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To better prepare for the imminent holidays, as well as formally celebrating my Honda being entirely paid off (freeing up a bit of disposable income for the first time in years, I should add), I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a good long while: I placed an order with Asian Food Grocer!

They carry all sorts of great stuff, from seasonings to kitchenware, but the primary attention grabber for me is their huge selection of Asian munchables. I learned about the great cookie stick snack Pocky a long time ago, but when you can find it in American markets it’s invariably the most generic…though still good…boring stuff like plain chocolate or strawberry.

HAH…not any more.

Among other goodies too numerous to catalog, I have some Panda (cookies and cream) and Almond Crush Pocky, stuff you will never, ever see in any local Tennessee market. The natural fruit gummies, baked potato snacks and caramels are all brand new to me as well. Names like Pocky, Collon, Spicky, Panko and Ramune tend to sound a bit odd to American ears unfamiliar with them, but take it from me, they’re delicious. Normally I wouldn’t order drinks or sodas because of the weight, but shipping stays at a flat $6.95 once your order exceeds $25, and it’s free for orders of $100 or more, so experimenting around a bit won’t break the bank.

Color me content with my hoard!

Asian Food Grocer is so far impressing beyond my expectations. Recommended.