A Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Time sho’ do fly, don’t she?

It’s Christmas Eve as I write this, my second Christmas entry here. While the project’s going well so far, I definitely do not want to make it a regular event.

I’m a lot further along then I was a year ago, since its inception Get Glenn Mobile! has collected nearly $10,000 in donations, between a third and a half of the funds needed to reach the goal. So, while I’m delighted at peoples’ generosity so far, like one of those obnoxious PBS fundraiser/nag programs, I need to remind the good folks out there that we still have a ways to go before I’m sprung from prison.

I’m thankful my home’s in decent shape and in no danger from the bank scams that have cost so many so much. I’m grateful my mom’s not trying to survive in Mordor-on-the-Potomac (AKA Washington, DC), and I’m profoundly thankful for the wheelchair-accessible taxi service that I can use rather than trying to board my Honda when I do have to go out…I spent too much time dreading the next outing and having to face the increasingly likely possibility of a nasty fall or worse.

Even so, I’m still pretty much a homebound prisoner and I really would love to escape that. My little sojourn to the Music City Liberty Fest in November was a wonderful time, but it also served to give me a good solid boot to the rear to keep my motivation high to get the word out about this project and finish it for good and all.

To those of you who’ve already contributed, you have my gratitude and the only thing more I’d ask is that you tell a friend or two about me who you think might be interested in moving the cause along. For those who have yet to  donate, I hope you’ll consider dropping even a small amount into my fund and perhaps help spread the word to that friend or two.

My best wishes to all of you out there for a healthy, happy Christmas (or holiday of your choice that pleases you) and a prosperous and freer New Year. There’s much to discuss about what’s going on in our world and you can bet I’ll be doing just that as I continue with my opinion column at the American Daily Herald. The marvelous folks there have warmly welcomed this noob writer’s contributions for nearly a year and a half and it’s a real honor to work with them!

I’m doing more broadcasting via podcast these days, but I gotta tell you I’m about burnt out trying to make the Truth Finders Network since its founder abandoned it this summer. Happily, we have a friend and ally in our great colleague April Reigne and her liberty-centric We ROAR! site who’s amenable to continuing the Freedom Finders show I co-host with the worthy Donald Rutledge, so look for us there on Wednesday and Thursday nights beginning at 9PM Central time. Sgt. Rutledge has an uncanny knack for getting some awesome guests and we always have a fine time…drop by and visit if you like!

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone out there, and please remember: every dollar donated to Get Glenn Mobile! brings me that much closer to regaining my own liberty, and with your help we can get it finished this year!

Bitcoin Donation Address: 1N9FWbFhTQrmTTQwMYYMBoc4ymdXBKSg5L

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About Glenn Horowitz

I'm a 20 year civil courier pilot, retired by multiple sclerosis. From summer of 2011 until December 2013 my efforts went mostly to my first blog, Get Glenn Mobile, to raise the funds needed to convert my Honda Element for wheelchair access and end my virtual housebound confinement. This was realized just after Christmas 2013 when I was able to acquire a superb X-WAV Element, already modified for my use. Though the original goal wasn't met, what was raised, plus my Honda, plus the proceeds of the sale from my mother's car were enough to make it happen. It's an amazing story in itself! Now, after my release from homebound prison, I can augment the journalistic work I'm doing for the American Daily Herald by getting out in public, talking with people, perhaps even getting some media attention to explain why someone as disabled as I am knows these unfunded entitlement programs like Social Security and its 'disability insurance' are bogus and do more harm than good, and in fact why the whole welfare/warfare state is contrived to keep the gravy train rolling for those who benefit while they drain our resources and eat out our substance. Why 'public education' is really public INDOCTRINATION that's become a meat grinder destroying our youth and our future. Why the fiat currency foisted on us by the Federal Reserve for a hundred years has destroyed the dollar and will without doubt cause its collapse. On and on the list goes, and I want to talk with the world about these vital matters. Please visit my new blog, 'Liberty On Wheels' at http://libertyonwheels.com/ if you're interested in learning more!

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