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Success Is One Step Closer!

I’m delighted to report that the Editor in Chief of the American Daily Herald, Dennis Behreandt, has offered to not only endorse but actively promote this blog and my cause. This begins with a link to Get Glenn Mobile! in the ‘Friends and Partners’ section of the Herald’s home page, which now appears with an entirely new look after a major site upgrade over this past weekend. Dennis tells me that he has more planned as well, and it’s beyond gratifying to see such enthusiasm!

This is a significant step forward for the blog and its goal. The Herald’s endorsement marks the entry of another impressive ally in the cause, along with Dr. Thomas Woods’ own endorsement of January 11 that evoked such an encouraging response on that day, both in the number of new viewers and donations accepted. I’ve been trying to convince others either directly or peripherally involved in the liberty movement to add their endorsement, and it’s been an uphill battle. Not only is my reputation as a legitimate essayist only beginning to emerge, but since I’m engaged in fundraising here I’ve met with a great deal of skepticism from many I’ve contacted…frankly, most treat my letters contacting them as they would spam from any other unknown origin, probably suspecting that I’m attempting to defraud the public in the name of a frivolous or illegitimate cause. Most have not even deigned to return my letters with a note of refusal, in fact.

This is neither wholly unexpected nor unwarranted, after all, everyone is all too aware that fakers, frauds and ne’er-do-wells infest the internet just as they do the 3-D world. I cannot place any blame on people for being unwilling to promote any cause in which they don’t have full confidence; they have a responsibility to avoid directing their fans, followers and admirers toward anything even slightly questionable. This is actually a welcome attitude, and will certainly be an advantage at some point…those of you who know me are aware that I’ve described my situation with complete accuracy, my need is as pressing and critical as has been detailed, and that I value honesty, integrity and consistency above all else as necessary attributes.

Once a potential ally recognizes these as solid truth, I’m confident that their support will be as strong as is their resolve to look out for their followers’ interests, and that kind of support is priceless…and well worth the efforts to win them over.

I have and will continue to compose my requests for aid in publicizing the blog as politely and in as nonthreatening a manner as possible, of course, and with the backing of those whose faith in me that I’ve earned like Dr. Woods and now the American Daily Herald I’m sure that before long I will see success in securing more vitally needed publicity to raise awareness about my cause and ensure its success.

I’ll tell you what, when the tipping point is reached, the results will be nothing short of spectacular…I can’t wait to see that day!

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