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Happy New Year!

It’s New Year’s Eve, right on the cusp of 2012, and I wish everyone a very happy New Year!

It’s certainly been a hectic year, inaugurating this blog along with my foray into online journalism…my thanks again to the American Daily Herald for this opportunity.

As I’ve written previously, 2012 promises to be a most interesting time. Let’s hope the positives overcome any negatives as our country goes through all of the changes that are poised to happen.

I’m beyond pleased with the great start this Get Glenn Mobile! project has gotten, the moral and financial support you folks have responded with is nothing short of amazing to me given the short time the blog’s existed, and I have full confidence that as I learn what it takes to distinguish it from any number of others out there, we’ll see its visibility increase drastically. Thanks to everyone again for your caring, your generosity and your encouragement!