Some Things Never Change. No, Really, They Don’t.

Curse this blogging addiction. I just finished writing a fairly involved rant on a subject that’s been irking me for a long time on one of my favorite hobby sites, and yet here I am, tapping away again.

Guess I’m a frickin’ idiot. C’est la vie. Les jeux sont faits, and other snooty French cliches.

I couldn’t help it and I can’t help it. The lack of logic and perception in the world when it comes to some things that shouldn’t need much discussion in the first place has been getting on my last nerve for a good long time. More and more it’s obvious that sometime over the last few decades we’ve found ourselves living in Bizarro World, yet it seems like most people are either oblivious of this fact or don’t care.

They need to ruttin’ wake up and smell the ruttin’ absurdity.

The post I felt compelled to get on the soapbox and rail about will hold little interest for a lot of you. Just attend to the salient points, the details aren’t important so much as the fact that it’s about a whole lot more than model aircraft.

It’s my first and likely last comment on a thread that never should have metastasized to its current 36 pages. Here’s the short version: this bigmouth kid came bouncing in with the sort of obnoxious, arrogant, foul attitude that makes you think right away of cans of Raid…or Zyklon-B maybe, just to be sure. He was ostensibly looking for helpful hints while simultaneously boasting about trying to fly some gee-whiz model of a fighter jet he hadn’t a whelk’s chance in a supernova of succeeding with (and had crashed at least once already), and naturally everyone was quick to politely tell him so. He sneered at their responses, which weren’t really advice, but simply diplomatic statements trying to point out to him the painfully obvious futility of his endeavor. Painfully obvious to anyone who didn’t have the handicap of being unable to see past their own colon, I should add.

Flying a fast, advanced model jet fighter is a task requiring a lot of experience and knowledge, as well as the muscle memory needed to make almost instant movements with your hands. This muscle memory must be developed over a great many hours of flying, and can’t just be picked up. This kid is attempting the equivalent of performing a complex piano concerto with a musical education of having seen a piano once in a movie. It ain’t gonna happen. Again, everyone tells him so, and why.

Here’s where it got interesting…people started chiming in with helpful ideas even after being sniggered at rudely by this creature more than once. Others thought it funny, mocking him with grandiose suggestions for even more complex jets he should try his hand at flying. Still others, many of whom ought to know better, offered him tips on how to fix his now-crashed plane. Meanwhile, few noticed that the kid had already disappeared from the scene, doubtless convinced that his big, foul mouth, can-do attitude, and internet savvy hipness would overcome the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about what he’s trying to do. I expect he didn’t feel any need to pay any attention to all the stodgy old crocks trying to spoil his fun. They’re SO last century…don’t they realize you can do anything if you just know how to push the right buttons and scream loudly enough?

He’s going to fail miserably, of course. I’m really hoping he’s just given up and quit by now. I’m not against newcomers to the hobby, but we’re seeing a huge number of novices who have the same basic idea in their heads, though happily most aren’t as bad as this guy. They’re still dangerous, as I explained in my post. They’re dangerous because they’re trying to launch a missile capable of going 80 miles per hour that weighs up to several pounds without the slightest clue about what it takes to control it or the reflexes and skill needed to do so. They’re even more of a threat because they tend to pick public areas like parks and ball fields to make their attempts, rather than sanctioned model airfields that don’t put the unsuspecting public at risk.

See? This must be Bizarro World, because on my planet, force = mass times the rate of change of velocity…and you ignore that at your peril. No one seems concerned about this, since in Bizarro World things like physics can be overlooked without consequence. As I brought up somewhat indelicately, if distributors of these advanced models keep marketing them to kids (and credulous adults) with reckless abandon, sooner or later we’ll be treated to the shocking pictures of a toddler’s head skewered like a cocktail onion making its way around the internet when one of these would-be aces runs out of luck and crashes into a kiddie birthday party in the public park they figure is roomy enough to fly their ‘toy.’ The predictable response from the Proper Authorities when this happens will be to Crack Down on these ‘dangerous unmanned aerial vehicles’ with enthusiasm, and the hobby as we know it will be ruined for the rest of us.

The fact that fairly experienced modelers were trying to help the loudmouthed nimrod baffles me. They’re actually offering aid that might help him roll the dice again in the vague hope it won’t come up snake eyes, get someone killed and destroy my favorite hobby, which to my mind is worse than the original nimrod’s hazard…he’s probably quit already, but these people are still around to encourage other nimrods. That’s why I’m mad that the thread went on for so long, and I said as much in my post: People like this need to be shunned when they make it clear they’re that pigheaded and dangerous, not encouraged or enabled. There comes a point where you don’t try to convince them any more. You don’t keep offering helpful hints to try to add sugar to the bitter medicine of the sound advice you’re trying to get across; all that will do is help them go back for another try at their insanity…their minds were made up long ago and they have no inclination to let facts interfere with their plans. You don’t even talk to them any more when it’s as obvious as obvious gets that they’re not going to pay any attention to your words. Remember, they’re just amazingly awesome in their superiority in being able to do anything they decide to do, even on a whim…even if that anything puts peoples’ lives at risk. So you turn your back and shun them.

How do people like the original blockhead I described come about? Well, there’s a big fat hint in the first line of the response I posted and linked to here. The kid wasn’t there for advice, he was there for validation. People like that have been encouraged, chin-chucked, coddled and told over and over just how wonderful they are since day one. I might as well title this post “I’m So Bored, Part Two” since this is what happens when people who’ve never had to learn any real life lessons are also continuously told how unique and special they are in an effort to pump them full of that oh-so-important self esteem that’s been the fashion for decades. Even when the individual in question is by any standard a dull, useless waste of protoplasm, we must constantly reassure them that they’re the smartest, the prettiest, the most lovable creature on the planet, even if their face could stop a clock (I should talk…) and their highest intellectual achievement is pulling wings from flies.

It goes a lot deeper than just their upbringing (sic) at home. The creature that receives high praise for scoring an F minus on a math exam doesn’t have to worry about being penalized for substandard performance; lots of teachers well indoctrinated in how best to maintain the status quo learned long ago how to grade on a curve so that even if they oversee a class full of mouth breathing little savages, their budget, perks, and standing won’t ever be threatened. In fact, the occasional bright student is more often than not made to feel like an aberration for excelling at a subject. Their ability to actually accomplish something without being told the answer in advance not only might make the other students (sic) feel bad, but also stands as an indictment of the whole rigged educational system, a crime only rivaled by those who exhibit (gasp) tendencies for independent or original thought. Fortunately, that same system also learned how to deal with such impertinence long ago as well, with the enthusiastic help of Big Pharma: the aberrant student, having attracted the wrong sort of attention, is quickly diagnosed as afflicted with “ADD” and hustled off to the smiling school nurse or ‘guidance counselor’ if any resistance to the idea is shown. I seem to recall more than one story of local Child Protective Service (sic) officers offering their official assistance in especial cases of a student’s or parents’ stubborn refusal to dose the kid up with this close chemical cousin to cocaine in the form of some friendly arm twisting…letting it be known that if said drugs weren’t begun being taken, CPS would just have to kidnap take the youngster away from the parents for ‘endangering the health’ of the child. When in doubt, parents must defer to the State, which is of course far wiser and more capable than any Mundane. I’m sure that Ritalin is actually beneficial to a very few kids that thrive when taking it…but I question its wholesale distribution to the sheer numbers of kids who’ve been deemed sufficiently ‘afflicted’ to require it. I suppose that puts me under suspicion of being some sort of malcontent or dissident, but hey, I’m brain damaged thanks to multiple sclerosis, what do I know?

As for you, Constant Reader, how could you possibly be against anything that’s For The Children? Of course you couldn’t, that’s only something for Bad People Who Hate Children.

We now have several generations of people who have not only grown to adulthood without ever learning the fundamentals of independent or creative thought, but the majority also believe the hubris-filled sunshine they’ve been marinated in all their lives that every one of them is the most special, smartest, and most capable human being alive.

These people not only occupy many of the most influential positions in society but also have the levers of power clutched in their sweaty, chubby hands, including control of strategic weapons that can wipe out large numbers of human beings in minutes. Oh, yes, speaking of marinating, their ranks are swelling all the time with those kids who’ve been scarfing down all that Ritalin since they were finger painting. Don’t you feel better with that knowledge, Citizen? I know I feel better knowing that our world is rapidly becoming a cross between Mike Judge’s film Idiocracy, Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984. Sure I do.

All kidding aside, I think we’re past due to start a lot of serious shunning here. Sooner or later, if we’re to survive as a nation, world, or perhaps as a species, we need to quit allowing the idea that being the loudest, most vulgar, and most self-righteous means being the ‘best.’ Only by withdrawing our consent to this nonsense in large enough numbers can we hope to prevail. Peacefully withdrawing consent has been a proven solution for dealing with these would-be tyrants for a great many years, but a lot of us seem to have forgotten about it. Now is not the time to let it pass entirely away, or we will, as I’ve said before, most certainly be be dragged along with them into a new Dark Age.

Some things just never change. The good news is that the solutions to many of the problems we face don’t, either.

About Glenn Horowitz

I'm a 20 year civil courier pilot, retired by multiple sclerosis. From summer of 2011 until December 2013 my efforts went mostly to my first blog, Get Glenn Mobile, to raise the funds needed to convert my Honda Element for wheelchair access and end my virtual housebound confinement. This was realized just after Christmas 2013 when I was able to acquire a superb X-WAV Element, already modified for my use. Though the original goal wasn't met, what was raised, plus my Honda, plus the proceeds of the sale from my mother's car were enough to make it happen. It's an amazing story in itself! Now, after my release from homebound prison, I can augment the journalistic work I'm doing for the American Daily Herald by getting out in public, talking with people, perhaps even getting some media attention to explain why someone as disabled as I am knows these unfunded entitlement programs like Social Security and its 'disability insurance' are bogus and do more harm than good, and in fact why the whole welfare/warfare state is contrived to keep the gravy train rolling for those who benefit while they drain our resources and eat out our substance. Why 'public education' is really public INDOCTRINATION that's become a meat grinder destroying our youth and our future. Why the fiat currency foisted on us by the Federal Reserve for a hundred years has destroyed the dollar and will without doubt cause its collapse. On and on the list goes, and I want to talk with the world about these vital matters. Please visit my new blog, 'Liberty On Wheels' at if you're interested in learning more!

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  1. Enjoyed that one, Glenn.

    • Hey, thanks! It kept threatening to get away from me, there’s a lot of ancillary stuff swirling around the main point of the piece. The last couple of entries have been annoying to write about for that reason. Instead of happily yapping away they were a lot like work…I only got through them by hammering away and taking lots of breaks. I channeled Eric Cartman more than once: writing these pisses me off.

  2. I’m applauding you so loudly…I’m sharing this!

    • Really? Thank you!

      To be honest I didn’t think it was that good. I played to all my weaknesses, writing it right after composing that first long post. That was the perfect way to bog my mind down…I just cannot multitask well. I kept pushing on even though I was dead tired before I was half done, if I had a brain I’d have saved the draft and gone to bed. I just bulled on until I was done and published it. I wasn’t surprised at how awful it looked once I was rested and re-read it, hence the edit.

      If you and other people find it readable, I’m happy but surprised, something about the way I composed it bothers me though I can’t quite put a finger on it. It doesn’t seem to totally suck outright, but I know I’m capable of doing better.

  3. Hey Gunloon, I like the blog.

    I like your mention of Idiocracy, A Brave New World, and 1984 – I love dystopian novels. A democracy can only thrive when the public is well informed and capable of thinking actively and critically. Otherwise an uninformed vote counts the same as an informed vote – that is terrifying. Tha’ts when you get politicians that pander to people’s religions and emotions winning elections, when like you said, the people who yell the loudest get heard over the people who present the best facts.

    I think the Orwellian view of an oppressive government is no longer relevant, with the invention of the internet and social media, communication is too easy. Just look at whats happening in the middle east, all of those dictatorships are being overthrown because the young people have access to the outside world.

    Instead, our biggest fear should be the worlds that Idiocracy and A Brave New World present. An indifference to things that matter, a preference for mindless TV, celebrity gossip, trivial things that don’t matter. People forget that the US is currently waging two wars, two wars that were started on false pretenses and that do not have any clear guidelines for victory.

    So yeah, screw that idiot who wants to fly a model jet plane.


  4. I wouldn’t be too sure that the Orwellian view isn’t relevant. Look at the militarization of police even in small towns, the popularity of ‘reality’ shows glorifying stupidity, recklessness or humiliation. Look at the way ordinary people stand by and gawk at…or even cheer on…spectacles of heavily armed and armored agents of the State beating or even killing unarmed individuals practically every day.

    There are more examples, but anyone who’s honest can’t deny the proliferation of all of the above. If you recall, the central image of 1984 was said to be ‘a boot stamping on a human face…forever.’

    I opine that we’ve not only reached but surpassed Orwell’s imagination. I too have a lot of faith in the internet, but to redeem ourselves from the Total State that now surrounds us and to retrieve our lost liberty, not to prevent it.

    It’s here.

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