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You Bet I’ve Been Busy


I haven’t updated in a few days, but that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy…far from it!

In the 3-D world, it’s been a pleasure to have my friend, liberty activist and talented musician Dan Hagen over to visit a couple of times recently. A superb jazz artist, Dan’s not only a friend whose visits are welcome. They’re excellent therapy for me in helping me rebuild my own limited energy, since he’s one of those who’s simply on fire with excitement over the growing interest in liberty and revitalized entrepreneurial spirit in America and that kind of enthusiasm’s seriously infectious! I subscribed to his YouTube channel within a couple of minutes as I listened to his unique sound, and if you like good jazz I bet you will too.

Online, I’ve been spending a deal of time over at the Truth Finders Network, for one. Kellie Swift-Wikel, who as you might recall did that great interview with Tatiana Moroz not long ago, has been constantly busy improving the site and its content, getting new guests for the shows, and uploading archived shows. It’s a fascinating place to hang out, though I’ve rediscovered the chat that’s part of the site can lead to major time suckage so I’m trying to relearn some discipline so I don’t spend all my time over there. Kellie was even kind enough to interview me regarding Get Glenn Mobile! and that too is archived. New hosts, great upcoming guests, and improved site organization are part of the picture…check the site out!

I should have a new article up shortly at the American Daily Herald, too. I’ve been noticing a lot of moping around and loss of momentum of late as people bog down over the Ron/Rand Paul issue of late, and the piece is just my attempt to remind folks that Ron Paul’s message, not the man himself, has been the central point all along in our mission t0 restore our freedoms. With the busy little tyrants out there who never seem to rest in their pursuit of satisfying their libido dominandi at our expense, this is no time to slack off or waste time with petty squabbling. Look for the upcoming For What It’s Worth, so named from the lyrics of the old Buffalo Springfield song that are so fitting even for today’s situation.

I’m definitely stoked about my being booked for another interview, this time with Scott Ledger on his Dangerous Conversation show on the radioio network this Thursday evening. I believe this is the correct link if you’d like to listen in, and I’ll add more precise details as I get them. There’s still time this month to get that important fundraising goal met in time to allow me to get to Tampa in August for the important events surrounding the RNC. My matching challenge is still on, perhaps this chance to raise awareness of my project will be the one that provides the impetus to finish this job!

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