m being held captive until the Somalian pirates get their due. We’re close to the halfway mark, won’t you good people get me out of this bind? Would you want to be at the mercy of a rogue like this?


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I should account for my lack of posting lately…I’m trying to stay active but the last few weeks I’ve been working a new regime in for my pain drugs. I have more flexibility in the amount I use thanks to my pain management specialist and that means it’s up to me to determine the best balance of dosage. Too little and the constant moderate pain makes it mighty difficult to get anything productive done, while too much puts me a bit out of it, again making it tough to get anything done. I’m getting close, though, and appreciate the doc’s faith in my ability to judge what works best for me.

I’ve also been somewhat baffled at the public awareness level of the project since my first Indiegogo campaign expired. I’m not going anywhere and have NOT abandoned this personal liberty project…its success is my only escape from the limbo my life’s been in for so long. I’m perfectly aware that no one owes me a thing, but experience shows that when that awareness level is high, a percentage of new readers are inclined to donate.

Between the drug regime integration and the current lull in forward progress with the fundraising, I confess I’ve fallen into a funk. I don’t expect it’ll last long. It’s annoying and counterproductive, and I just have too much to do to allow myself to get bogged down. I’m more anxious than ever to escape; election season is fast approaching and I’m sure it would be good for me to get out, to better gauge the mood of the public in these crazy times and follow up topics I’ve examined in my writing. The extended confinement’s messing with me as well and interfering with progress, I sleep too much and experience some most unwelcome lethargy that has nothing to do with the prescription drugs I use to manage pain.

Screw that.

I’ve seen slumps before and I’m sure I will again. Apologies for the current one, but I’m working on it, you’d best believe!

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A New Experiment!

As I posted in my ‘Welcome’ sticky post up top, today I’ve inaugurated an Indigogo campaign to finish off this fundraiser in time to get my Element modified to accommodate my power chair so I can board and drive it safely in order to resume my life and get down to Tampa for the RNC events. It’s pretty much a reaffirmation of my matching offer that Tom Woods inspired, so if the goal’s met, whoever’s responsible for the most views and donations resulting from them (Indiegogo and this blog definitely track stats) or for the largest single donation to complete the goal will become the inheritor of my house, property and valuable possessions like my firearm collection and others after my demise, or after my mom’s demise, whichever occurs last.

I upped the target goal by $4000 to $30,000 from the original $26,000 to account for the $1500 cost of Freedom Motors picking up my Honda, getting it to their Michigan facility for modification, then returning it for delivery at my home…all fast and well insured, plus any expenses incurred to attend the Tampa events. Those are items I could either pay for or finance myself, but I figured by throwing in all of those extra goodies to sweeten the deal it makes the extra target worthwhile.

Remember, if someone donates $21,000 or thereabouts, their kids or grandkids will inherit a house and land valued at $148,000 in 2001, not a bad long term investment.

Now, if the Indiegogo campaign fails to meet the $21,000 goal by 7/11, any pledged donations will be returned to the donors. I sure hope that doesn’t happen, but if so I’m in no worse shape than I am today with the just under $9000 that’s already been raised. After that, I’ll continue the Get Glenn Mobile! project from there.

A nice thing about Indiegogo is the ability to add perks, incentives for donors to give at different levels. Right now I only have one to offer, thanks to my friend, the wonderfully talented Dan Hagen; anyone who donates at least $25 will receive a downloadable high quality MP3 of his terrific cover of the classic ‘What’s Going On’ as interpreted by my bud in his inimitable jazz style!

Hopefully over the next couple of days more perks at higher levels will be added as well, so please do check the Indiegogo campaign often for news. You’ll also be able to monitor the tally of its progress, something folks have asked for with this blog but couldn’t be done due to WordPress’ inability to use widgets like counters…That’s why I’ve been updating the total raised myself, in the red font area of my ‘Welcome’ page.

Tell your friends and family…now’s the time!

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Sword of Damocles Time Again

I’ve been dreading this for the past month, and today’s the day.

I have to refill my prescriptions again, which means another trip to the doctor’s office. That means four transfers from and to my power chair to the Honda: once to get in to drive to the office, to the manual chair, back to the Honda, then finally back to the power chair when I get home.

It’s like roller skating on the edge of the Grand Canyon, as I’ve said before, no exaggeration about it. My legs are that unsteady and untrustworthy.

It’s unlikely that anything bad will happen, but should I end up on the concrete floor next to my brains, will someone who knows me get over here and refund those donations, please? My mom is a complete Luddite, hates computers, and will jab randomly at keys without effect if she tries to get in my machine. I’m leaving the appropriate P/W in a text file on my desktop…thanks!

This really is like having the Sword of Damocles hanging over me, and I don’t know how many times I can get away with it.

Will ‘Breitbart’ Become a Verb?

Like many, I’ve been following the death of Andrew Breitbart on March 1 with great interest, for a number of reasons.

His passing may well have been due to natural causes, on that subject the jury’s still out, and likely will remain out for a long, long time. The public may never get the straight facts of this…but that doesn’t diminish its significance. When you consider that as a conservative gadfly he was certainly annoying to the Establishment, they can’t have been too broken up by his death if we’re going to speak honestly about him. However, when you take into account the reports that he was literally within hours of releasing videos purported to show a younger Barack Obama in a highly unflattering light, videos that if as Breitbart claimed would show Obama as a radical would-be totalitarian…thereby putting a serious crimp in his 2012 re-election plans…that moves this death into the Mighty Damn Convenient category. Here’s Breitbart announcing this news at February’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington:

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I didn’t know a whole lot about Andrew Breitbart; I got the feeling a while back that he was a bit too conventionally Republican for my taste, he seemed to have an affinity for guys like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, who all too often give Republicans a pass for behavior that, if perpetrated by a Democrat, would have them frothing. Still, one thing was clear, he had not been obviously co-opted and spoke his own mind.

That’s why I paid attention to this video that was just released on YouTube by a creator I like:

This author also publishes a fine series of videos discussing his take on our often-confusing world that I’ve found useful. Not that his views contain any new information for me, I just like his method of presenting that information, and I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s referenced the same thing I would if I were discussing whatever topic he was examining.

In the above video, what caught my attention was his statement that “Andrew was deeply entrenched in the false left/right paradigm,” a concept near and dear to my heart, and one I’ve discussed on this blog as well as in my articles for the American Daily Herald…that line alone made certain my interest was held for the rest of the video.

This is fascinating stuff; could the close attention that will be paid to the results of Breitbart’s autopsy as a result of so may peoples’ reaction to the news of his death as a reflexive thought that he was murdered to get rid of him yield important results?

One of the things I love about the internet is how it’s changed the perception of conspiracies from a knee-jerk reaction that such things are ridiculous and considering them seriously is the mark of a disturbed mind to a more open acceptance that they can and do happen, thanks to all of the information available…public and verifiable…that a great many conspiracies have indeed been perpetrated throughout our history.

Will it be said in the future when an inconvenient person is murdered but an attempt is made to disguise the crime as ‘suicide’ or ‘natural causes’ that the person has been ‘Breitbarted?’

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Not Long Now

It’s a glorious day out there, about 70°F, just a bit of a breeze and sunny again. Too bad it’s just for a day or two but it’s proof that winter’s on its deathbed, which is fine by me.

My handful of 1/8″ neodymium magnets showed up so I can get the Slick’s cowl properly secured. A couple of pairs of these will hold a few ounces, so I won’t have to worry about losing the flyweight foam hatch. I mean to be prepared for that first warm day when I can wheel out to the parking lot and commit some aviation.

Work continues on getting the blog visible to new viewers and potential donors. One factor I hadn’t anticipated is coalescing, not the ‘star factor’ of a well known personality on YouTube, but it should be a steady and visible source of new viewers and will also lend more credibility to the blog which could ease the concerns of those high profile YouTubers and perhaps convince them to spend the 5-10 minutes it’d take to make that critical endorsement video. I certainly understand some reticence on an entertainer/celebrity/pundit’s part if they weren’t completely sure I was the real deal. I’d have thought Tom Woods’ endorsement would suffice, but if not, so be it.

One way or another it’ll be nice to get some more forward movement…not to be maudlin, but it’s a drag being houselocked on  a nice day for a thousand times or so; I can’t wait to get out, go to a restaurant, fly my bigger airplanes…you know the drill.

The comforting thought is knowing it’s gonna happen, sooner or later. As I mentioned recently, you don’t see a disabled guy in a wheelchair pulling for Ron Paul every day, and certainly not one who truly wants us eased out of this Social Security trap…and can explain why this is desirable and important. That alone should be good incentive for liberty lovers to donate, get me sprung and out and about in public!

Yep, sooner or later. Of course, I vote for sooner…

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Fresh Air!

Today is a stunning example of early spring, temperature in the 60s, blue sky and a touch of a breeze…I had to get out in it.

I thought about setting up my camera mount to document the trip, but I would probably bore even myself with a video like that. Plus, I was impatient to get further than the end of my driveway for the first time in over a month, so as you can imagine I was more than slightly eager to hit the road.

I just had the batteries swapped out in my chair for fresh ones with spring about to arrive and needed a couple of miles’ worth of a trip to make sure they were 100% reliable, too…I had a purpose!

It was glorious. I took the normal route most of the way to my favorite parking lot where I fly my aircraft and stopped at the smoke shop for some cigars. I saw more people today than I’ve seen for months…remember, my habit’s been to go at dawn when the wind’s calm so my lightweight R/C planes that weigh just an ounce or so don’t get tossed around, and I enjoy the peace and quiet of the neighborhood at that hour. But today I went in the early asfternoon, so there was traffic on the roads to watch for with everyone trying to get something done during their lunch hour.

Tell you what, the simple pleasure of not being cooped up on yet another pretty day was intoxicating. Healthy folks are spoiled rotten…in hindsight I know I was. I’m a garrulous sort to begin with, and I found that a lot of the people I encountered at the store were eager to talk to the odd crippled guy in the chair. This bodes well for my plan to be a visible promoter of Ron Paul’s campaign once I’m properly mobile again; I ended up talking with one gent for almost a half hour about all sorts of subjects.

Now imagine what I’ll be able to do once I’m out and accoutered with a Ron Paul T shirt, hat, and magnetic sign on my Element!

HAH…once I’m on the job, the Establishment is doomed, the poor chumps!

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Well This Is Interesting

A member of one of the Facebook groups I belong to just posted this YouTube video:

I’d like to check this to verify it for myself, but assuming it’s accurate, it shows some amazing numbers. Google search statistics for Ron Paul up from 1.83 million two weeks ago to 2.74 million searches per month as of February 22.

Compare that with searches for:

Newt Gingrich: 673,000

Rick Santorum: 450,000

Mitt Romney: 823,000

The author gets a little emotional here and does gush a bit, but he’s right, this shows an exponential growth in peoples’ interest in the good doctor, doubly amazing given the mainstream media’s attempts to ignore him into obscurity.

I still have a feeling that the candidate who’s been anointed by the globalist megabanks, Mitt Romney, will get stuffed down our gullets come November even if they somehow have to negate the majority’s pick to do it. What will be interesting to see will be peoples’ reactions to Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse et al stealing the election under broad daylight.

Even if Dr. Paul doesn’t prevail in the actual election, the numbers we’re seeing today indicate that we’re well past the tipping point where public awareness of the way they’ve been so rudely used and abused has risen to unstopable levels. Now, all I want is for these criminals to lose their ability to loot the country…but I confess the small, mean part of me wouldn’t mind seeing something like the last reel of a Frankenstein movie…you know, angry villagers, torches, pitchforks, that whole schtick when their charade is well and truly over.

Didn’t I say a while back that we were in for some interesting times?

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