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Gee, What a Shock.

Man alive, I do wish I’d been able to get to Tampa last week!

Apart from meeting all the wonderful people I’ve only encountered online, I wanted to feel the vibe particular to Paulfest and its participants from activists to the artists making their musical contributions. I’ll be writing on the topic to be sure, but I’m reliant on others’ reports for intel in composing a narrative, and nothing beats being someplace yourself to get a handle on something as subtle and complex as the aggregate spirit of the events.

On the political side, I’m not a bit surprised at the establishment GOP’s treatment of Ron Paul and his supporters in the liberty movement. They’ve made no secret of their detestation of everything they claim to represent from economic freedom to personal liberty. For months we’ve seen them act like cheap hustlers, blatant in their efforts to marginalize or ignore real liberty. They’ve got their prints all over the clear voter manipulation and fraud we’ve seen all along, using tacky procedural gimmicks, fudging numbers and ignoring their own rules to keep shoving their warhawk foreign policies and fascist corporate state economics down peoples’ throats, and the pièce de résistance was the last minute rule changes obviously intended to stack the deck in favor of the establishment.

Really? You’re so confident in your philosophy and course of action that you feel the need to make last minute changes in your own ground rules to eliminate competing ideas in the marketplace even after you’ve bent and broken those same rules to get your way? Well, I’ve said all along that I have little faith in political action and much as I admire Dr. Paul, assenting to political support for his presidential campaign was difficult for me. Political action is based on force, after all, and it takes an exceptional man like Ron Paul to avoid the hazards of a system like that.

I suspect that one of the reasons for his campaign was to demonstrate just how badly the American system is rigged, a result of that fundamental issue of a system based on violence. The GOP was only to happy to oblige, showing its ungloved tyrannical fist as at gave the knife it had already plunged into peoples’ backs a savage twist with this latest bit of skulduggery. Its hubris knows no bounds since it doesn’t seem to care a bit that it alienated millions of well intentioned people trying to effect change from within with this lesson in realpolitik. And alienated (not to mention hopping mad in many cases) they are:

Read the comments here and elsewhere: people are fed up with this dismal business and are withdrawing their consent in larger numbers all the time. Lots of those are seeing that we Americans need an entirely new paradigm in the methods we employ to conduct our affairs, not continually trying to shore up an inherently bad system. I don’t know the specifics of how such a new system would be implemented, but I’m convinced that it will have to be one that incorporates the nonaggression principle, respects property rights (including the most fundamental of these, self ownership), and acknowledges the potential of human beings to innovate and create when they’re free and unfettered by the violent distortions of conventional political action.

Thank you for showing this so clearly to Americans, GOP establishment! Rather than hurting the liberty movement, you’ve reinvigorated it, and I think you’ll see most people turning to peaceful voluntary action of their own, leaving you dinosaurs to flounder in the tar pit while they get on with living. My take, as usual, is that we as liberty activists need to communicate these ideas to the most people we can, mentoring and otherwise leading by example as we go to inspire people into similar actions rather than trying to scare them into actions running counter to their own best interests that serve only the fearmongers.

Also as usual, I’ll add my plea for your help in this project to free me so I too can get out in the world to assist the spread of the message of liberty too. Besides being frustrating by limiting my effectiveness, this prolonged confinement is damaging me at this point, and that’s not pleasant. The fundraiser is alive and well but seems stalled, so along with my writing I’ll be keeping the effort up to raise awareness for my need to escape that confinement…and I’ll be counting on my friends in the movement to help. With close to half of the needed funds in hand, I think it’s clear the mission will succeed, and you folks are the ones who can help speedily conclude it. Please donate any amount you can spare and spread the word by telling your friends and family how you’re helping Get Glenn Mobile!

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Tampa Poised to be the Woodstock of the Freedom Movement!

While I regret not being able to be there myself, I’m positive and excited about the potential for major gains in awareness the liberty movement has this coming week in Tampa. At this point many more people than we’ve seen in the past are waking up to the scam that’s been foisted on them for so many years and are paying attention to the fact that the Republican National Convention is yet another rigged game to perpetuate the same old statist paradigm that minimizes individuals while glorifying the Almighty State.

The liberty movement activists are using this to best demonstrate just how irrelevant our oppressive government is by holding their own events at the same time the freak show of the convention proceeds, exemplifying and promoting the concepts of liberty that Ron Paul’s efforts have helped make so popular…peaceful voluntary action as a vastly superior alternative to coerced government scheming, the rule of law rather than men, the benefits of a noninterventionist foreign policy versus the insanity of perpetual war the military/industrial complex is constantly promoting, and on and on.

Freedom is infectious, and once people begin to grasp the concept they almost invariably find themselves wanting more. Events like PAUL festival will be there to help them in their quest, artists like Tatiana Moroz, Jordan Page, Rebel Inc. and many more will be there to help spread the word, and the many liberty lovers from every walk of life will be there…all of them making the very visible stand against the tyrannical police state that aims to dominate everyone with fear, control of the economy with their corrupt corporate state, and the threat of violence against anyone who objects to their crimes. The RNC is shaping up to be just a marker around which the real discussions about freedom will be going on, and since the Establishment has so marginalized Dr. Paul and his message within the GOP the liberty movement is prepared to move on without him if need be, though with acknowledgement and thanks for his many years of consistent promotion of real freedom. He’s been the first one to say all along that the movement isn’t dependent on him or any one man, and the activists in Tampa are proof of that.

Sure, there’s a small possibility Ron Paul could pull a Grover Cleveland and secure the GOP nomination, but if not I don’t believe any of his real supporters will see any reason to assist the phony Romney, as I discussed in this recent ADH piece. He and Obama are cut from the same cloth and are bought and paid for by the same masters in the oligarchy of banksters that have done so much damage to the American economy. Just because you’re in Las Vegas, you do NOT have to gamble, especially if there are only two casinos and both are completely rigged, no, you refuse consent and walk away, just as the activists in Florida will be doing this week.

My friend and fellow liberty lover Adam House will be doing much the same, as he informed me in a recent phone conversation. Adam, for anyone not familiar with him, is one of the founders of the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul who’s been journeying to Tampa since the beginning of August, mostly on foot. The original plan was for the various veterans for Ron Paul march on the RNC in a show of solidarity with Dr. Paul and the message of liberty, but since those in charge of the convention have shown their disdain for both, Adam and CVRP members there plan to join with other liberty minded veterans in their participation in other, more effective activities, including helping to feed and clothe any homeless veterans they encounter. Adam’s kept a video log of his travels in his Liberty Tour to Tampa, which you can see at the CVRP site or on his YouTube channel. My thanks to Adam…this has turned into quite the odyssey and will certainly be a central focus of any writing on the subject I do.

Meanwhile, I’m still doing what I can to get this fundraiser rolling again. There’s a few months left until the election and I’d really like to be out in public when it happens. The concerns I voiced in my last entry are as strong or even stronger in my mind since it’s not pleasant to be stuck in one spot as the world outside grows stranger and more dangerous. Just this week retired Marine Brandon Raub was kidnapped from his home and placed in a mental institution because some of his Facebook posts expressing his anger at the government’s complicity in America’s ruination alarmed some of the snoops. That hits a bit too close to home for me…I too post on Facebook, this blog and criticize the government in my articles for the American Daily Herald. As it turns out, Brandon also created content for the same Don’t Tread On Me site operated by Chris Duane that I’ve published essays on. That’s a pretty unpleasant reminder of my vulnerability and I hope my friends out there will help me finish my personal liberty quest!

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One Down, One To Go

Sword of Damocles

As I wrote in my last post, I had to go to one of my mandatory appointments at the doctor’s office a couple of days ago to refill the prescriptions for the meds and pain management drugs I need to function well. Despite hearing stories of the terribly expensive medical taxis I’d heard, I was at the point where I was sick of worrying about falling on my head while trying to transfer from my Honda Element. I also decided that pressing my mom into service to push me around in a manual wheelchair on these outings was putting her at risk…between her bad foot and other health issues she is after all about 75 years of age and I don’t want her blowing a gasket on my behalf.

Well, here’s another reminder that if you’re concerned about something, check it yourself!

The disabled taxi here in Nashville is a great and very affordable service. Operated by Music City Taxi, they have one vehicle capable of carrying me in my power wheelchair and their disabled services are managed by the gent who drives it. Joe is a really pleasant fellow, treated me great, and best of all, presented me with a bill at the end for only about $70…and that figure includes almost two hours of wait time!

That’s an amount I can afford. I have only myself to blame for being silly enough to listen to people telling me it would be hundreds of bucks for the past couple of years.

I can’t properly explain how good it feels to have that particular Sword of Damocles removed from my life. It was marvelous getting out even though I had to depend on the disabled cab to get me there and knowing I’ll only be out that $70 or so every couple-three months is a happy surprise.

That’s one hazard down, but there’s still a big one left: finishing this fundraiser to modify my Honda for wheelchair accessibility so I can do all of the errands I need to under my own power. As reasonable as Music City Taxi’s rates are, I can’t afford to drop that kind of money for regular outings, trips to the optometrist, a dinner out at a restaurant or any of the hundreds of things most people can do without having to think about it. Until I can regain that mobility, I’m still a captive of this affliction and my life never stops draining away a day at a time.

One other thing: I haven’t discussed it much before, but something else on my mind more and more is the fact that I’m stuck right here without even the ability to reposition in the event of some large scale emergency. I’m not worried about so-called ‘terrorism.’ There isn’t any…and the handful of people out there deranged enough to want to attack large numbers of Americans are so few in number as to be statistically insignificant.

No, what I am concerned about is the increasing possibility of both incidents of civil unrest and government savagery we’d be likely to see in the event of a collapse of the dollar, or even a short term failure of communications or internet problems that would affect transportation of food and supplies we all need. If things get dicey, I really hope I’ll be able to go places, reposition or even bug out in the short term, because right now I’m as glued in place as a fly trapped in amber is. Besides the helplessness I feel as the days of my life passing while I’m so confined, every time I see another reminder that these things can definitely happen, I feel dread more often than ever before.

Here’s a good example: on his show this morning Josh Tolley spoke with the mother of a man who was spirited away by the F.B.I and company for making allegedly ‘terroristic’ statements on his Facebook page. At the moment, he’s been stuck into a mental hospital, and the whole episode is chillingly reminiscent of events that regularly occurred under Josef Stalin’s regime in the U.S.S.R with midnight knocks on the door by the N.K.V.D, with dissidents arrested and stuffed into mental hospitals to be drugged, tortured or even killed for their ‘crime’ against the State. And why not? From the point of view of power mad psychopaths, a Mundane like me who thinks our government has become a murderous institution and hazard to average people must be crazy, right?

Remember, I not only post comments on Facebook and this blog, I write a column for the American Daily Herald in which I’ve never been shy about criticizing the government for its excesses and incompetence as well as its declaration of war against Americans with the USA-PATRIOT Act, the N.D.A.A,. H.R.347 and the recent ‘strip search for any reason’ decision by the Supreme Court. Yeah, I’m  a bit worried.

I need your help to get out of this mess , get on with my life and writing and at least have a fighting chance if SHTF. Please take a minute or two and donate to my Indiegogo campaign..with a combined total of over 1/3 of the needed funds raised, with enough people willing to donate even small amounts, we can finish the job and free me quickly, before any of these unpleasant events come along.

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Check, Please!

I’ve talked about my dread of doctors’ appointments for a while now…not because of the doctors, but because every time I transfer to or from my wheelchair to my Element I risk a fall if my unsteady legs buckle. Well, after a few years of worrying, I’m over it.

With this fundraiser proceeding so well, I’m not going to risk a cracked skull at this point, that’s just nuts. Last week I found myself fretting for the umpteenth time about this, especially with yet another appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning…so I reserved a wheelchair accessible taxi to cart me and my power chair to the doc’s in the morning. It’s an expense that will likely eat my disposable income for the month, but I’d rather live like a monk than risk injury or death, with the bonus that I can finally quit worrying constantly about this threat that’s been hanging over me.

This makes me that much more committed to see this project through and at last be able to flip the bird to the welfare/warfare State that insists I appear at a physician’s office regularly yet refuses to provide any sort of preventative help to let me do so safely. That’s fine, the Nanny State relies on money taken from productive people at gunpoint anyway and has no moral credibility, especially after ruining the American economy and distorting our economic landscape to ensure that many if not most people don’t have the resources to cover genuine comprehensive private disability insurance that would have obviated all of this nonsense.

I’ve said it before…a disabled and wheelchair bound guy like me can make a strong visual statement to the public once I’m mobile about the benefits of private voluntary action over the coercive government ‘safety net’ that in reality is a snare and death trap. The sooner we get away from this terrible system, the better, and that’s why I continue to support Ron Paul and his message of liberty. If we replace the parasitic corporate state with a truly free market, learn to respect private property and quit stealing the fruits of peoples’ labor, we’ll all be better off, even disabled folks like myself.

I’ll be watching the events in Tampa later this month closely. The liberty movement has an opportunity to make it a watershed moment in American history to help move us away from the current system of death and debt we’ve allowed to gather so much power to itself. As Mat Larsen says: Peace…and GO RON PAUL 2012!

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Makin’ Some Noise!

I’ve been on the phone a bit today. In an effort to increase Get Glenn Mobile’s! visibility, today I called both the Mid South chapter of the MS Society and the MS Association of America. I figured after almost a year this project was well established enough that they might be interested in helping raise some more public awareness so we can get this fundraising silliness over with, free me from captivity and let me get down to business out in the world.

Unlike last year when I was inquiring about getting help from these organizations to help me modify my Honda for wheelchair access, this time my words weren’t met by the baffled puzzlement I’d previously encountered. No foul, these folks have enough on their plates that while they weren’t able to help directly last year, this time they seemed genuinely intrigued by an established and ongoing project like this and sounded eager to help it along by assisting in awareness raising. Hopefully I’ll hear back from one or both soon; I’m looking forward to working with them!

Hey, I’ve been saying that with all the donations, goodwill and endorsement videos my friends have provided me with, I’ve got all the tools needed to get the rest of the job done…I’m certainly able to phone around to talk to folks that may well be able to assist with publicity, and do my bit to put everything we’ve built to work. There are lots of organizations yet to call, believe it.

It feels marvelous to be able to simply present this project to interested parties…last year when I was just starting out I really did feel like a beggar in the wilderness! Today I find myself in a completely different situation, and I thank all of you out there who’ve helped make Get Glenn Mobile! the success it’s been, and will continue to be…you’ve already made a huge difference, and ensured that I can have confidence in the goal being met in short order.

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Taste of Freedom

The heat wave continues here in Nashville, but the mornings have been pleasant this week, not the awful steam bath they’ve been for the better part of two months. It’s been so ugly that it’s kept me cooped up as I was all winter…which isn’t a help when I’m trying to avoid going utterly stir crazy!
Being able to get out this week’s been therapeutic, blowing the cobwebs out of my brain and helping me get my mind right. Just being out in the world is a delight, and being able to give my reflexes and reaction time a good workout through flying my small R/C aircraft is a healthy thing. I repeat: these aren’t toys, but flying aircraft that respond instantly to every subtle control input. Please, whatever you do…don’t call them drones.

All this in a tiny and very portable package of foam and electronics that weighs just over an ounce is still a miraculous thing for me. Remember, aircraft like these were only a pipe dream just a few years earlier.

Despite the wonderful boost being able to participate in aeromodelling provides me, it remains just a taste of liberty that will only be restored to my life once fundraising is complete and I can get out of here in my Honda. I hope everyone out there is current with the state of the Indiegogo campaign and is aware that it will continue until it’s complete. Period. I’m relying on you, my friends and allies in the liberty movement to prove to the world how effective peaceful voluntary action can be in resolving situations like mine in their communities. We’re approahing the halfway mark…we can complete this quickly with your help!

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