Music For Cold Sundays

All hail YouTube!

I’m spending the afternoon doing some computer housekeeping, not the funnest chore but it needs to get done. Since I’m a junkie for input I’ve invariably got a favorite movie or song playing as a comfortable background sound. Today I’m on a YouTube jag, which can be fun in a free-association way. You never know where this sort of activity will take you…I might start with folk or classical and end up with 70s psychedelic rock!

Today, though, since I’m busy I’ve just been putting on one playlist after another to keep my efforts centered on the tasks at hand. Right now I’m listening to Tom Lehrer’s The Elements, the lyrics are the actual periodic table of the elements set to Gilbert and Sullivan’s Modern Major General melody! Check out my playlist if you like, I can’t recommend Tom Lehrer’s witty songs enough, and of course you’re free to make this your own!

About Glenn Horowitz

I'm a 20 year civil courier pilot, retired by multiple sclerosis. From summer of 2011 until December 2013 my efforts went mostly to my first blog, Get Glenn Mobile, to raise the funds needed to convert my Honda Element for wheelchair access and end my virtual housebound confinement. This was realized just after Christmas 2013 when I was able to acquire a superb X-WAV Element, already modified for my use. Though the original goal wasn't met, what was raised, plus my Honda, plus the proceeds of the sale from my mother's car were enough to make it happen. It's an amazing story in itself! Now, after my release from homebound prison, I can augment the journalistic work I'm doing for the American Daily Herald by getting out in public, talking with people, perhaps even getting some media attention to explain why someone as disabled as I am knows these unfunded entitlement programs like Social Security and its 'disability insurance' are bogus and do more harm than good, and in fact why the whole welfare/warfare state is contrived to keep the gravy train rolling for those who benefit while they drain our resources and eat out our substance. Why 'public education' is really public INDOCTRINATION that's become a meat grinder destroying our youth and our future. Why the fiat currency foisted on us by the Federal Reserve for a hundred years has destroyed the dollar and will without doubt cause its collapse. On and on the list goes, and I want to talk with the world about these vital matters. Please visit my new blog, 'Liberty On Wheels' at if you're interested in learning more!

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