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I spent some time this past evening writing notes to a few folks who I believe could have an ability to draw new viewers in a similar fashion to the way Tom Woods’ post did, provided they’re inclined to help. It looks like that’s the best method to proceed from here since that event confirmed my theory that something striking and interesting enough to distinguish my blog from all the others out there was the missing factor to attract potential donors.

His ‘publicity bomb’ of the 11th certainly yielded some amazing results, and unless I’m very much mistaken we could wrap up the fundraising needed to get my Honda modded for wheelchair access in a pretty short space if I can duplicate that a handful of times with the help of folks willing to endorse my cause and steer their fans this way. That’s why I got to writing more request letters last night.

I really like this process, while it’s sometimes a bit tedious, it’s one way to contact people I admire who I wouldn’t have an opportunity to otherwise, and it might have the added effect of increasing my circle of friends, judging by all the positive responses I’ve seen. It just feels right, a wholly positive way to accomplish my goal!

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Dr. Tom Woods Joins the Fray!

Dr. Thomas Woods

I knew good things would happen when Dr. Thomas Woods, New York Times bestselling author of 11 books, liberty activist, and a genuinely decent human being, agreed to lend a hand in my cause, but I’m just floored by just how good they’d be when he published my original letter to him requesting his aid on his web site today, along with notifying his many fans about it on his Facebook page.

I’m cursing this foul insomnia since I’ve hit the wall and need to grab some shuteye, but I wanted to get something up before I get horizontal. This blog has accrued more views in the hour and a half than in its first month of existence, and I don’t doubt they’ll be off the scale by tonight. Donations are rolling in from all over the world, and the comments I’ll need to respond to are piling up.


It’ll be a pleasant task replying to those comments, writing thank-you notes to these new donors, and following up on today’s event when I get up tonight.

Dr. Woods, you have my profound gratitude and thanks for your efforts…you’ve made this a a magnificent day for me. I don’t know how I can return the favor, but you’d best believe I’ll be trying hard! With this kind of support, I haven’t the slightest doubt this blog’s goal of getting me mobile and restoring much of my life will be accomplished in short order!

If you folks reading this aren’t yet familiar with Dr. Woods’ work…well, you oughtta be. For now, allow me to share his lighter side with y’all with his now-famous ‘Interview with a Zombie,’ it’s classic. You won’t be sorry when you subscribe to his YouTube channel, TomWoodsTV.

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Do You Bitcoin?

Back in September, a commenter to this blog suggested the following:

“You should look in to BitCoin and consider accepting donations in Bitcoins rather than just paypal. Much cheaper/easier to send small amounts of money, you’ll get some attention just for accepting bitcoins and while never certain, it is not unlikely any holdings you have in BCs will skyrocket in value over the next months and years.”

I’d completely forgotten about that but thought of it again this evening, so I went ahead and signed up. I’m only beginning to learn how the Bitcoin system works, but it’s been popping up to grab my attention with some frequency recently. Apparently it’s getting quite popular and quite a few people prefer it to using PayPal. Not one to limit the choices of any would-be donors, I’ll be adding my Bitcoin address along with the PayPal donate buttons.

What the heck, as my Jewish grandmother used to say with a shrug, “It vouldn’t hoit!”

Bitcoin Donation Address: 1N9FWbFhTQrmTTQwMYYMBoc4ymdXBKSg5L

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