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Horse Tradin!’

I’ve got the guilts for not updating in several days, but it’s been a busy week.

I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in last week’s internet radio program with Adam House and Nick Allison of the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul. My only regret was not being able to talk with Jordan Page and Alexander Mosley, the first two guests on the CVRP show. Beyond his obvious artistic skill as a musician, Jordan just strikes me as such a regular guy I’d enjoy conversing with, and given Alexander Mosley’s experience with foreign affairs that jibes with many of the issues that intrigue me, I bet a talk with him would be a memorable one. I hope I can be involved again with a future show and perhaps all that will happen!

In addition to that, I was recently disappointed when I discovered that my bad left hand’s function has deteriorated over the last few years to the point where I can’t work the slide on a full size semiauto pistol, so after some horse trading on several sites and a bunch of emails, I traded the SIG Sauer P239 that’s been my carry sidearm for years for a like-new Ruger SP101 .357 magnum revolver. I miss the SIG, but the Ruger’s a wonderfully built little beast and is just one more reason to get mobile. I’m years overdue for a trip to the range to practice and spend a couple of hours plinking with my .22 target pistol!

Even my mom got caught up in the firearm frenzy and announced she too was ready for a defensive gun of her own. More ads and emails followed, and yesterday she found herself the owner of a great little Smith & Wesson Model 642 .38 Special +P! She had to cough up the scratch for it, though I negotiated a good deal for her…as with my own trade that didn’t incur any financial outlay, I’m trying to raise funds here, not spend them, not even hers (any more than necessary)!

EDIT- That last line could be misread, it occurs to me. I consider funds raised for my mobility project absolutely sacrosanct, period. When I purchase the occasional item on eBay, for instance, I keep track of how much is coming out of the PayPal account, then transfer increments of $50 or so as needed back to that account from what’s in my checking account. I only have the one PayPal account, and I’m careful about bookkeeping!

I’m glad that’s done, I need to chill a bit and get back to writing. All this gun stuff’s given me a few ideas, not just for the blog, but for a new Herald article. I’d better get some rest and let my eyes uncross…

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Big Fun Tonight, Join In!

Unless some last minute change precludes it, I’m scheduled to join the fine folks of the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul this evening at 8PM CDT on Adam House’s blogtalkradio program. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the fellas…and the talented Tatiana Moroz, if memory serves, along with their featured guest Jordan Page, a central figure among the many artists supporting Ron Paul and his message of liberty.

How cool! I was out of the loop for years dealing with survival issues surrounding my MS and disability and missed much of the growing phenomenon of musical artists joining and promoting the liberty movement, but I’m catching up as fast as I can.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, for sure; the new breed of musical artisans is every bit as talented as the folk and rock protest musicians that proved to be such a powerful force during the 1960s, but while their sincerity and commitment matches that of the earlier generation, they strike me as more focused and precise in their methods. With their modern savvy and a clear awareness of the nature and motivations of those opposing them, I believe they’ll be an even greater influence on millions of people for promoting peaceful change in our world than their predecessors were.

Along with the important issues of liberty and recovering our fundamental rights that have been eroded and usurped, I’m also hoping that we can discuss my Get Glenn Mobile! project for restoring my own liberty, time permitting. The fundraising goal to modify my Honda has a ways to go before it’s met, and apart from retrieving my life from limbo, I want to get out in the world to broaden the scope of my journalistic endeavors, in particular to get myself down to Tampa in August to cover the Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC in my column for the American Daily Herald.

I hope you’ll join us for tonight’s broadcast of the CVRP program HERE. Remember, even if your schedule won’t let you listen to the live show, each program is archived for listening later at your leisure.

Hope to see you all there!

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I ♥ The Combat Veterans for Ron Paul!

These folks have really jumped in with both feet in supporting Get Glenn Mobile! by endorsing the cause, adding links to their site, and now writing an editorial explaining their position. I dont know how to thank you properly, with your efforts and those of your friends and supporters, this project’s not only going to succeed, it’ll do so in time for me to get to Tampa in August to join the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul as they march on the RNC and raise public awareness of the event in the American Daily Herald!

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Celebrate Anti Tyranny Day!

As you likely surmise (especially if you saw my response to Nick’s comment last night) I survived another trip to the doctor’s office and I’m good for another three months before I have to risk my silly neck again.

Even better, last night I was delighted to see that another ally has joined my cause, adding his voice to the growing numbers of those who want it to succeed. I’d like you to meet Adam House, one of the principal organizers and writers in the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul organization. He’s one of the good guys, and I’m proud to call him a friend. I hope you’ll all follow his recommendation to pitch in with some help, and you’ll have my gratitude if you do:

Now, if you out there like my writing and would like to see how much better I can do once I’m out in the world, well, we ain’t GOT three months, I’m afraid.

If I’m going to get to Tampa to join the crowds to observe the Combat Veterans March for Ron Paul on the RNC, not only will my fundraising goal have to be met, it’ll have to happen by mid-June at the latest. Why? Because the extensive modifications to my Honda Element take about two months for Freedom Motors to accomplish. It’s big stuff…and it’s why it’s so expensive.

Those of you after me to follow up on Andrew Wordes‘ case, where local officials hounded and ruined him after years of their criminal conspiracy to do so resulted in him being backed into a corner where he chose to take his own life so visibly, same deal. Think the creeps in Roswell aren’t working even now to cover their tracks? The sooner I can get down there to reconnoiter and do some interviews, the less opportunity they’ll have to spin their way out of this.

That’s the reality of it; if you want to see me out publicly advocating for Ron Paul, the message of liberty, and all these other issues…well, I hate being a pest, but it’s impossible to effectively push for everyone else’s liberty until I recover my own.

Incidentally, on the subject of liberty, today is one of those unofficial holidays observed by many in the liberty community highlighting our quest for freedom…among other events that happened on this day, it’s most widely known as the date of the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ in 1775.

It’s my wish that you’ll choose to promote liberty today by donating even a small amount to help me reach my goal. Every dollar helps…don’t let anyone try to get you believing otherwise. Think of it as your shot heard round the world, since it will help free me to do my best to make sure our message is heard loud and clear by the public, as it must be if we’re going to win them over to the side of liberty.

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Sword of Damocles Time Again

I’ve been dreading this for the past month, and today’s the day.

I have to refill my prescriptions again, which means another trip to the doctor’s office. That means four transfers from and to my power chair to the Honda: once to get in to drive to the office, to the manual chair, back to the Honda, then finally back to the power chair when I get home.

It’s like roller skating on the edge of the Grand Canyon, as I’ve said before, no exaggeration about it. My legs are that unsteady and untrustworthy.

It’s unlikely that anything bad will happen, but should I end up on the concrete floor next to my brains, will someone who knows me get over here and refund those donations, please? My mom is a complete Luddite, hates computers, and will jab randomly at keys without effect if she tries to get in my machine. I’m leaving the appropriate P/W in a text file on my desktop…thanks!

This really is like having the Sword of Damocles hanging over me, and I don’t know how many times I can get away with it.

What A Way to Start the Week!

As regular visitors to this blog may have noticed, I changed its look over the weekend to reflect my promotion of the ‘In It To Win It’ money bomb event for Ron Paul. I hope everyone who’s a Ron Paul supporter took a few minutes to visit the site I’d linked to and left the good doctor a donation!

As an anarcho capitalist at heart, I really don’t have much faith in political action for improving peoples’ lot, but I do admire Dr. Paul’s principled and consistent stance in promoting freedom for everyone, not just whatever group happens to agree with every one of his opinions. As such, I’ll continue to support him as I can, not as the least evil but as a positive agent for change and individual liberty.

This evening I discovered that my friend Nick Allison from the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul had been busy; he was kind enough to make a YouTube endorsement video of his own to help raise awareness of my situation and cause!

I’ll be proud to add it to Tatiana Moroz’ video in the sticky ‘Welcome’ post up at the top of my home page. Thank you, Nick, I’m sure with all of you terrific allies joining to help, my goal will be realized in good time! Nicely done, my man, nicely done. That’s what I’d call a great way to start the week off…and as you know, in a few days we may see another friend add his voice to yours…keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned!

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‘In It To Win It’ April 15 Money Bomb for Ron Paul Is Coming!

As an admirer and supporter of Dr. Paul, I’ve been following his presidential campaign closely. It’s been mighty impressive to see the way the good doctor has not only continued with but accelerated his efforts to bring the message of liberty, sound money and a sane foreign policy to the public despite the embarrassingly blatant attempts by the Establishment to discredit and marginalize him.

He has these status quo and corporate state loving, bloodthirsty chickenhawks absolutely terrified.

They’re afraid that the Americans who have woken up to the massive and ongoing swindle foisted upon them over so many years and in so many ways will suddenly see a vast increase in their numbers from the tiny minority they were only a few short years ago to a motivated and very angry majority at any time, signifying an abrupt end to their precious power to kill anyone who dares annoy them, shove people around, and derive all manner of lucrative rewards from their schemes that have brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy and inhuman totalitarian rule.

Good, say I.

There are few sights more gratifying than seeing the dismay on the faces of a bunch of swaggering bullies, drunk on power and hubris, when the tide suddenly turns against them. The image brings to mind one of my favorite quotes from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, where Gandalf gives the Mouth of Sauron his comeuppance:

Then the Messenger of Mordor laughed no more. His face was twisted with amazement and anger to the likeness of some wild beast that, as it crouches on its prey, is smitten on the muzzle with a stinging rod. Rage filled him and his mouth slavered, and shapeless sounds of fury came strangling from his throat.

Well, we have the chance to administer our own swift and sure comeuppance to these people to figuratively smite them on the muzzle even as they smugly declare the contest over, with their anointed candidate firmly ensconced as the only ‘opposition’ to Barack Obama this November.

Those who have had their State-approved blinders removed know full well that anyone that remains as the officially vetted candidate will be a carefully constructed creature that’s practically indistinguishable from his ‘opponent’ and pretty much guaranteed to pursue the same disastrous courses of action. He’ll keep the status quo undisturbed, the blood and debt increasing to please the mega-banks like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch, while only augmenting the ongoing diminution of our rights as Americans to keep that road to serfdom clear and unobstructed.

That’s just not an appetizing option, so if you want the chance to do something about it, on April 15 all you have to do is visit the In It To Win It site that’s in place to give you that opportunity. The folks who set this up are coordinating this event with Facebook and the site is a handy one-stop resource to get involved in the action.

In addition, if you’re a member of the U.S. armed services, active duty, retired, or a civilian supporter, you’ll want to visit the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul and think about joining their Facebook group as well. They can provide further information about their efforts to coordinate with the money bomb event, and I can tell you from personal experience that they’re a solid, motivated and professional bunch of folks I’m proud to be associated with.

If you’re sick and tired of the ‘business as usual’ crowd of so-called ‘leaders’ that are ruining America, shedding our own young peoples’ blood along with that of our  innocent foreigners’ by promoting senseless, never ending wars to spread debt and death globally, destroying America’s economy by replacing the free market with corporatism everywhere, and instituting a police state that increasingly resembles a bad dystopian novel…if you’ve had it with all of these needless things, I urge you to get involved with the In It To Win It money bomb this Sunday, April 15, 2012.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I have to add that if you also want to help right this unjust situation I’ve found myself in, restore my life and set me free to get out in the world to communicate with the public the same positive benefits Dr. Paul is trying to restore on a larger scale with his efforts, to turn me loose as a journalist with the New Media to help us all live freer and more rewarding lives, please consider donating even a small amount to aid this project in succeeding in its goal. I’ve got hopes of doing all these things and more as well as getting to Tampa to cover the Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC this August…that’s coming soon, and I’ll need help from you good folks to make that happen!

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Tatiana Moroz Steps Up To Get Glenn Mobile!

Okay, I will happily admit that when I made my last post I’d already contacted Tatiana and we’d discussed my request for an endorsement video, but I’ve learned not to make declarative statements until I’m certain that they’re accurate.

I was pleasantly surprised then when I learned last night that she’d taken time from her busy schedule to follow through on making that video. I had a pretty good feeling that she would, but I sure hadn’t expected to see it so quickly…and here it is:

I know for a fact that she was busy because she’d just gotten done appearing on the Angel Clark radio show for an interview as well as being constantly occupied with making her new album she mentions in that interview. The whole show’s good, but if you want to get to Tatiana’s interview, scroll ahead to 67:40 in the player at the bottom of the new tab that will open.

What a marvelous woman.

Thank you, Tatiana, you’ve joined an exclusive group; so far only three people from the liberty community are members, Dr. Tom Woods, Dennis Behreandt, and now you have made the effort to help out with my cause by increasing its visibility! I’m sure there’ll be more as time goes by, but the fact that you folks saw the potential in it before anyone else did marks you as having the superior judgement and discernment (from my perspective) to take that road less traveled. Hey, I’m nobody all that special, but I’m the real deal and this is a worthy cause, so I’d say you three are entitled to feel just a bit smug for being able to spot that.

Am I an enthusiastic fanboi of Ms. Moroz’ surpassing skills as a musician? You bet I am, and was since I first listened to her when Nick Allison of the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul brought her to my attention. Would I still be even if she hadn’t made the video? Absolutely…sure, there are some in the liberty community who’ve offered to help but then flaked, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that they do excellent work to promote freedom…and they don’t owe me a thing.

Happily, Tatiana went above and beyond just doing a good thing, and for my part, I hope the karma gods or the spirit of Austrian economics or whatever motivation floats peoples’ boats ensures she goes on the be the mega-famous celebrity that she deserves to be and makes a kazillion bucks in the process. Me, I’ll be happy to get mobile again, get back to enjoying life and promoting liberty, sound economics, and the Ron Paul R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution…especially the Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC in Tampa in August.

Speaking of which, some business: I know the economy sucks. I know money’s tight. But here’s the thing, not to put too fine a point on it, this fundraising blog’s been getting a lot more views over the last couple of months…I watch the stats…yet aside from two donations from generous readers, nobody’s actually raising the funds. I’m not gonna get out of here in time to promote the Ron Paul R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution, cover that epic veterans’ march in Tampa, and bunches of other things like confronting the finks in Roswell who drove Andrew Wordes to ruination and suicide unless some of you hit that PayPal ‘Donate’ button.

The whole point of this venture is not to ask that the bunches of dough I need to modify my Honda come from a small number of large donations, but to spread that job out to lots of people making many small donations. I hate to be a pest in the first place, so I hope to keep the impact on any individual person as low as possible.

Also, you anarchocapitalists, libertarians and Objectivists sick of being called cruel, heartless and other nasty names by all of the statists around you because you know that the government’s stealing money from people to do ‘good’ is immoral and wrong for a lot of reasons?

Well, THIS is exactly the sort of voluntaryist project that makes reality out of all the talk that’s just lip service until some action is taken, and when its mission succeeds will be a perfect example to point those people at that proves how right you’ve been all along! And when they try making snarky little comments trying to discredit that success or that it wasn’t the voluntarist effort it was intended to be, I’ll be right here to set those snide little Orcs straight.


It’s been proven beyond doubt that Get Glenn Mobile! will succeed, but the clock is running if the things I want to do to support Dr. Paul before the Veterans March on the RNC, before the election (and before my brain melts from three years’ confinement), are going to happen.

So please do take a moment to drop a buck, a fiver, a ten spot, or whatever you can donate that won’t put a hurt on your finances. I want to get to work for you, me, and your families to show up the creeps who’ve been destroying America, and restore so much of my life that the rotten MonSter of multiple sclerosis thought it had got away with stealing from me.

Thanks, and while you’re doing that, have a listen to some more of Tatiana Moroz’ superb work!

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Good Advice!

I was recently introduced to a new liberty activist by the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul, and her talent, attitude and unambiguous love of peace and freedom really impressed me. She’s one of the liberty community I would love to see make a video endorsement of my project here…with a little work we can all meet in late August for the upcoming Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC in Tampa.

Man alive, I want to be able to get to this event, it’s gonna be epic!

Folks, here’s Tatiana Moroz singing “Make a Youtube Video,” which I can attest from the help my own Krip Kam vids is good, solid advice…put the New Media to work for you and make a YouTube video to communicate more effectively with the world. Check out her YouTube channel for more…you won’t be disappointed!

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Okay, Fun’s Fun, But…

Sigh…let’s see, into 3 years of homebound captivity and it’s been an absolutely gorgeous day out there…

And I see that my favorite liberty fan, Dr. Paul is drawing crowds pushing 10,000 to hear him speak…

All right, joke’s over! Guys? Guys…?

Sorry, but I’m feeling a bit like the Count of Monte Cristo here!

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