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A Spoonful Of…

Not a lot of energy for writing much today, which is just as well…if you even have a passing interest in understanding multiple sclerosis and disability in general a little better, you ought to be reading some of Christine Miserandino’s writing anyway at some point.

I have been remiss here in not including earlier the marvelous essay by Ms. Miserandino, ‘The Spoon Theory.’ It’s an explanation of one of the most difficult concepts to communicate that I know of: the practical effects of disabilities including factors like chronic pain or fatigue for healthier people who have no experience with them, and she does it brilliantly. In fact, I’m going to link to it so it’s always available to anyone for viewing without their having to look for it.

Give it a read, or just watch the video presentation below. I bet it’ll help you understand where I’m coming from, or at the very least give you something to consider.