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And The Beat Goes On

I’m really gratified to see so many of Andrew Wordes’ friends coming forward to fill in more details about his ordeal, as well as the fact that after reading that ADH article that was the subject of my last post, there’s a lot of discussion going on. Seeing the discussion continue is something I’d hoped for..and it’s increasing, a healthy sign that Andrew’s case is getting more and not less scrutiny as the days go by.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one who wasn’t fooled by the smoke-and-mirrors distractions put forth by the established media. If someone like me, a noob journalist and non-expert, could see within a short time that Andrew had been pursued, harassed and tormented by Roswell officials until they ran him into the ground, his friends and other interested parties must have been aware of it for a long time.


I just want to see some justice done to rectify a horribly unjust situation, and it appears that’s going to happen. In just one example, Maggie Bean of the Examiner is now following up on the story with a new article about the suspicious details surrounding the foreclosure that suggest it was illegal.

Stemming from some of that discussion is also some new data I’ve seen that more than hints that my thesis, that Roswell city officials conspired to cheat him out of his property rights, is correct. Of course it’s correct, not because I’m some sort of whiz at deducing the existence and nature of a crime, but because (in this case at least) that the perpetrators were so incredibly blatant in their actions, seeming not to care a farthing if people were watching them as they did their best to assemble a case against the man.

Whether they did so because they had already made plans to use Andrew Wordes’ property for their own development plans or simply out of sheer malice for Andrew’s refusal to bow to their exalted selves when they decided to push him around is still an open question, but it really doesn’t matter. I’ve known in my gut that this was an egregious case of the abuse of official power since I heard of it, and that kind of arrogance offends me. I’ve had enough dealings with officious bureaucrats in my time who found themselves with power over my life and chose to amuse themselves by abusing that power that I’ve not only developed a healthy dislike for these types, but a pretty well tuned radar for recognizing them quickly.

How all this will shake out, I don’t yet know, but you’d better believe I’ll be watching it closely. Of course, all of these recent developments have me more frantic then ever in my need to escape my confinement here; I have to get out and start talking to people in Roswell so I can get a better handle on the case, and of course interview some of them to better follow up on my article. As I’ve been doing for months, I continue to approach people in the liberty community who’d be inclined to take an interest in this cause and help in raising awareness of it with the aim of seeing it succeed. I have contacted some more folks with my appeal for help with this, and they seem receptive…but I’ve seen this before, only to find they’ve lost interest, so I’ll curb my enthusiasm until I see some substantive results.

I understand why it’s taking time, after all besides the many frauds and scammers in the world, there are also no end of good causes. Still, it shouldn’t be surprising that I consider mine a little more urgent than others…it’s my life at stake here, for goodness’ sake…and at this point I’ve put a fair amount of effort into demonstrating its credibility and legitimacy with my writing, photos and videos to support that. With the help from allies who’ve also felt the cause worthwhile like Tom Woods and ADH publisher Dennis Behreandt, I’ve never been in a stronger position to present my case to the world, and that knowledge sustains me and keeps me from despairing…Get Glenn Mobile! will succeed…it’s just a question of when at this point.

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Will ‘Breitbart’ Become a Verb?

Like many, I’ve been following the death of Andrew Breitbart on March 1 with great interest, for a number of reasons.

His passing may well have been due to natural causes, on that subject the jury’s still out, and likely will remain out for a long, long time. The public may never get the straight facts of this…but that doesn’t diminish its significance. When you consider that as a conservative gadfly he was certainly annoying to the Establishment, they can’t have been too broken up by his death if we’re going to speak honestly about him. However, when you take into account the reports that he was literally within hours of releasing videos purported to show a younger Barack Obama in a highly unflattering light, videos that if as Breitbart claimed would show Obama as a radical would-be totalitarian…thereby putting a serious crimp in his 2012 re-election plans…that moves this death into the Mighty Damn Convenient category. Here’s Breitbart announcing this news at February’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington:

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I didn’t know a whole lot about Andrew Breitbart; I got the feeling a while back that he was a bit too conventionally Republican for my taste, he seemed to have an affinity for guys like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, who all too often give Republicans a pass for behavior that, if perpetrated by a Democrat, would have them frothing. Still, one thing was clear, he had not been obviously co-opted and spoke his own mind.

That’s why I paid attention to this video that was just released on YouTube by a creator I like:

This author also publishes a fine series of videos discussing his take on our often-confusing world that I’ve found useful. Not that his views contain any new information for me, I just like his method of presenting that information, and I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s referenced the same thing I would if I were discussing whatever topic he was examining.

In the above video, what caught my attention was his statement that “Andrew was deeply entrenched in the false left/right paradigm,” a concept near and dear to my heart, and one I’ve discussed on this blog as well as in my articles for the American Daily Herald…that line alone made certain my interest was held for the rest of the video.

This is fascinating stuff; could the close attention that will be paid to the results of Breitbart’s autopsy as a result of so may peoples’ reaction to the news of his death as a reflexive thought that he was murdered to get rid of him yield important results?

One of the things I love about the internet is how it’s changed the perception of conspiracies from a knee-jerk reaction that such things are ridiculous and considering them seriously is the mark of a disturbed mind to a more open acceptance that they can and do happen, thanks to all of the information available…public and verifiable…that a great many conspiracies have indeed been perpetrated throughout our history.

Will it be said in the future when an inconvenient person is murdered but an attempt is made to disguise the crime as ‘suicide’ or ‘natural causes’ that the person has been ‘Breitbarted?’

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