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Finally, after week after week of cruddy, rainy, cold and/or windy weather, I awoke from my nap just after dawn to find a lovely morning Out There.

Perfect flying weather, thought I, so I grabbed my trusty micro Aeronca Champ, my transmitter in its case with some freshly charged single cell batteries, and headed out. It wasn’t long before I felt the gusty breeze and saw the treetops tossing a bit that told me there would be no flying…a 1.3 ounce aircraft just doesn’t fare too well in a blustery wind, and given that it was my first outing of the season and I’m out of practice, I wasn’t about to risk injury to the plane.

No worries, I was out on a pretty day for the first time since late autumn. This was no time to squander it by returning home, so I pressed on to the bowling alley’s parking lot a mile away. Once in a great while the air warmed by the sun will counterbalance the system driving it to yield a net calming of the wind but today it only increased the wind’s velocity and the air’s instability. Big whoop…I was OUT, and it was glorious.

I spent an hour or so soaking up sunlight and feeling the free wind on my face, remembering that this was just a taste of what I’ll be able to experience once I’m freed from confinement. While there I experienced a reminder of why I like Tennessee so much; a nice older lady driving by stopped to inquire if all was well and if I needed any help. That’s honest human nature at work…she stopped because she wanted to, not because anyone had coerced or pushed her into doing so. Yet again I was confronted with another reminder that Americans are some of the most giving and helpful people around, giving the lie to our dismal coerced ‘charitable’ Welfare State that extracts resources from productive people at gunpoint to give itself the appearance of altruism, while even more wealth is stolen from ordinary people to continue America’s perpetual wars of aggression in the Warfare State.

This led me to thoughts of another captive, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the American POW I’ve written about before. Does he have days like I did today from time to time on nice days in Afghanistan? Does he wonder when he’ll quit being used as a political pawn so he can go home and get on with his life? I feel a lot of affinity with Bowe; the circumstances couldn’t be more different, but with all of the parallels I can’t help feeling some empathy for a man who’s lost four years of his life to captivity.

Unjust imprisonment sucks, pure and simple. Americans to a great degree have been held captive by the many schemes, scams and other dirty work foisted upon them by the arrogant elites, even when they aren’t physically restrained as I’ve been. I really would like the opportunity to get out of my fix and do what I can to reverse these crimes against my fellows. I’m trying my best from my desk, but four years of being stuck is having its effect; without the ability to get to work facing these people and communicating with the public it’s slowing me down and draining more precious energy I can’t afford to waste. Some days I feel sludgy, almost as if I’m trying to swim in pudding.

I hope you’ll donate whatever you can spare to Get Glenn Mobile! and tell your friends this is a worthwhile and legitimate cause. Those endorsement videos by high profile academics, artists and veterans wouldn’t have come about if the people who made them had any doubts that I’ll be a whole lot more useful out in the dynamic world of the living than trapped here at home. I hope you’ll be persuaded as well…we’re over $10,000 of the way to achieving the goal, and the sooner it’s met, the sooner I’ll be able to get busy working towards liberty for all of us!

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The Last American POW: Four Years’ Imprisonment In AFGHANISTAN?!?

A few days ago we had the pleasure of interviewing Earl Hayes, aka ‘LeeBirdification Hoot-Hoot’ of HOOT Radio– Honoring Our Outstanding Troops on the Freedom Finders internet radio show I’m privileged to co-host. The evening’s discussion centered on the story of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, an American Army soldier captured in Afghanistan in 2009.

This story got under my skin; not only has Bowe Bergdahl had his life hugely distorted by this captivity, but he’s been in this situation for the same amount of time I’ve been shut up in the house, four years. Now I certainly wouldn’t presume to compare my situation with his, but again we see someone who’s thus far lost four years of his life, something I do have a bit more experience with than the average person, and this story really resonated with me.

I’ll wager that Bergdahl is like so many of my friends at this point, used as part of the monolithic enforcement arm of our authoritarian government that’s directed by a relatively tiny cabal of banksters and corporate insiders when he likely signed up simply to try to do positive things for America. I don’t know his mind, but I’ll surmise that if he’s been apprised of the facts he’s feeling defrauded…and now abandoned in captivity…by these creeps.

During the interview it was made clear that Bergdahl’s Taliban captors are eager to release Bowe Bergdahl themselves, but surprise, surprise: the American government is the main obstacle in this. He’s become another strategic piece on the chessboard, something I have (fortunately) no experience with but imagine to be a dismal place to find oneself.

I’ve said it before, I don’t waste time bemoaning unfair situations, after all life is indeed unfair. Unjust is another matter, particularly when it’s needlessly so. I know I haven’t found much to be positive about regarding my own abandonment, and I just can’t imagine anyone coming away from an examination of Bowe’s situation feeling good.

I think Lee Birdification’s suggestion of making a lot of very public noise is a sound one and would encourage folks to call their representatives’ office(s) to let them know unambiguously that this situation just cannot stand. For myself, this is another of the many subjects I plan to discuss in person with my congressman and senators once this fundraiser succeeds, freeing me to get back to the world. You can help me do this by donating whatever you can spare here to help me achieve this goal. I’m seriously chafing at the bit to finish being a mendicant, get out and get the heck to work.

You might visit one of the provided links here as well if you’re inclined to do more right now yourself. The ongoing captivity of Bowe Bergdahl is yet another violation of what used to be a first principle for Americans…never leave a countryman behind.

To do so is unacceptable.

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