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What A Way to Start the Week!

As regular visitors to this blog may have noticed, I changed its look over the weekend to reflect my promotion of the ‘In It To Win It’ money bomb event for Ron Paul. I hope everyone who’s a Ron Paul supporter took a few minutes to visit the site I’d linked to and left the good doctor a donation!

As an anarcho capitalist at heart, I really don’t have much faith in political action for improving peoples’ lot, but I do admire Dr. Paul’s principled and consistent stance in promoting freedom for everyone, not just whatever group happens to agree with every one of his opinions. As such, I’ll continue to support him as I can, not as the least evil but as a positive agent for change and individual liberty.

This evening I discovered that my friend Nick Allison from the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul had been busy; he was kind enough to make a YouTube endorsement video of his own to help raise awareness of my situation and cause!

I’ll be proud to add it to Tatiana Moroz’ video in the sticky ‘Welcome’ post up at the top of my home page. Thank you, Nick, I’m sure with all of you terrific allies joining to help, my goal will be realized in good time! Nicely done, my man, nicely done. That’s what I’d call a great way to start the week off…and as you know, in a few days we may see another friend add his voice to yours…keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned!

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