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Well Hey There, Slick

With all this nice weather, I’m trying to keep my mind away from anything grim, so when this arrived a couple of days ago, it was just the thing to get me thinking hard about the upcoming flying season.

This is a scale replica of the full sized competition aircraft, the Slick 360. It’s my first fun purchase since I paid my Element off, and at around a hundred bucks for it, the micro receiver that’s compatible with my nice transmitter, and a few batteries, I’ll bet it delivers lots more fun this spring than you’d expect a month’s fun budget would yield. Yes, that’s my lighter sitting next to it to give you an idea of its tiny size!

This is a real gem and was just introduced this past fall by Durafly, a line of aircraft HobbyKing’s making. I fell in love with its lines when I first saw it…and it’s even more impressive in person; the fit and finish of the plane is top shelf.

The motor powering it’s another marvel…it’s a strong brushless outrunner about the width of a thumbnail. Look closely at the pic…that’s a small wooden match sitting beside it. This stuff just keeps getting better all the time, and it’s dirt cheap to boot.

I don’t think I’ll have any trouble flying it once I get back up to speed practicing with simpler planes. Now, whether I can do the maneuvers the fellow in the video below is doing so casually is another story. I’m certain to have a blast trying, for sure.

Every year I say it, and it’s the truth each year: there’s never been a better time to be involved with the hobby!

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Fresh Air!

Today is a stunning example of early spring, temperature in the 60s, blue sky and a touch of a breeze…I had to get out in it.

I thought about setting up my camera mount to document the trip, but I would probably bore even myself with a video like that. Plus, I was impatient to get further than the end of my driveway for the first time in over a month, so as you can imagine I was more than slightly eager to hit the road.

I just had the batteries swapped out in my chair for fresh ones with spring about to arrive and needed a couple of miles’ worth of a trip to make sure they were 100% reliable, too…I had a purpose!

It was glorious. I took the normal route most of the way to my favorite parking lot where I fly my aircraft and stopped at the smoke shop for some cigars. I saw more people today than I’ve seen for months…remember, my habit’s been to go at dawn when the wind’s calm so my lightweight R/C planes that weigh just an ounce or so don’t get tossed around, and I enjoy the peace and quiet of the neighborhood at that hour. But today I went in the early asfternoon, so there was traffic on the roads to watch for with everyone trying to get something done during their lunch hour.

Tell you what, the simple pleasure of not being cooped up on yet another pretty day was intoxicating. Healthy folks are spoiled rotten…in hindsight I know I was. I’m a garrulous sort to begin with, and I found that a lot of the people I encountered at the store were eager to talk to the odd crippled guy in the chair. This bodes well for my plan to be a visible promoter of Ron Paul’s campaign once I’m properly mobile again; I ended up talking with one gent for almost a half hour about all sorts of subjects.

Now imagine what I’ll be able to do once I’m out and accoutered with a Ron Paul T shirt, hat, and magnetic sign on my Element!

HAH…once I’m on the job, the Establishment is doomed, the poor chumps!

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Building Confidence

Spring is close…it’s gorgeous outside this Sunday morning and while it’s still on the chilly side, you can practically feel the first wisps of warmer weather.

I sure don’t want to watch another pretty spring go by from the porch, so I’m racking my brain a bit. The good news is that this blog’s goal and my liberty will be attained. As I’ve noted before, thanks to Dr. Tom Woods’ endorsement of January 11 on his web site, it’s been proven that if folks are made aware of the Get Glenn Mobile! project, they will get involved. 1200+ views and the corresponding percentage of those that ended up donating on that one day are no fluke…and that’s perhaps the biggest load off my mind.

Unless some factor changes drastically, the blog’s success will be entirely dependent upon the internet, and the surest way to generate the maximum new viewers will be an endorsement/dedication video made by some helpful soul who has both a YouTube channel and a large following. Web site or blog posts are always welcome by anyone interested, but as we’ve seen, they don’t last…as soon as the author adds a newer post, the one featuring this blog will be displaced and the new views will fall off to their normal, relatively low numbers. This makes perfect sense, and I’m frankly grateful to have regular readers at all, considering I started publishing just six months ago and it takes time to build up a sizable number of regulars and new readers…and that’s assuming folks find my writing worth reading in the first place.

Time is one thing I don’t assume I have the luxury of an abundance of. MS is after all a progressive disorder, and while that progression has been slow over the last few years, one never knows how much useful time one has. Also, the presidential election is coming up fast, and I meant what I said about wanting to help advance Ron Paul’s campaign as I can.

Having a simple game plan is a help, and that’s why lately I’ve been sending requests for those elusive endorsement videos out as often as I can, working around the time I spend writing articles for the American Daily Herald. I really do enjoy writing these essays, and that too is a strong incentive to get out of the house; I honestly believe I can be an effective journalist in the New Media.

The only negative here is that no one save Tom Woods has even responded to any of my requests as of yet, and I believe that comes down to credibility…or the lack of it. If I were in the position of the people I’m approaching, I know I’d be reluctant to direct people who like my work to a cause like this unless I was absolutely certain that it was legitimate. Maybe there isn’t enough data readily available yet so they wouldn’t have to hunt very hard to be sure.

With that in mind, I’m also working on reaching out to local people who can drop by to confirm that my situation is all I’ve said it is. With enough of these good folks sharing with others their observations, it won’t take long to build confidence in my cause.

That leaves one loose end…who will be the person who’ll be willing to make that first YouTube video? I don’t think I’m asking for the moon here; a short spoken word video with no soundtrack, effects or extras shouldn’t take more than a few minutes’ time to put together. It’s going to happen…I just have to get to the point where my cause and need aren’t even slightly in doubt. I have to be close, after all, Dr. Woods seemed content to give me his endorsement, and he’s no fool, not by a long ways.

Who will it be, I wonder?

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Well This Is Interesting

A member of one of the Facebook groups I belong to just posted this YouTube video:

I’d like to check this to verify it for myself, but assuming it’s accurate, it shows some amazing numbers. Google search statistics for Ron Paul up from 1.83 million two weeks ago to 2.74 million searches per month as of February 22.

Compare that with searches for:

Newt Gingrich: 673,000

Rick Santorum: 450,000

Mitt Romney: 823,000

The author gets a little emotional here and does gush a bit, but he’s right, this shows an exponential growth in peoples’ interest in the good doctor, doubly amazing given the mainstream media’s attempts to ignore him into obscurity.

I still have a feeling that the candidate who’s been anointed by the globalist megabanks, Mitt Romney, will get stuffed down our gullets come November even if they somehow have to negate the majority’s pick to do it. What will be interesting to see will be peoples’ reactions to Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse et al stealing the election under broad daylight.

Even if Dr. Paul doesn’t prevail in the actual election, the numbers we’re seeing today indicate that we’re well past the tipping point where public awareness of the way they’ve been so rudely used and abused has risen to unstopable levels. Now, all I want is for these criminals to lose their ability to loot the country…but I confess the small, mean part of me wouldn’t mind seeing something like the last reel of a Frankenstein movie…you know, angry villagers, torches, pitchforks, that whole schtick when their charade is well and truly over.

Didn’t I say a while back that we were in for some interesting times?

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Line In the Sand

While conversing with my friend Jason this evening…the same Jason whose daughter is doing just fine after her surgical procedure on Monday, by the way- YAY!…the two of us were batting some ideas for advancing this blog’s goals around, and it became obvious to me after a while that I need make myself clear on a few things.

I’ve avoided directly commenting on some issues not from any reluctance to take a stand, but because I thought it best to stay focused on the goal of getting me mobile and my thoughts about that. The topics I’ve chosen honestly reflect those, but at this point in time there are some pretty urgent issues concerning not just myself, but all ordinary Americans. I’ve addressed a few of them here; our country’s dreadful forced education system and its suppression of creativity and independence comes to mind, the discussion of rational philosophy, and topics of freedom and liberty…real freedom and liberty, not hackneyed platitudes endlessly spouted to promote some feel-good scheme or another…are all topics I’m deeply interested in.

I can do something about them…if I can get out of this box that MS and circumstances have stuffed me into. I’ve found I really enjoy participating in journalism as part of the New Media, in my writing here as well as my contributions to the American Daily Herald. I’ve had good feedback and my work seems to be well received, but imagine how much more effective I can be away from my desk!

But if you haven’t inferred it at this point, there shouldn’t be any doubt about my top priority once I’m mobile: because I believe that individual human liberty as one of the most vital issues in our lives, I want to get out and talk to people in the community about why I support Ron Paul, and why his issues are my issues. It’s not a matter of payback to the liberty movement…it’s been good to me, without question…no, it’s about doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

American people have been taking a flogging for far too long from those who would use them as human resources for their own ends. Our productivity, resources, and spirit have been drained away ostensibly for our ‘own good’ for a great many years, and I not only want to put a stop to that, I know I can help. Even if Dr. Paul isn’t elected president in 2012, the ideas he’s promoting need to be discussed, and to keep them uppermost in the public’s mind will be the true victory…as he’s said himself, he’s just a messenger, it’s the ideas he’s gotten so many talking about that are the most important, but if we can get him elected we’ll be able to implement them that much more effectively. I can help do that.

If releasing a fellow human being from confinement isn’t enough reason to help in getting me mobile, think about the fact that you’ll be turning a very motivated liberty activist loose who’s been itching to get to work for years. For instance, want to start phasing out the entitlement programs that not only waste boatloads of money but sucker people into lifelong dependency on them? I’d say a disabled guy in a wheelchair talking about the very real reasons why these programs are bad will be mighty effective in conveying the idea. I can write about why the Social Security system is inefficient, dehumanizing and potentially deadly all day long, but I can be a lot more effective in person. Guaranteed.

Beyond that, there are plenty of things I can tackle as a journalist once I’m capable of going right to the source:

I want to interview functionaries of the TSA…look them in the eye as they explain how treating ordinary people as if they were maximum security prison inmates makes us all ‘safer.’ Hey, I’m a ways past the fear of consequences; I’ve already been wrecked by MS and there just isn’t much that scares me these days. Uniformed goons definitely don’t.

I want to hear school administrators try to justify how drugging children with powerful psychotropic chemicals or assaulting, arresting and confining them just for behaving like kids will help them learn how to be productive, resourceful citizens.

I want to talk to regular people about how and why they’ve allowed themselves to be afraid of everything at the behest of the very criminals who actually threaten them. I love talking with people, and I’ve made it my business to research the facts so know what I’m talking about. They have been hoodwinked and I bet it wouldn’t be all that tough to help them realize this.

I can do these things.

Our country’s on thin ice these days, and every day I spend stuck in this house is not only a day of my life gone but a day when I could have been promoting liberty, the Constitution, and Ron Paul.

Let’s finish this project so I can get to work, please. And while we’re at it…go Ron Paul 2012!

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I Think It Was Emily Litella Who Said It

“It’s always something…if it’s not one thing, it’s another”


Yep, Emily Litella, the character played by the late great Gilda Radner had it pegged.

I’ve only had one arm working properly for several years now, so that right arm’s been doing double duty in almost all of those everyday tasks you normally ask both arms to do.

It’s been coping pretty well, but last week my right elbow that I’m always leaning on acted up; the tip swelled up to robin’s egg size after being a bit sore for a day or two. I dug out a beanbag rest to keep pressure off it and waited. After a few days it didn’t seem inclined to get any better, and I started having unpleasant visions of spider bites or flesh eating bacteria so I got online and checked what might cause these symptoms. Took me all of about a minute before I found the likely culprit after seeing plenty of pics of what my elbow looked like. It even has a fancy name:

Olecranon bursitis.

Often referred to as “student’s elbow” or “baker’s elbow,” it’s a common problem caused by…guess what…leaning on an elbow too much. Simply put, if you annoy the elbow enough, the protective bursa at the tip of the elbow fills with fluid like an airbag deploying, and stays that way till you quit annoying it. I guess I’ll be using that beanbag rest full time now.

I called my doctor’s office to see if they’ll put in a request to get a home health nurse sent out here to have a look. I don’t mean to fool with this and take any chances on it getting worse, I kinda need this right arm in good shape. Usually all one needs to do is stop leaning on it and no medical attention’s required, but with MS I’ve found it’s generally better to ask and not assume.

If anyone asks me how I’m doing, I can answer them literally…Swell!

It’s always something, as Emily said.

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Nietzsche Schmietzsche

Woof…my brain’s hurting a bit.

I just got done watching the film Nietzsche and the Nazis , made in 2006 by Dr. Stephen Hicks. This sucker’s almost three hours long, which is why my poor RAM-deprived brain was vibrating by its end. It’s pretty good if you like long and thorough explorations of philosophy, and spends much of its length discussing arguments both for and against the proposition that the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche was used by the National Socialists of the Third Reich in formulating and justifying its unique brand of murderous, psychotic policies.

I won’t get into that argument; both viewpoints have merit and I enjoyed the way they were batted back and forth as Dr. Hicks demonstrated how he ended up viewing the question. As usual, my favorite aspect of the film was actually a side issue, the breakdown at its end of what constitutes pro- and anti-Nazi principles. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I fret a lot that modern America is acting in ways that unpleasantly parallel various totalitarian governments, including the National Socialists, and we’re given a nice side-by-side graphical comparison that’s kind of handy for sussing out an opinion of one’s own on that subject.

About my only critique of this aid are the last entries, socialism vs. capitalism.

Both are limited, outdated and in fact rather misleading. ‘Socialism’ is better described as statism allowed to grow in power until it’s got its fingers in everything; if you want an ‘ism’ you’re better off using ‘fascism,’ which isn’t dependent upon the specious left/right paradigm, and simply means a corporatocracy of big government and big business in a cozy ‘partnership’ and is, I regret a pretty accurate statement of what we’re dealing with today in America.

‘Capitalism,’ on the other hand is an even worse description. It has negative connotations for many and was in actuality Karl Marx’ term for the free market he so despised. ‘Free market’ is a better term for the system that was our aim at this country’s founding, even though it never quite got there and is certainly almost the opposite of the crony capitalism/fascism/corporatocracy that’s our reality today. See why my head hurts?

Words are so damnably malleable today. When the supposedly preferable and anti-Nazi principle of ‘capitalism’ is actually perceived by so many to be the obnoxious ‘fascism’ the Nazis were so fond of, it’s time to hang up the Gone Flyin’ sign.

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Parallel Lines

At the risk of sounding hokey, I have no doubt that there’s a whole lot of power generated by a large number of people who all have their attention focused…even for a few moments…in the same direction. I couldn’t begin to explain it, but I know what I’ve felt when I’ve been involved with that phenomenon, most recently just over a month ago when Dr. Tom Woods kindly reprinted the letter I wrote him some months back requesting an endorsement for my cause. He delivered, all right, and when he posted that letter on his web site and people had their attention drawn my way that day, the response was nothing short of astounding. The blog had more views that day than it had accrued in its lifetime of less than five months, donations from around the world poured in, and the large number of supportive or at least interested comments made January 11th a day to remember.

Being in the middle of that was an amazing experience; the feeling of all that positive energy directed my way was a lot like being in the vicinity of some immense engine just humming with power and potential. Dr. Woods did me a huge courtesy last month, apart from the advances the blog experienced in views and contributions, his endorsement and the public reaction that followed erased any shred of doubt I may have had remaining about the soundness of this project…reduced to simple factors it’s obvious that if folks’ awareness is drawn this way, they will step up to pitch in and help me achieve my goal of freedom.

With that in mind, I hope whoever’s reading this will take a moment to focus upon and think some positive thoughts in the direction of my old friend Jason, who’s been running his own gauntlet recently. You see, his young daughter will be undergoing some surgery within the week to address a relatively minor heart problem. Jason doesn’t complain or whine, but it’s obvious that the worry’s tormenting him…worry that won’t be alleviated until his kid gets through her procedure next week. I can’t claim to know just how he feels right now…I don’t have kids, so I’m not in that unique position. I do however know exactly how it feels to be running that gauntlet, to be in a lonely and dangerous place with no option available but to keep your head together, keep it down, and keep moving forward until you get through it. That kind of situation just sucks, pure and simple. I know, because while my situation isn’t equivalent with yours, it’s definitely parallel.

No squishy, syrupy platitudes will help get anyone through that gauntlet, no hackneyed cliches will touch that kind of isolation. As I understand it, my friend’s daughter couldn’t be in a better environment to address this health issue, he’s got his wife and family all supporting him, and the physicians involved are among the best in the world at this sort of thing. They do this fairly minor procedure every day, and any risks in it are minimal. Still, there’s no getting away from the fact that it means invasive surgery, it’s his kid in the O.R. and it’s about fixing her heart…a person’s going to worry, to obsess, to wish it were him going under the knife…and that will vex and gnaw at him without relief until it’s done and past.

So, yeah, if you’re reading this, take a sec and send some of that power my friend’s way. Right now he’s as alone as a person can be, and knows the truth of the matter that he’s got to see it through on his own. I know his strength of character will be sufficient to get him through this, he doesn’t need any assurance or advice; I’d just like it if he could feel same the power of peoples’ goodwill that I’ve felt myself touch him, even for just a brief time. I’m as hardnosed and cynical as they come, I hate most vapid New Agey stuff like poison, but I do know that power is as real as the air we breathe, and a shot of it can only produce positive results.

Jason my man, I know you’ll read this and hope you don’t think I’m being maudlin…it’s just that I wish I could do more to help but drawing some of that good karma your way is all I can do, since I gotta do something when a friend’s in a tight spot. You and I both know that intellectually there’s nothing to worry about and your daughter will be fine…but that doesn’t make the knot in your gut go away.

You know perfectly well how to hang tough, but just in case I’m not totally deranged, let’s scoop up some of that goodwill for you. Like chicken soup, ‘it vouldn’t hoit.’



This one kinda came out of left field today and caught me by surprise…but I’m glad it did.

I was idly scrolling through instant view movies on Netflix this morning, looking as I often do to put on something interesting for background sound while surfing around, writing a bit of correspondence and of course scratching out a blog post. I have no idea why, but playing movies seems to clear my mind better than music does. Usually it’s some old favorite that I know practically word for word and don’t even need to watch to know what’s going on; I hit the ‘play’ button and get on with whatever I’m doing.

Not today. I selected a recent addition to the Netflix streaming titles, The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club, hit ‘play’ as usual…and didn’t take my eyes off the screen for the whole hour and four minutes of this film made in 2009.

I’d been mildly familiar with Pancho’s life since I got into aviation but never got the full story until today. I’d heard she was not a typical woman of her times, and after watching the film I’d have to say that’s a major understatement. Florence Leontine Barnes was on the dumpy side and had a face that’d stop a clock, but she’s one of the most magnificent women I’ve ever learned of. A flyer since 1928, she was a barnstormer, air racer and entrepreneur, operating her Rancho Oro Verde Fly-Inn Dude Ranch for many years near Muroc Field, a haven for pilots of every cut and stripe. It adopted its famous nickname, the Happy Bottom Riding Club, from a guest describing his horseback riding experience, and more than lived up to it through the years. That ranch was the location of  too many boisterous adventures to catalogue, flamboyant personalities coming and going, and must have practically hummed with fun and creative energy.

I was delighted by the commentary by one of my favorite pilots of all time, Col. R.A. ‘Bob’ Hoover, throughout the movie, too. I’ve seen the man’s flying at airshows many times over the years, have met him personally more than once, and have his signature in my first logbook…a true gentleman and a great tie in to my own life with this movie.

There was plenty of footage of all sorts of great aircraft, but the highlight for me was Pancho’s 1929 Travel Air Type R Mystery Ship, a lovely machine and a long time favorite of mine, one of the prettiest ships of aviation’s Golden Age in my opinion. Once I’m mobile and can fly larger models again, I’m gonna build me one, I decided today.

If you’re at all inclined toward aviation, this film’s worth a watch. I like inspiring movies that are about real people and things, and I have zero patience with squishy stuff containing anything maudlin or syrupy…and this film delivers. After watching this film, I’m pretty sure I’d have been proud to count Pancho Barnes as a friend.

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Can’t Take Me Anywhere!

Well, my new piece is up at the American Daily Herald, so far so good…except I noticed a couple of tiny errors and only after I’d corrected them did I recall that if a contributor changes anything it messes up any embedded videos, so until Dennis or Denise can get to it, the unsettling YouTube video I embedded, ‘Lunch Scholars,’ is missing. Here it is, worth a watch as yet another indictment of our forced education/indoctrination system:

Sorry ’bout that…I don’t like touching anything I’ve published once it’s up anyway, it smacks of being unethical. Next time I see something that needs correction, I’ll pester one of the bosses!

For now if you haven’t seen it, check out Have You Seen the Fnords Yet? if you’d like.

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