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Spoiled Rotten

My new friends Caleb and Jes dropped by last evening to do a bit of strategizing, socializing and spoiling me again with Jes’ cooking, this time some homemade chili and cornbread (one of my favorite cold weather indulgences). Thanks, guys, it was a mighty nice time!

It’s gratifying to have folks over who can really see how tedious the housebound lifestyle is for someone like me that’s always been a dynamic person…I know that’ll help when they’re out in the world talking to people and groups to help promote my cause. It’s one thing to communicate a concept with only an academic appraisal to rely on, but immersing oneself in a situation, even for a short time, makes it 100% real, and that makes describing it for others in person come naturally as a result. With all of the irons in the fire I’m putting out, especially with able advocates like these great folks adding their voices to my own, it gives me more confidence all the time that I’ll be freed sooner rather than later. When things start pulling together I can only imagine how much potential will be unleashed!

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