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Oh, The Bureaucracy!

As I detailed in my last entry, yesterday I boarded my disabled taxi and headed off to my consultation with the pain management center to continue my pain drug approval. As we left, I had an unsettling flash that it wasn’t going to go well for me. I’ve had the odd feeling before with no unpleasant results so I decided I was being obstructively anxious.


As we reached the area my driver had entered in his GPS, there was nothing in sight that looked anything like a medical facility. A couple of phone calls confirmed it; the center had moved to a location prohibitively far away months ago, yet my physician’s office had never updated their records.

Hopping mad, I phoned the only other pain management center within a reasonable distance from my home to begin the process again. When I discovered that the first available appointment was October 24, it felt like I’d been sucker punched…my current supply of pain drugs will be exhausted right after the first week of October.

As I’ve explained previously, at this point in time I genuinely need the drugs to damp down the constant neuropathic pain I experience in order to function. While not screamingly severe, the pain resulting from nerves stripped of their insulating myelin coat by MS and essentially stuck full time in the ‘on’ position is enough to drive all else from my mind, rendering me incapable of carrying out daily tasks beyond the most basic ones a person has to do just to exist.

I went home, made a few more calls and eventually had my call returned by a nurse at my physician’s office, who not only took responsibility for the snafu, but obtained a new prescription to cover the interim period until late October.

I dodged the bullet, but was reminded yet again what a dehumanizing affliction I’m dealing with. I need the power wheelchair just to move, I’m dependant on chemicals to function, and narrowly averted a looming disaster when the supply of drugs was threatened. These are anathema to a person like me, who has always been an independent and self sufficient sort. I feel like I’m in an alien and hostile environment, like an explorer in space or on another planet, reliant on machines and pharmaceuticals, a never ending need for support equipment.

That’s bad enough, the facts are the facts, I know perfectly well that life’s not fair and I can cope with these factors. What I find unacceptable is how the unpleasant events of the day were caused directly by government intervention with its insane War On Some Drugs and its naasty offshoot, the war on pain patients.

Lest anyone dismiss this subject as unrelated to thir lives, something not their problem, it has significance for all Americans. The fact that I’m threatened with violence for putting any substance I see fit that the government doesn’t like in my body is clear proof that these so-called ‘leaders’ in America responsible for the War On Some Drugs don’t believe you own your body, simple as that. That makes everyone their slave, when you strip away the flowery rhetoric, and I reject that idea, as should anyone who believes in liberty.

I’m grateful to have the forum for the Freedom Finders show available on the WeROAR network, because this was the topic that guest Brandon Council and I discussed tonight. The US government has incrementally usurped most of the fundamental human rights Americans have taken for granted for too many years, and it’s going to take a lot of effort  to recover them from Leviathan.

As we’ve seen with the mountains of laws spewed from DC (beginning well befor the odious USA-PATRIOT Act if you do your research), the government thinks you are its chattel, to be used, abused, or discarded at their whim. The Welfare/Warefare State, the metastasized police state and the US’ devastating interventionist foreign policy, along with the rest of the antihuman collectivist practices the government manufactures the vast majority of the problems we face are terribly dangerous to all of us. The tighter the impersonal gears of the bureaucratic machine enclose us, the likelier we’ll be caught in those gears and devoured.

I’ve referenced the studies of democide, death by government, by  RJ Rummel many times: we now face a government that’s accued a huge amount of unaccountable power in a relatively tiny number of hands, and historically that invariably results in vast numbers of prople murdered by their own governments…around 262 million by Rummel’s estimate over the twentieth century, a number that excludes the millions who’ve died as combatants in war. I can only hope that the American public finally accepts the reality of the hazard before it’s too late. Psychopathic power crazed people who create these situations are immoral and vicious, but they’ve always been bullies and cowards and will back down if enough people withdraw their consent from their control. Seeing them accelerating their monstrous plans is dismaying, but such types are also historically blinded by hubris, by overweening pride, that is so extreme that we may indeed see sufficient Americans alerted to their criminally murderous schemes and realize just how much is at stake in time to peacefully thwart them.

Meanwhile, I’m not backing down, nor slacking in my efforts to regain my freedom of mobility. I will not surrender my life without resisting, and I’m confident I can be an asset to others fighting for our freedoms once I can get out to confront the goons. I wish it would happen faster, but the slow progress of my fundraiser is what it is; as an entirely voluntary effort I know that nobody owes me a thing and it’s up to me to persuade them to help me correct this unjust situation.

I’ll be documenting my experiences with the system, count on it. Sunlight really is the best disinfectant, and I’m trying to spread that light as far as I can to wake people from their somnolent state and convince them that it’s well past the time to stand up to these creeps, so even if it’s only in their self interest to do so, we can finally see the wave of tyranny crest, break and roll back.

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The Relentless Welfare/Warfare State Is At It Again!

When I visited my doctor’s office nearly two months ago to see my pain management specialist, I was seen not by her, but by another of the staff professionals who had some unpleasantly surprising news for me.

It seems that the Holy Drug Warriors from the DEA were all over my doctor and even though my pain management specialist is an accredited professional, they threatened everyone in the office with suspension or revocation of their medical credentials if they continued to prescribe any but the most mild of pain drugs for people like me, and in future I’d have to go to a specialized pain management facility if I was to keep getting the oxycodone that I need to damp down the constant moderate neuropathic pain I deal with from my multiple sclerosis in order to function daily.

I’ve explained it before, this moderate pain is not severe, thankfully, but without the drug it’s like a loud fly buzzing in my ear…it drives all else out and I can’t concentrate on anything creative or useful. Mind you, I’m pretty much a lightweight as to the needed dosage, the pain is always there, but the oxy suppresses it enough so that I can get things done, and that’s enough. Unfortunately, the Drug Warriors don’t consider even the pain management specialist in my doc’s office sufficiently controlled to continue prescribing it for me.

So, tomorrow is my first visit to the new facility. I’m not very sanguine about this, with the war against pain patients and the doctors who care for them, the bureaucrats presume that these medical professionals aren’t ‘tough enough on drugs’ and have comitted some atrocious acts against both patients and doctors to support this ludicrous antidrug theatre. I want to keep functioning, so I’ll go, but I’m appalled that after putting in the time and effort to work with my specialist, I now have to start all over bulding a new relationship with someone else.

I’m concerned, given all we’ve seen about the government co-opting so many doctors and other medical professionals to further their agenda, that I may face a hostile environment when I go. I can easily imagine pressure being put on me to give up the drugs that have proven consistently reliable, accept a lesser dosage than the already minor one I use, or worse, accept some ghastly alternative from Big Pharma that is likely to be less effective as well as bringing some hazardous side effects along with it as we’ve seen so many times before.

From past experience with some of these co-opted medical types I’m also expecting some quizzing trying to get me to indicate some sort of self destructive or even suicidal behavior to be used as an excuse to press Big Pharma’s antidepressant drugs on me, especially the notorious SSRIs that have been shown time and again to actually create such behavior or even outwardly destructive behavior in people. No dice, I will never consent to taking these. I’m not self destructive, I know my own mind and body reasonably well, and I refuse to join the long grey line of zombified people who’ve been sucked into taking them.

The kicker is that I’ve seen that when I’m occupied by doing something real, like when I was able to spend the day at the Music City Liberty Fest last November, it’s enough to make that moderate pain far less noticeable, just one more reason I so need to get mobile and recover the ability to get out and do the many things I need to. That will lessen my need for pain drugs itself, which is my desire anyway. The less unnatural chemicals I ingest, the better, but being cooped up without being able to do these things lets the pain get to me as I’ve seen over the years.

I’ll be documenting my experience as best I can and we’ll see how accurate my concerns are. I honestly hope I’m worrying unnecessarily and am overestimating these unpleasant possibilities, but it’s pretty obvious that getting mobile ASAP can only bring a host of positives! I hope you’ll spare any amount you can to help free me, and remember too that anyone donating $4 or more will receive the 4 song thank-you package from those terrific artists!

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Due Diligence…Just Checkin’ In

Just checking in today…one of the traits of the internet, I’ve noticed, is that if a site (especially a fundraising site like this) falls dormant for too long, it effectively ceases to exist for many people since it’s not in their proximity radar.

Not I, I’m in it for the haul, as I’ve stated plenty of times before. My goal of modifying my Honda for wheelchair access isn’t a luxury or a ‘gee-it’d be-nice-to-have’ device, and it certainly isn’t frivolous. No, it’s an absolutely essential addition if I’m ever to recover a lot of my life that multiple sclerosis snatched away. Not a gripe, but a reminder; imagine yourself unable to accomplish the zillions of things you can do now without any real thought or effort. There’s just no way to use a disabled capable taxi for these, at a $40-$50 minimum or more per trip, that’d be an express ticket to the poorhouse. In even a clinical and emotionless view, I’m losing my humanity as this confinement continues by the unchanging and very limited factors of my existence, and I for one will be overjoyed once I recover that freedom of mobility and begin rebuilding my confidence in myself that’s been eroded simply through inability to do the things I can.

There’s so much going on in our world that I also feel a constant compulsion to get out and involve myself in it, interviewing, reporting on and just interacting with the public. I have no illusions that my input can effect huge changes for the better, but I’ve maintained for a long time that restoring and preserving liberty requires all of us to cooperate as best we can in promoting freedom to the majority of Americans still stuck in the vicious circle of conventional politics. I try to do what I can, occasionally writing and regularly broadcasting, with an emphasis on real world and viable means to combat the spreading darkness of tyranny. This is such a critical time for Americans and others around the world, and the forces of fear and control sure do seem overwhelming at times, but the alternative is to aquiesce and allow your consent to them, which is just unacceptable to me.

It’s important to repeatedly demonstrate that the goons are by no means as powerful as they’d like us to think they are, that they need us while we don’t need them at all…and the puffed up scary display is not only inaccurate, but serves as a distraction for the fact that we outnumber them by many orders of magnitude, and could peacefully dispose of them simply by withdrawing our consent to their lethal power crazed control. I’m pleased that after ages of recommending the film A Bug’s Life for showing how easily this can be communicated to people, and as I expected, someone had gone to the trouble of posting the salient clip, one more tool to deflate the propaganda. Thank goodness for YouTube!:

For the moment, I’ll keep doing that, while searching for ways to make my site and voice more visible and audible, the $11,000+ accrued over the past couple of years validates the notion that if I can reach new people, a small percentage will reliably contribute, even a little, to help.

So, I’ll keep on keeping on, and I know that sooner or later my persistence will pay off and I’ll get my freedom back.

I spend a lot of my time looking for great guests to speak with on the Freedom Finders show I host, and I think folks will like what’s in the works for future shows. The fundraiser itself continues, and I want to make sure that everyone knows that while the Grand Prizes for donors from time to time are available…or not…I like the idea of providing some immediate quid pro quo for anyone donating $4 or more, and I’ll keep sending the thank-you package of 4 really good original songs to these donors. Not only can you do a moral good by helping remedy an unjust situation, but you’ll get some immediate bang for the buck.

If you haven’t before, please drop a few bucks in the fund if you can, and tell your friends and family about this project, if you would. The sooner this gets done, the sooner I can get to work, limited though it is, on a much more effective level. Plus, I really hate being the public nuisance I’ve had to become and will be one very happy person when I no longer have to keep looking for that hand up.

Don’t forget that Freedom Finders show every Wednesday and Thursday evening beginning at 9PM Central/ 10PM Eastern, the best is yet to come!

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Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner!

I’ve been keeping busy with hosting the Freedom Finders show on WeROAR, interviewing some great guests and little by slowly uploading past shows to the revamped WeROAR Tube. The campaign to free me has been fairly stagnant for the past year, so I’m exploring options for a Plan B to accomplish the goal using the donations received so far…$11,000 plus is nothing to sneeze at and I figure there has to be a way to solve this dilemma.

I’d still prefer to go with the original plan, so Get Glenn Mobile! will continue as a fundraiser. With that in mind, donors who contribute $4 or (hopefully) more will continue to receive the 4-song thank-you package. There may be further Grand Prizes depending on whether my friends and allies care to donate something for the cause.

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to announce that the August contest has a winner. I held the drawing the other night as it was a good time, quiet with no guests to interview. Simple enough, I pulled up a random number generator from the net, with a range including the number of donors, with the oldest being ‘1’ and proceeding from there.

So congratulations to donor Carrie Kim, with my compliments. You should be receiving your copy of The American Constitution: Cases and Materials soon in the mail.

Now for the bad news: I stretched the contest out as long as I could, but in the end there were only 9 donors. Please, folks, if you’ve been holding back, I’d sure appreciate if you kick in now. You get a nice quid pro quo for your money with that 4 song thank-you package, plus once I’m free I can do my best to spread the message of freedom with my writing, broadcasting and just talking to people infinitely more effectively in public than from my desk, PLUS you’ll not only be doing a decent thing to help rectify an unjust situation, but you’ll be helping put a perfect example of the superiority of private and voluntary charitable action on record to point to. When discussing this with government loving friends or family it’ll be a very effective tool for making the point that we as individuals persuading people to donate to good causes voluntarily is a far more successful…not to mention moral…strategy than the government’s way of coercing largesse at gunpoint.

It’s up to YOU, all of you, who care about liberty to see this through and make it happen, simple as that.

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