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Maybe I Succeeded TOO Well!

My mom announced she wants to get me an early birthday present, and had a couple of specific ideas.

She was certainly excited about being able to provide for her own security after years of living in the victim disarmament zone that is District of Criminals, and it’s pretty clear that my mission to get her interested in firearms ownership has succeeded. Maybe a little too well; after seeing me covetously looking at some of these, her idea was a new airsoft gun for a birthday gift for me. This time in keeping with both our latest acquisitions she gave me the go-ahead to order a revolver, one of the new breed of CO2-powered ones that hits hard enough even with the 6mm plastic BBs it fires to be disallowed in close quarters battles by those nutty sorts who go out in the woods for wargames and shoot at each other.

It’s quite the coincidence that she’ll be able to use it too to get used to the routines of her new S&W 642, huh? I’m sure not complaining. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of a birthday present like this myself…while the muzzle flip is more in line with that of a .22 rather than the kick of a .38 +P or stout .357 magnum, it does foster good trigger control and with the small muzzle displacement it does exhibit forces you to reacquire the target after each shot.

Her timing, too, is excellent…happy Mother’s Day, Mom, thank you!

What else would I like?

That’s a no-brainer; to recover my mobility in time to get to Tampa to write about, photograph and video the Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC for my column, of course! My birthday’s in June…there’s enough time if more people can just spare a few bucks to make this happen. I’ll keep doing my part to make this project as visible as possible to as many new viewers as we can get.

Please do your part as you can, and if you’ve already contributed, won’t you help get the message out by spreading the word to your friends and family? We already know the mainstream media will pointedly ignore the voices of the veterans…and that’s a true injustice. My column in the American Daily Herald isn’t as big or widely read as those in other venues, but there’ll be plenty of content in one place to point readers to, and sooner or later we’ll reach a point where we supporters of Dr. Paul, along with his message of sane fiscal policy, sound money and non-interventionist international relations  just can’t be ignored any longer!

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Nothin’ Says Spring Like Airsoft!

Yeah, no kidding, it’s a gorgeous day out there, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is to grab some juice, print up a few targets, and make a lot of holes in ’em!

In the good old days, I’d drive out to the Cheatham County firing range, set myself up with a soft drink and a milk carton full of .22 Long Rifle cartridges to go with my Ruger Mark II pistol, and spend a few happy hours plinking at targets, empty soda cans and the like. Simple pleasures for simple minds, I know…

I got into airsoft shooting some years ago when I was still using a walker. I couldn’t drive out and brave the uneven ground at the range, so that was out. I tried a CO2 revolver, but it just wasn’t the same experience, and the gas cartridges and pellets weren’t that cheap. Then I discovered airsoft.

It’s a fun sport, some careful shopping got me a couple of inexpensive but well made guns and I was off to a good start. Now, you can pick up a simple spring powered gun for under $20, but those are seriously cheesy and I wanted to do it right, so I chose all metal gas blowback pieces that I liked. They have very close to the same heft and feel as ‘real steel’ firearms and work with the same type of Browning locked breech mechanisms wherein when you pull the trigger a measured burst of gas is released, propelling a 6mm plastic pellet on its way and also operating the slide, unlocking and tilting the barrel as it moves rearward, then forward to chamber a fresh round. The slide even locks open after the last pellet is expended just as a real firearm does!

Some folks don’t do their research and use what’s referred to as ‘green gas’ as a propellent that comes in a dispenser about the size of a can of hairspray and retails for about $15 apiece. No way, that’s much too pricy for my taste. It turns out the stuff is just plain old propane with some silicone oil and scent added. Avoiding this money sink is simple: a one time purchase of a metal adapter with a reservoir for that silicone oil is about $22, then you can use the bigger one pound cans of propane available from any store with a sporting goods section instead…instead of spending $15 for a small amount of gas, you can then get about five times more propellant for only $3-$4…and one can will last for weeks. Likewise, if you buy bags of the 6mm plastic pellets in higher quantities, careful shopping can set you up with thousands that end up costing only a penny or two each.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with this sport, from simple plinking like I’m doing to going all out and joining a club or organization that skirmishes out in the country with machine guns and sniper rifles. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to murdering some innocent pieces of paper with my WE Tech .45 target gun!

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